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Metal Complex Presents: The Princess and the Bead Giveaway

January 25th, 2012 · 128 Comments

This contest is now closed. Stay tuned for our winner announcement!

Once upon a time lived Princess Beadella, who lived in the Kingdom of Caspia™ with her Father King Steampunk. Princess Beadella was an adventurous maiden, who often ventured out with her pet bead Jasper seeking fun new ways to pass her time. She was always careful to not stray too far from the kingdom for fear of getting lost in the Seed Bead Forest, where brave knights have gone never to return again.

A short time later, the King’s health began to decline. There was only one thing that would cure him for certain but existed outside the kingdom. Queen Metallite told Princess Beadella that she must venture beyond the Seed Bead Forest to retrieve the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear in order to heal the King. Princess Beadella and Jasper headed out into the forest, equipped only with her handy Metal Complex stamping kit to survive…

How would Princess Beadella survive the Seed Bead Forest and return home in time?

Leave a comment below telling us how the Princess would make it through the forest and retrieve the lost Swarovski crystal. Then, click on the official contest link to be entered for a chance to win a Metal Complex prize package. Three winners will be randomly selected to win the full Metal Complex kit which includes Storybook-style metal alphabet stamps, decorative metal stamps, a ball pein hammer and hole punch as well as an assortment of metal stamping blanks.

This contest begins today, January 25, 2012, and ends Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 11:59PM PT. Only one entry per person; must be 18 or older to enter. This contest is void where prohibited by law and open to US and Canada residents only excluding Quebec. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. Prizes valued at $350 each. No purchase necessary. Winners will be notified by e-mail and announced Wednesday, February 8. REMEMBER: To officially enter this contest you must click the link below and follow the instructions on the site.

Here’s everything you’ll receive if you win!

We will also award a special bonus prize for the best story on the blog! If your happily ever after is our favorite, you will win a $50 Artbeads gift certificate!


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128 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Dolores Adair // Jan 26, 2012 at 3:36 am

    She would use her Metal Complex stamping kit and all of her might and creativity to make it through the forest. She’d have many beautiful things to show for her walk through the forest and when she’d retrieve the lost Swarovski crystal, she could top off one of them to make the most gorgeous piece of jewelry ever!

  • 2 Angelique // Jan 26, 2012 at 4:23 am

    Little did the queen know, but Princess Beadella’s beautiful pet bead Jasper was actually one of the powerful and wise Alexandrite Changelings who lived in tunnels carved from the coppery roots of the Seed Bead Forest. They were a race skilled in creative magic and Jasper had been teaching Princess Beadella this msgicin the hopes of shedding some of the mystery and fear that shrowded the enchanting forest in darkness. Step by step, Princess Beadella carefully imprinted magical runes upon the metal blanks she carried with the ancient Stamps of Storybook she always kept with her. Copper circles lit her way and bronze hearts showed the true direction hidden within the many paths that lay before her. With a little education, a lot of creativity, and belief in herself and Jasper, Princess Beadella found the exquisite Swaroviski Crystal of Yesteryear which showed a time before memory when the Seed Bead Forest was known for its healing properties and kind denizens. Jasper’s people used their skill to form an enchanted torque of healing sparkles connecting the king’s lifeforce with the Swarovski crystal, restoring his health and igniting a creative passion within the hearts of the kingdom from that day forward.


  • 3 Miranda // Jan 26, 2012 at 4:32 am

    Princess Beadella Was very smart.She knew that she could use her meatel complex stamping kit to leave a trail. She would hammer the stams into the seed bead forest. She would use the hole punch to get her thourgh the thick seed beads. She would be very creative with leaving a trail with her kit so that know one would want to mess up such art work.She would find the swarovski crystal very fast with her great tools then it would not take her long to get back to the King to make him well. With her Meatal complex kit she will save the day

  • 4 Lisa // Jan 26, 2012 at 6:34 am

    Yes, Princess Beadella was very smart. As she walked through the woods she used the beautiful and different textures she saw, to imprint into the metal blanks she had. Princess Beadella combined these into a very manly necklace that she had her pet Dove, Pewter deliver to the Very Handsome Prince. The Very Handsome Prince followed the trail Princess Beadella imprinted on the necklace, found her and rescued her. Together theywent to the King and restored his health. And they all lived Creatively Ever After.

  • 5 Susan M // Jan 26, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Majik of course! the princess’s pet bead is really a beautiful Bengal Cat named Majik who is in hiding. although Majik only comes out to play when they are alone, he has great powers. He hides from those who would want to use him to rule the world. Hearing of his favorite humans problem, Majik turns the metal complex kit into ninja warriors, makes them all invisible and off they go to collect the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. They are back before tea and all live happily ever after.

