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CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements Spring Innovations Will Be Here Soon!

February 26th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Swarovski Innovations Coming Soon

The CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements Spring 2011 Innovations are coming soon! Take a look at the fascinating beauty of these gorgeous crystals and get them here first! The latest editions of Innovations sparkle with optimism and offer a palette from which to create designs filled with brilliant beauty. From the rich majesty of the new Fern Green color to the modern versatility of the Artemis Bead, these new products are some of the most fascinating creations we’ve seen in recent years! Check our New Swarovski Additions page frequently, and be the first to shop them as soon as they arrive!

Swarovski Elements - Ceramics


Following last season’s Crystal Mosaics come “Ceramics”, a unique selection of loose ceramics as flat backs, sew-on stones, fancy stones, beads and pendants that draw on the natural beauty of fired earth. Available in colors including marbled black, marbled blue, marbled ivory and marbled yellow, these latest innovations are the first to offer fully cut ceramics as a creative material. Completely opaque, their highly polished finish produces subtle reflections, while the textural crackle effect creates individual, discreetly elegant pieces. Tough and scratch-resistant, they open up new functional design possibilities, such as key-ring accessories and extra-narrow bead fixings.

Swarovski Elements - Fern Green

New Color: 291

In line with the desire to lead a more organic way of life, Fern Green reflects nature’s soothing embrace. A forest floor of soft ferns, a meadow shimmering in morning dew – this new shade of green embodies luscious tranquility in a variety of cuts, shapes and sizes.

Swarovski Elements - Provence Lavender

New Color: 284

Redolent of sunny, fragrant hillsides in Southern France, Provence Lavender hints at the unconventional and extraordinary. This pale violet hue with a touch of blue, perfectly complements other CRYSTALLIZED™ lilac colors.

Swarovski Elements - White Opal

Extension on big sizes (234)

Underlining the trend for pale shades and opal colors, CRYSTALLIZED™
Swarovski Elements has extended its range of existing White Opal Crystal Stones to include large sizes in fancy stones, beads and pendants.

Swarovski Elements - Crystal Lavender Pearl

New article: 001 524

The ultimate in luxury, Crystal Lavender Pearl combines glamorous refinement with elegant understatement. Its smooth, shimmering tone offers a look that is both timeless and contemporary.

Swarovski Elements - Chessboard Circle Flatback

Size extension: 2035

The Chessboard Circle Flat Back is characterized by its highly brilliant cut and sophisticated look. It features size extensions of the existing Chessboard Circle Flat Back assortment with three smaller sizes and adds the crystal red magma effect.

Swarovski Elements - Wing Flatback

New article: 2770

The Wing Flat Back is part of a product-spanning theme, featuring CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements distinct design language and represented in Fancy Stones, Beads and Pendants. It enlarges the No Hotfix assortment with a trapezium shape. The Wing Flat Back is characterized by its geometric form and features a highly brilliant cut that draws inspiration from a wing.

Swarovski Elements - Cosmic Square Ring

New article: 4437

The Cosmic Square Ring is a new member of the successful Cosmic Ring family. It offers an equal effect and size assortment as per other Cosmic Rings, allowing for the perfect combination. A definite all-rounder, it is a must-have for versatile application. A playful organic shape with irregular cuts, it adds brilliance and sparkling accents to contemporary designs. The artistic, abstract design makes it perfect for contemporary creations.

Swarovski Elements Calypso Fancy Stone

New article: 4760

New design direction: organic shapes inspired by nature. Reminiscent of a mysterious insect carapace with a sculptural and very tactile body and shape, it is created for progressive and futuristic designs.

Swarovski Elements - Wing Fancy Stone

New Article: 4790

The Wing Fancy Stone belongs to the Wing family (flat back, bead and pendant). With its asymmetrical shape, refined faceting and a romantic, fairy-like appearance it perfectly represents the Modern Art Nouveau look.

Swarovski Elements - Bead Double Hole

New article: 5180

The innovative Square Bead Double Hole belongs to the “modular shapes” family. Featuring two parallel holes and an outer shape which invites innovative designs, it offers a vast array of combination possibilities.

Swarovski Elements - Artemis Bead

New article: 5540

The Artemis Bead is a modern interpretation of a spacer bead. Its conical shape with a beveled hole makes it ideal for combination with round elements.

Swarovski Elements - Wing Bead

New article: 5590

The Wing Bead belongs to the Wing family (flat back, fancy stone and pendant). With its romantic, organic shape and refined faceting it fits perfectly into themModern art nouveau look.