  • 6 Sandra // Jan 26, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    The Princess would use her stamping kit to mark where she’d been to avoid any problems with finding her way back, while Jasper would help to keep her on the right path to find her way through the forest, of course!

  • 7 Cynthia C // Jan 26, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    The princess is ever resourceful. She thought “how in the world am I going to get through all these seed beads”? She was some the thread from her beautiful gown had begun to come loose along with the some of the beads on her dress. All of a sudden she realized she could finally get out of there. So she used the thread on her gown to string the seed beads and replace the lost beads on her dress! She worked dutifully and before she knew it she had used all the seed beads. She looked up and saw the gorgeous Swarovski Crystal of yesteryear. Meanwhile Jasper had been searching on his own and came upon the princess holding the crystal. He forged and pendant using the stamp kit and she hooked it onto her necklace. The left the forest and returned to the palace and place the Swarovski pendant upon the king’s chest. It worked immediately and the king sprung to his feet and hugged his daughter with delight! They all lived happily ever after!

  • 8 julia cook // Jan 26, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    princess beadella, in the sead bead forest pick your favorite beads and make a ladder, look over the trees of sead beads to find the best peyote path back to your castle and king, good luck

  • 9 nancy gouveia // Jan 26, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Princess Beadella and Jasper made a raft of bamboo beads and sailed down the polymer clay river to the Forest of Sparkle and Shine. On their way through the forest, Beadella used her ballpein hammer to keep the seed beads at bay. Jasper just kept rolling along. They found the Swarovski Cave, and went in to search for the vintage crystal.They found it nestled in a pile of pearls.

    They followed a trail of letter stamps back to the raft, and sailed back home. Upon seeing the crystal, the kings health immediately returned. Everyone lived happily ever after. Jasper signed up for a metalworking class.

  • 10 Chris White // Jan 26, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    Hidden in the Metal Complex kit is a beading needle and roll of Fireline. The princess could ride on a beading needle that is strung with waxed Fireline, and weave herself through seed beads until she finds the Swarovski crystal, and then string it on the Fireline, and weave her way through the seed bead forest back to the castle for the King. Beadweaving is silent and therefore she would succeed without anyone noticing her. Jasper could use the stamping kit and the noise it creates to divert attention.

  • 11 Kim // Jan 26, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Princess Beadella took a deep breath and with great determination, she swallowed her fear and ventured into The Seed Bead forest with her trusty pet bead Jasper at her side. She tried not to think about the tales of haunted Agates or the clay animals let alone the vine of beading wire that were said to reach out to trap intruders.

    Onward she crept, through Fern Grove, the Olive Bamboo, past the Green Tree to the Wisdom Tree where she stopped to ponder whether she should take the Mystical Path to the left or follow the River Leaves to her right. She was frightened. It was getting dark and the Ceramic Leaf Beads were clicking and clacking in the breeze. She shuddered at the sound and again, choked down her fear. She looked left, she looked right and finaly decided to follow the River leaves. Everyone knows that River Leaves are friendly and the Wisdom Tree did seem to be leaning in that direction so off she went.

    Past Green Trees and Orchids, she followed the path. The path ended suddenly at a quiet little pond where she sat feeling that she had come in the wrong direction. Suddenly, behind her came a great screech. Beadella jumped so high that she landed with a great splash right in the pond. Down she sank. Past silver fish, copper weeds and glass bubbles until she landed with a bump at the bottom of the pond. There, at the bottom of the quiet pond, where no one would think to look for it, was the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. She knew this had to be the one. It sparkled like a diamond!

    Beadella carefully picked up the crystal and with it in her hands, she gave a mightly kick and up, up, up she went until she reached the surface. There sat her pet bead Jasper waiting patiently for her at the ponds edge and beside Jasper, a wise old owl. She knew then that the screech had been his greeting and not something horrible and scary.

    The new trio of friends made their way back out of the Seed Beed Forest where Beadella delivered the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear to heal the King and the three new friends then went off in search of a new adventure.

    If you sit very quietly in the meadow on a warm summer day and listen very carefully, you can hear the giggles of the three friends. You will never find them though. Many have tried.

  • 12 Angela H. // Jan 26, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    Princess Beadella and Jasper entered the forest and were confronted by the evil Bicones . She fought them with her ball hammer and and her shield made of powerful resin and fought all the Bicones back into the forest. Jasper jumped for joy and led Beadella through the forest to safety.

  • 13 Angela Zonis // Jan 26, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Little did the queen know Beadella was drawing up plans to make a great flying steampunk ship out of the Metal Complex stamping kit. She quickly placed parts together and hammered them in with her special hammer that she always carried. She gathered Jasper along with a map that showed were the great magical crystal was. Being as light as they were once she pushed the ship out of the castle the wind started up with the help of the glass blowers. She soon was waving good bye to her mother. She quickly vanished into the clouds floating above the labyrinth of seed bead forest. After hours of floating above the labyrinth of seed beads she saw the special crystal shine above the rest of the beads. She knew that she would have to land and make the climb up the mountain that the healing crystal was held. She took left over parts of her metal kit and made spokes into the rock for easy climbing. Once she reached the top she smiled knowing she accomplished what no knight was able to do. She grabbed the healing crystal and tucked it into her pocket and made her way back down to the ship. With no wind blowing she knew that she was in trouble. She knew that the first part of the trip was to easy. She looked at Jasper and sighed. She knew the forest of beads might help her if she asked.

    “Oh great wonderful beads I need your help. Our king my father is deathly ill. He needs this Swarovski Crystal in order to live. What will it take for you to help.”

    With light whispers the seed beads spoke with each other sparkling and swaying together.

    “I great Princess we have seen you in our forest, you have not tangled us like many have. You have helped us when we were tangled. We’ve seen you fly above us and the twinkle in your eyes as you flown by. Trying every so often to touch us. We will grant you this wish of flying you back home but you will have to do one thing for us. You must build us a sign that says do not tangle or be forever tangled in our branches.”

    Beadella smiled knowing this wouldn’t be a problem.

    “Oh! great forest you have yourself a deal. ”

    She quickly pulled out her letter stamps. And her last piece of metal from her kit and quickly hammered out the message. She showed the great seed bead forest as she hammered it down for all who dare to try and past to see.

    “Dear princess quickly now get Jasper and hop into your ship. You will fly quickly back to the castle to save your father.”

    Both Jasper and Beadella quickly jumped in. She felt as though she was on a river how quickly she was moving. As she looked down from her ship she could see that the bead branches were acting like a river and quickly rolling her over each and every branch. She soon saw the castle just inches way. The queen standing looking so proud of her daughter and how smart she was to build a ship and talk with the great seed bead forest. Beadella as soon as she saw her mother close dropped the healing crystal down to her so it could be placed with her father.

    “Oh my great brave Beadella you are so brave. And so talented you must show us how to work with these items so if something like this happens again we will be ready.”

    Bedella quickly got down from her ship and ran into her father. Who was starting to feel better already.

    “Oh! my dear daughter.” a faint voice whispered. “You are a true hero rising above everyone. I agree you must teach everyone how to use the kit.”

    Beadella hugged her father.

    “Oh dear father I love you and am so happy that you are feeling better.” “I shall teach people and continue to make things that will help our kingdom.”

    They all lived happily ever after. With Beadella still playing with a new kit and alphabet stamps. She made many signs for the forest with the warnings. Along with a lot of jewelry for her friends and family. Along with a special crystal holder for her father, so nothing could ever happen to him again.

  • 14 Lynn Williams // Jan 26, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    She dreamed the story was true and she awoke and used the solution she had dreamed. She found her happy ending clothed in a rainbow of beads topped with a tiara of Swarovski crystals. Her dress was fringed with stamped metel shapes that tinkled sweet music when she walked. All her dreams always came true.

  • 15 Yvette F // Jan 26, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Princess Beadella loved King Steampunk very much, so she gathered up her courage and her Metal Complex stamping kit and she and Jasper set out for the Seed Bead Forest. She was determined to find the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear and save her father’s life.

    As they drew close to the Seed Bead Forest, she noticed that it was getting darker. The trees were covered in matte brown beads and had no leaves. The ground was a darker shade of brown, no grass in sight. It was dark and eerie. She heard a noise behind her and turned to face a dragon made of every shade of green seed bead she had ever seen. He blew fire of orange and red and yellow seed beads at her and asked, “Who goes there?”

    “It is I, Princes Beadella. I am trying to find the lost Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear so that I can cure my father, King Steampunk.”

    The dragon said, “I am the great Dragon of the Seed Bead Forest, and no one leaves the forest!”

    She quickly set to work stamping letters on blanks from her stamping kit. The dragon watched her hammering away and asked what she was doing. “I am writing a riddle.” She said that if he couldn’t figure out the answer to her riddle, he would have to let her go. He agreed and started reading her words.