Swarovski Elements - Cubist Bead

Line extension: 5650

This is the large-size line extension of one of our best selling beads, emulating an ice sculpture in crystal. The extraordinary large-sized geometric shape with strong lines and straight facets reflects the cubism period.

Swarovski Elements - Crystal Baroque Pearl

New article: 5840

A unique asymmetrical shape that perfectly complements the trend towards organic shapes, the Crystal Baroque Pearl showcases wonderful effects and smooth light reflections. A new shape that implies a strong and futuristic mood.

Swarovski Elements - XILION Heart Pendant

XILION upgrade: 6228

The sophisticated XILION cut results in unrivaled brilliance. Complex faceting imitates the look and luminosity of a multi-layered cut, which clearly differentiates the XILION cut from all competitor products on the market. The XILION cut by Swarovski is patent-protected.

Swarovski Elements - Wing Pendant

New article: 6690

The Wing Pendant belongs to the Wing family (fancy stone, bead and flat back). With its romantic, organic shape and refined faceting, it fits perfectly into the modern art nouveau look.

Swarovski Elements - Crystal Rocks

New article: 72 000 – 72 010

Crystal Rocks is an eye-catching, luxurious and innovative new design element and stands for an entirely new and modern look that is fortified by the use of double-pointed Chatons. This brand new product is offered with a special motif service. Available in various colors and effects.

New article: 62 030

Small XILION Chatons transform this new product into an exciting, luxurious and unique fashion statement. XILION Chatons offer the highest brilliance and are a copyright-protected cut.

Swarovski Elements - Filigree

New article: 62026

The antique-inspired look allows a traditional product to appear in an entirely new fashion whilst combining perfectly with other beads, crystal pearls, pendants, cupchains & findings.

Swarovski Elements - Filigree Silver

New article: 62027

The antique/vintage look allows a traditional product to appear in an entirely new fashion while combining perfectly with other beads, crystal pearls, pendants, cupchains & findings.

Swarovski Elements - Cupchains

New article: 77503

The smallest roundelle is now available in a 3 mm size. It fits perfectly with other 3 mm beads and crystal pearls such as 5000, 5015, 5328 and 5810. The antique/vintage look allows a traditional product to appear in an entirely new fashion.

Keep checking back for more information on these exciting new additions to the CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements line, and to see when will have these items available for you to add to your jewelry designs.

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Spring/Summer Fashion Trend Design Ideas

February 26th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Two trends are dominating jewelry designs for Spring and Summer. Those trends are Global Fusion and Midsummer’s Night. Here you’ll find a few examples that embrace these trends, and utilize many of their key themes. Feel free to follow the instructions for these pieces to recreate them exactly as they are, or simply use them as inspiration for your own trendy pieces.

Global Fusion
Inspired by the cultures and landscapes of Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, Global Fusion reflects the merging of creative influences throughout the world. Vibrant colors like bright red, violet and green combine with subdued earth tones such as ochre, beige and clay red, evoking the contrast of culture and nature.

Walking through a bazaar is a delight to the senses, with bold colors, smells and sounds coming from every corner. This bracelet attempts to capture that spirit with brightly colored glass, bold shapes and unique patterns.

This eclectic piece fuses the best jewelry components from several categories, using silver, crystal, porcelain and even seed beads to create a diverse, yet cohesive piece.

Midsummer’s Night
Reflecting the magic and romanticism of fairy tales, Midsummer’s Night is bursting with spiritual mysticism and poetic beauty. The soft, angelic splendor of light powder colors combines with taupe and mauve to create a foundation that is accented by gorgeous spring pastels. Clothing is soft and feminine, using lacy fabrics such as cotton voile.

This necklace pays homage to natural beauty with its blackberry pendant, floral motifs, leaf chain and even an ivy clasp. With pastel colors and olivine accents, it features all the beauty of springtime in Big Sky Country.

These earrings hold all the beauty of a sliver of moonlight falling upon the forest floor.

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St. Patrick’s Day Sale-Save 10% On More than 2,500 Items!

February 25th, 2010 · No Comments


For one week only, everything you need to create beautiful St. Patrick’s Day jewelry is 10% off. Including more than 2,500 products from green beads, crystals and pearls to four leaf clover charms and Celtic-inspired items, this sale has it all. Enter coupon code SCW10P-SPS to take advantage of these savings. Hurry! This sale ends at 9am (PST) on Thursday, March 4, 2010.