    “What is as big as a dragon, but weighs nothing?” The dragon thought, and he thought, but he could think of nothing that was as big as he and yet weighed nothing. He said, “Okay, you win. You may safely pass through the Seed Bead Forest. But first, you must tell me the answer to your riddle.”

    She said, “Easy…a dragon’s shadow.” And she passed through the Seed Bead Forest, found the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear, and brought it back to Caspia. When she got there, they immediately treated King Steampunk with the Crystal and he returned to health. Queen Metallite and King Steampunk threw a huge party for her and they lived happily ever after.

  • 16 Tammy Roush // Jan 26, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    As Princess Beadella and Jasper enters the forest, she looks at he thick forest and knows they need something to help them find their way back home. She thinks and thinks, suddenly inspiration hits, she takes out her metal blanks and stamps her initials into them with her ball pein hammer. Then she fashions hangers out of the vines and makes bracelets to go around the trees as they pass. Now all the trees are marked.

    As they get deeper and deeper in the forest, they keep hearing noises, when they look, there is nothing there. They move cautiously forward, until they come out of the forest and are looking into a meadow. Standing all around the meadow are knights, they appear frozen in place. Princess Beadella tells Jasper, “This doesn’t look good”. No sooner than the words are out of her mouth, there is a BIG flash of light, blinding them both. When their vision returns, there is a clear crystal woman standing before them. She looks down on them and says, “I am the witch of the meadow and no one enters here without my permission.” Princess Beadella explains her situation and why she needs the crystal of Yesteryear and the witch replies, “I don’t care, leave my meadow.” Princess Beadella says, “I am not leaving without it.” The witch says, “Fine, then you must defeat me in battle to get it.” Princess Beadella tries to figure out the best way to beat her, but can’t come up with anything. Suddenly, Jasper jumps up and down, and starts running at the witch. The witch backs up a bit and then starts shooting lightening at Jasper. When the lightening hits a bird that is flying, it stops in mid-air, frozen. Beadella yells at Jasper to keep moving, don’t stop. She has an idea of how to beat the witch. She’s made out of crystal, so if she were to hit her with something hard, maybe she’d crack. Jasper takes off running and jumping; and Beadella creeps closer and closer to the back of the witch. When she is within reach and she pulls out her hammer and hits the witch. The witch starts cracking, the cracks start getting bigger and bigger, finally the witch disappears. Beadella runs into the meadow and grabs the crystal of Yesteryear and turns around to find the knights have start moving around. They are confused and are trying to figure out where they are and why they are there. Beadella explains the situation to them and that she has the crystal and they need to get moving. Time is running out. Beadella tells the knights to follow her and she will take them home. They run back through the forest and comes out the other side to the castle. There’s just minutes to spare, Princess Beadella sprints for the castle, up the stairs and into her father’s room. She hands him the crystal and he is instantly healed. As the King rises from his bed, the knight remember everything and are reunited with their families. Everyone lives happily ever after.

  • 17 Monica // Jan 26, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Oh Jasper how will we ever find the crystal of yesteryear and save my fathers life?? Poor Jasper just rolled along the bumpy forest floor looking a bit dull and faded. Chink! Chichink! “Wait Japser.. What was that noise?” As Princess Beadella bent down to pick up her poor dejected pet bead she noticed a glimmer of something buried under the forest loam. Hey! what’s this? She exclaimed as she brushed away the leaves and twigs.. It looks like hammered copper! It IS hammered copper and look there’s more! She hurriedly broke off a pine branch and used it sweep the way clear… why it looks like a road! Lets follow the hammered copper road!
    As Princess Beadella and her faithful bead Jasper wove their way through the Seed Bead forest the copper road seemed to glimmer and glow pointing the way deeper into the gloom. Suddenly the path seemed to end.. Scattered here and there were ragged pieces of copper but no discernable path to be seen. Oh dear Jasper, what do we do now? Thunk Kathunk! Thunk! “What is that odd noise” she asked her companion “it is coming from that clearing”…In the dim light she saw three figures standing there. One looked like a large rather shy cat, one was quite lanky and limber and seem to have straw coming out of his sleeves and neck but it was third that was making the noise. Thunk! Kathunk! He was swinging a large log at something. “Hellooo! Helloo! Do you know what happened to the road?” Beadella asked.
    As he turned she could see he was covered in a shiny film it almost looked like aluminum.. I lost my tools and the road cannot be finished. “What do you need?”
    “Well obviously we would need a hammer, it IS a hammered copper road” he sputtered. Wait I think I have one here in my handy Metal Complex Kit! Eureka!! We can finish the road and finally reach the other side of the forest.
    So using the ball pein hammer and assorted blanks they all worked together to complet the road. As they neared the opposite edge of the forest the Princess agonized over her dilemma. “What can we do to help?” her companions asked. I don’t know how I will ever find the lost Swarovski crystal of yesteryear she wailed. “Did I see alphabet stamps in your kit?” the shiny man asked. ” Why yes there is, why?” “This road has magic in it, lets try stamping the crystals name in the road and see which way it turns. ” It wasn’t long till they had located the ellusive crystal and traveled quickly back through the forest on the now completed road. Queen Mettalite was overjoyed to see the Princess return and the crystal of yesteryear cured the Kings ailment. As he waved from his balcony to the riotous crowds he turned to the Princess and asked what her next adventure might be. Oh Dad I don’t think I will EVER leave here again.. You know there is just no place like home!

  • 18 Wendy Kovin // Jan 26, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    The princess would hike up her skirts, put on a pair of combat boots and beat her way through the forest with her ball peen hammer, leaving different stampings on every few trees to mark her way back. Jasper, her hole-punch toothed hound would crunch his way through all the evil misshaped seed beads until they finally hammered and crunched their way through to the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. There she would rivet together a cart made of metal stampings and harness it to a cable of silk thread strung through the trees with jump rings, always following the stampings they left behind and slide there way back to the king with the cure!

  • 19 Monica P. // Jan 26, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Queen Metallite was lying about where the crystal was and Princess Beadella know it. She and Jasper doubled back to the castle and snuck in. She went to the dungen and used her hammer to bust down the wall to find the Swarovski crystal and got it back to King Steampunk. He got better quickly and they sent Queen Metallite away for being evil and trying to kill King Steampunk.

  • 20 Cheryl // Jan 27, 2012 at 8:01 am

    The Princess was clever as well as beautiful, and knew that she must mark her trail if she ever hoped to return to Caspia. She stopped often, stamping copper and brass blanks from her Metal Stamping Kit. She made holes in them with her Punch, and hung them from the beautiful Seed Bead Trees with strands of her golden hair. As midday approached, and deep into the forest, The Princess and Jasper were startled by a strange noise. Instinctively clutching her Ball Pien Hammer, she searched for the source. There, resting against the trunk of a Findings Tree, was a most handsome Caspian Knight! He had been lost for hours, wandering aimlessly among the dazzling trees. He agreed to accompany her in search of the Crystal of Yesteryear. Within no time, Jasper picked up a scent and led them happily into an open meadow. There before them was the most beautiful sparkling Swarovski Crystal Tree they had ever seen. And high atop was the Crystal of Yesteryear! The handsome Caspian Knight gallantly climbed the tree and plucked the crystal for Princess Beadella. She wrapped it carefully in her Artbeads Polishing Cloth and placed it in her Stamping Kit. As they all headed back into the Seed Bead Forest for the journey home, the setting sun caught the glimmer of the dangling metal stampings, guiding their way. The Princess smiled to herself. She knew her father’s health would now return. She knew she would return to the Seedbead Forest & the Swarovski Crystal Tree again and again. She knew she had been inspired to make the most beautiful jewelry in the Kingdom! (And she hoped the handsome Caspian Knight would be her Sales Rep.)

  • 21 Kat // Jan 27, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Princess Beadella’s pet bead Jasper held the only clue, as Beadella peered into the bands of Jasper she had a vision of Queen Metallite giving her advice that what appears to be may not be, all that glitters is not gold and Beadella had to be pure of heart in order to heal the king.

    Princess Beadella tried to think of what her father King Steampunk would do…inspired she began the industry of the Victorian age. She grabbed her ball pein hammer and began feverishly to decorated a metal butterfly which was so magnificently decorated and magical that the butterfly sprang to life and lifted the princess over the seed bead forest. From her aerial view she could see that the brave knights were trapped beneath the forest bed. She began to stamp directions on the metal stamping blank charms for all the brave knights trapped beneath the seed bead tangle in the forest. The hole punch was just what she needed to make a way to attach the instruction charms to the snowflake blanks and they would slowly drift down and across the seed bead forest where the brave knights could reach them with outstretched arms. As soon as the charms were connected to the seed beads by the brave knights the seed beads would fly upward and dance until all strings of seed beads were in the air and untangled…then they came to order and gently draped the forest floor with colors like the rainbow. This enabled the brave knights to escape.