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Swarovski DIY Design Guides

February 24th, 2010 · 1 Comment

This spring, Swarovski has come out with two great earring design ideas that are full of pastel colors and fun shapes. These instructional guides from Swarovski feature tips and techniques to help you as you incorporate Swarovski Crystal into your designs. Complete with detailed illustrations and gorgeous images, these guides will help you develop beading techniques that will give your designs a professional and unique touch.

Click on the design titles to see the full set of instructions, or click on the image to find these, and other fun Swarovski design ideas at

Flower-Themed Earrings
Learn how to create beautiful flower-themed earrings in a few simple steps for your spring wardrobe.
Swarovski--Flower Earrings

Easter Egg Earrings
These stunning earrings are a fun interpretation on an Easter Egg, but since they don’t take the concept too literally, you can use them throughout the year.
Swarovski--Easter Egg Earrings

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2009 Swarovski Color Charts

February 23rd, 2010 · 8 Comments

For an updated version of these charts, check out the New Swarovski Color Charts blog post.

These charts offer a detailed look at the color and effects of the gorgeous beads and pendants that are available from CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements. Become familiar with the colors of these Austrian masterpieces then pick some up to add a touch of brilliant beauty to your designs! Simply click on any of the charts to see a larger version, or click on their title to find them at for easy reference when shopping.

Swarovski Stone Color Chart
Swarovski Color Chart I Stone

Birthstones and Stone Effects
Swarovski Color Chart II Stone Effect

Pearl Color Chart
Swarovski Color Chart III Pearl

Swarovski Flatback Color Chart
Swarovski Color Chart IV Flatback

Swarovski Flatback Effects Color Chart
Swarovski Color Chart V Flatback Effect

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Introducing Gold Metallite™

February 19th, 2010 · 1 Comment

New Gold Metallite is proud to introduce gold Metallite™ by ZambaPro™, the latest addition to the popular line of Metallite™ beads, links and charms made from metalized plastic. These lightweight components are an inexpensive alternative to pricier gold items and are perfect for a wide variety of jewelry design and craft projects. If you loved our silver Metallite™ products, you’re sure to enjoy these gold items as well.

These beads, links and charms are made of metalized plastic, resulting in components that are lightweight, inexpensive and perfect for a wide variety of jewelry designs and craft projects. Kids can have fun creating unique jewelry designs, and beginning jewelry designers won’t have to worry about making a costly mistake. The stunning gold coloring of these beads makes them ideal for almost any color palette. Shop now! With more than 200 different shapes and sizes, Metallite™ by ZambaPro™ has something for everyone.

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Pre-Order Your Use The Muse IV Kit Today!

February 18th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Use the Muse IV

Scarlett Lanson’s Use the Muse IV contest is just around the corner. Pre-order your kit today at the special pre-order price of $30, plus shipping and handling, and enter yourself in this exciting beading competition. This unique contest asks designers to create a wearable piece of art inspired by a mystery muse component. To complement the muse component, entrants receive a variety of Toho seed beads and Swarovski crystals as well as gemstones, roundels, leather and wooden links. This contest is extremely popular and kits will sell quickly, so order yours today! The pre-order period ends on Thursday, February 25, 2010 and after that, the price of the kit will increase to $35. For more information on the Use the Muse IV contest, please visit the contest page.

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Findings Fiesta! 15% Off Findings

February 18th, 2010 · No Comments

Findings Fiesta Sale

For one week only, save 15% on jewelry components you use every day during our Findings Fiesta Sale. From bead caps and bails to links and head pins, this sale includes all of those items you can’t live without. To take advantage of these great savings, simply enter coupon code SCW15P-FFS at checkout. Shop today! This sale ends at 9am (PST) on Thursday, February 25, 2010.

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New Fire-Polished Glass Beads

February 18th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Fire-Polished Czech Glass Beads

Come see our brand new fire-polished Czech glass beads. These stunning round glass beads come in a variety of finishes including opal, metallic and Picasso, making them versatile enough for any design. Shop today! Also, continue to check our Czech glass new addition section, as we will plan to add to our collection of Czech glass beads in the upcoming weeks.

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Crimp Tube Handy Tip Video

February 17th, 2010 · No Comments

Crimping is an essential skill for every beader. Watch our Crimp Tube Handy Tip video to pick up some new techniques. New and experienced beaders alike will want to watch this video. We’ll show you how to proper place and crimp a crimp tube as well as how to decorate your crimp tube with a crimp cover.

For other Handy Tip Videos, please visit the Resources section of our Learning Center.

If you wish to subscribe to our video updates, go to our YouTube channel.

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