    One brave knight approached her with a silver soul mate charm and asked Princess Beadella for her hand in marriage. She replied she had to first find the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear and save her father King Steampunk. Her brave knight replied she had the power to heal with her and there was no need to search anymore. It was the Swarovaski 6228 14mm XILION Heart Pendant Crystal on the Modern Fairytale Bracelet that she wore! The Princess and her brave knight leaped onto the magnificent metal butterfly and soared back to Kingdom of Caspia just in time to present the King with the healing powers of the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear and everyone lived happily ever after!

  • 22 Lyndsey McCollam // Jan 27, 2012 at 10:51 am

    That would be such an awesome prize to win. I am useless with making up creative stories. Swarovski is definitely the way to heal the king though.

  • 23 Shannon // Jan 27, 2012 at 10:58 am

    The Princess heard tales of a wicked Dragon guarding the Crystal, so she gathered small pieces of metal along her path, marking trees along the way with her royal crest stamp. When she got closer she took all the small pieces of metal and pounded them flat with her trusty hammer creating a magnificent shield. As she snuck past the sleeping dragon he sneezed and she used the shield to guard her from the flames. She snatched the crystal and turned to run to find the dragon standing behind her. The dragon spoke, Princess if you want something from my lair you must leave something in return. With the remaining bits of metal and a few pieces of shed glass from Jasper the princess created her most beautiful work yet. A scrolled and stamped crown to sit on the pedestal in place of the crown. She hurried back just in time to place the crystal in her father’s limp hand. Rainbows sprung from the crystal and filled the room, the king’s eyes opened! He motioned for her, she leaped to the side of his bed. He told her how proud of her he was on this day, and that she would make a fine queen when the time came.

  • 24 Amanda // Jan 27, 2012 at 10:58 am

    She quickly realized that her stamping kit was magic! She stamped a name tag for her pet Jasper and wished him to be a dragon. So long as he was wearing the name tag collar, he was.
    She flew Jasper to the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear and returned home with out any conflict at all.

  • 25 Betty Winslow // Jan 27, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Princess Beadella slid silently through the forest like Fireline through seed beads, while Jaspar used the Metal Complex stamping kit to make noise to distract the evil seed bead trees, who feared being smashed to bits. Once the princess had the Swarovski crystal in her hands, she immediately returned home with it. This was an easy task, since it was a heart-shaped crystal and, as everyone knows, home is where the heart is. Once there, she rushed to her father’s bedside with the crystal and laid it upon his heart. The King was healed! The end

  • 26 Melissa // Jan 27, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Would be a great prize to win
    and would help get me back into making things

  • 27 Tammi Mossman // Jan 27, 2012 at 11:13 am

    There are so many creative solutions already, I can’t think of any! This has been fun to read.

  • 28 Bobbi Jo M // Jan 27, 2012 at 11:17 am

    So Princess Beadella set out to Seed Bead Forest . It was so big and had so many paths. She remebered her mother told her to stay on the pink seed bead path with the purple dots. She though how will o know how to get back . she thought and though and then she remeberd she had her Metal Complex stamping kit I know she said i will put (PB) on all the trees along the way so i can find my way back home and i won’t get lost. So this is what she did all along the path once she got to the end she ran in to a huge dragon wire. He was guarding the Swarovski Crystal .Princess though how am i going to get
    by this big dragon? she though and though then she asked the dragon what do you want for the Crystal’s? the dragon said well i get lost so easly can you make me a name tag so i won’t get lost any more but i want something differnt and pritty . so the princess set off and made the prittyest and unique name tag there ever was there was none like it in the land. The dragon was so happy that he gave her the Swarovski Crystal that she needed . Then she found her (PB) on the trees and found her way back to to the castle and saved her dad. After that she continued to make name plates and uniqe jewelry in the land for everyone near and far. With (PB) stamped on every pice.

  • 29 Harriet Hicks // Jan 27, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Jasper is the key. As everyone knows, jasper can be so useful in so many ways. This time, Jasper leads the way like a well trained bead and zigs and zags thru’ the forest. Because Jasper just keeps rolling along, he never lets them get stuck in the bead soup of unused seed beads, or the quicksand of unmatched beads. The Princess stays right on his trail, and never falters, even when they enter the dark region of hematite beads. Then, in the darkness, she sees a shining swarovski crystal ahead. They rush forward and grab it. It magically transforms the banded pattern on jasper into butterfly wings, and they fly back to save the king just in time. As a reward for his courage and helpfulness, Jasper got to keep the magical wings.

  • 30 Erin // Jan 27, 2012 at 11:35 am

    The princess imprinted designs and hung sparkling metal donuts on the trees as she ventured through the forest, creating a virtual path through the bushy undergrowth. Using metal blanks to cut through strands of seedbead vines and brambles. Jasper leads the way through the bush to the crystal and following the imprints and donuts, the duo return safely home with a few bumps and bruises (and some bead lash)

  • 31 Jacqueline Marchant // Jan 27, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    After hugging Queen Metallite and King Steampunk goodbye, Princess Beadella along with her handy metal complex stamping kit to survive and her trusty companion Jasper, left the Kingdom of Caspia to battle the unknown in the Seed Bead Forest. Her mission was to find the illusive Swarovski Crystal of yesteryear which was the only thing that would cure her ailing father. Before leaving her kingdom Beadella secured 49 strand Beading wire around the castle and tied the other end around her waist . Then she attached Jasper to the wire with a bead guardian runner. With her hammer in hand from the stamping kit they were off to face the unknown hidden within the seed bead forest. after hours of walking they finally made it to the seed bead forest. It was time to rest and have a beadalicious snack to build up their strength before facing the unknown. Back on their feet away they went. Half way through the forest they came upon a cottage covered in fresh water pearls, czech glass beads and a smelly resin goop. Being forewarned they approached cautiously. Jasper began to bark and kept getting in front of the princess to block her approach. The cottage began to rumble knocking the princess off her feet. Quickly she found her feet and yelled for Jasper to run as these hideous gouls emerged from the cottage armed with the scariest Bead Blades she had ever seen in their huge hands. The Princess and Jasper ran with all the speed they could muster as head pin arrows and beading blades flew toward them. They managed to escape with only minor injuries. Only to run into a 16 gauge 12 foot high wire fence. But no fear, the princess had her trusty wire cutters in her stamping kit. She cut an opening just big enough for them to squeeze through and on they forged kicking and pushing through the thick forest of seed beads. How much further they had no way of knowing and it was beginning to get dark. But they couldn’t stop. They kept going. Right before dawm began to break Jasper began to bark with excitement. The princess was on her guard. Walking just a bit further she began to see a soft green glowing and se could hear beautiful voices singing. As they got closer, could it be , yes it had to be, it was. The most beautiful brilliant sparkling Swarovski Crystal she had ever seen. It was surrounded by 20 singing fairies. The fairies welcomed them. While sharing a meal the princess told them all about her father, King Steampunk, How he needed the healing powers of the Swarovski crystal of yesteryear to save his life. So the fairies agreed , they would help the princess transport the crystal to the castle. Once back at the castle the fairies used the crystal to heal the kind. Then it was time for the fairies to return the crystal to the safety of their home in the seed bead forest. The King, Queen and the Princess (oh and of course Jasper) gave the fairies a royal send off and they all lived happily ever after.

  • 32 Jessica laue // Jan 27, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Princess Beadella went in the sead bead forest. On here journey when she was tired and could go on anymore. She would sit and rest and make jewelry with her metal complex stamping kit. When it was dark she sit by the fire at whereever her and her petbead jasper were and make more jewelry. When they come up to the abounded knights camp. They walked past long ago knights who were still wearing their armor. This knights were just skeletons. Except the older guy who was a bit looney. At times you would see him talking to himself. He said once there was a great battle with the queen and her knights and she banashed them to the woods. They ran short on all their food and water. They were not allowed back to the village. She heard of two came back one time and she brought her evil knights and grabbed the two who came to town. They lived the rest of their lives in the dungeon. Princess beadella felt sorry for them. He said don’t cry some died in battle with honor and some died of old age. I am the only one left. I was their stable boy. I learned the ways of the land.Watched as one by one the knights left me. They called me Mattie Mad. And if i may ask ,Why are you here dear princess? ” asked the older guy. “I am here for the king,my father,is terrible ill and i have to find the Swarovski crystal of yesteryear. Do you know where i might find it?” she asks him. He sits and thinks for a moment. “No but i do know someone who may?” he tells her. “Who?” she asks. He pulls out the horses he had in the corral. “we must ride to the lady in white?” he replies. He helps her on the first horse then he gets on the other. They are getting ready to ride to go to the white lady and the next thing u know her knight and shining armor christoph met them there. The knights are on their way. They are two days away. Christoph was not a knight of the kingdom but he was her best friend. They grew up together. He was always there to protect her from harm. They would disappear and play in the shallow woods and in the village. In different clothes no one knew it was her or dared question it was the princess. He loved her for her and she loved him for him. They made it deeper in the woods. When they came up to this tiny shack in the woods.Mattie told us that there is her home. “Miss dancer…mama…” you see the expression he must of had when he called out for her when he was a young boy. He jumped off his horse and made it up to the stairs when a lady will long snow white hair that flowed to the ground came out the door. ” yes my dear.” Mattie ran up to her and she reached out her hand to his. Mattie told her of their visitors. “Oh come in….yes they can come on in too.” This place looked so tiny outside but when you went in it was so much bigger. Mattie helped this lady in her chair. “Mattie dear get them some drinks.” He went off into the kitchen.”yes mama.” She looked our direction. “Yes i been blind for some years now. Mattie isn’t my son by blood his momma died with the bad disease that the evil queen spread in the areas long ago. He was homeless after that. When he became a stable boy and they banashed them out here. He stumbled up here and i raised him from then. Enough on that for now. What brings you to these parts?” Christoph and i looked at each other and wondered where to start. “The king,my father is ill. I was told by the queen that i had to find the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear in the sead bead forest. So far i haven’t found it or know what to look for. ” the princess told miss dancer. Miss dancer thought for a second and as just as she was getting ready to speak, came mattie with drinks for everyone.”thank you mattie.” and she picked up the glass and was drinking. Miss dancer says,”child let me see the necklace you were.” So the princess got up and went over to miss dancer. After feeling the necklace. Miss dancer realized the medallion of copper didn’t feel right. “child did u know that is a locket?” The princess replies,”yes. I know it has a picture of my mother in it.” Miss dancer asks,” did you know that it has a secret compartment.”No.” Says the princess. “Yes open this up deary and put your little nail against this and pop open the back part past the picture and sure enough was the crystal she had been looking for.” Miss dancer said,”your mother loved her metal complex kit too. She used to sit out here in these very woods and make her jewelry just like you have on this trip. Let me guess your kit was your mothers.” The princess said,” i never knew she died when i was real little and father never said.” The princess,christoph, and mattie all set out to make the trip back home to the castle in the morning. When the sun rose they said their goodbyes and thank yous and left. This time they had to rush before it was to late. They made it out of the woods in short haste. They made it back to the kingdom where the princess was told she couldn’t go see her father by the queen. The princess barged through to her fathers bedside. Here father. She placed a charmed necklace forged from her metal complex kit around his neck. Soon the king was better and when he was well. The princess for the queen and the leader of her guard in the thrown room. Then the princess called for her guards. I banish you to far reaches of this land where you will know what it feels like to have no one. Her loyal leader of her guard who has been her lover for years now says,”Princess please don’t punish me.” The princess says,”change that. i, the princess, do decree that you,the queen and the leader of her guards , are this day forth banished to the far ends of the world. No one in this kingdom or this realm may help you or give you shelter or even a scrap of meat for what you have done. If they shall death they will befall them. We have brave knights that died in those woods because you banished them without reason. I have seen their bones. He tries again,”don’t punish me.” The princess said,”Guards take them away get them out of my sight.”

  • 33 Patricia Koko // Jan 27, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    The bloggers above are way more creative than I am and I respect their solutions to the ultimate goal of finding the Lost Crystal.

  • 34 Amy Z // Jan 27, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Wow! I am sooo excited about this. I am just now getting into metal stamping and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this prize!!!

  • 35 Julia Yates // Jan 27, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    The Princess, left the castle. The forest was very scarry but she marked the North side of the trees with the metal blanks. and the hammer, the princess was then always going South. To where the Swarovski crystal of yesteryear would be. She found it and was on her way back, with her pet bead Jaspe, he ran ahead They traveled North back to the castle. She gave the Crystal to the King. This took the sickness away from the King.
    Princess Beadella, the pet bead Jasper, the King Steampunk, were all safe and happy. All could bead and stamp together again. Yippie

  • 36 Tina Rivera // Jan 27, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    I have always wanted to try this

  • 37 Randy // Jan 27, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    Princess Beadella and Jasper marked their path through the forest by carefully stamping fallen branchs and trees so as not to wander about in cricles. On the far side of the forest she fashioned the metal blanks into rich looking copper coins with which to pay the Pirates who had possesion of the Swarovsky crystal of Yesteryear. They then retraced their steps through the forest following their path marks. Jasper took on a very fine shine after all the travel and bouncing about in his pouch.

  • 38 susan // Jan 27, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    I have never done anything like this and would love to learn! the stories above are so much better than mine but, here goes. princess Beadella and Jasper use the tools and stamps in the metal complex stamping kit, she uses her imagination and voila, creates her way out. Stamping trick decoy signs along the way, using her tools to fight as she needs to. She and Jasper eventually find their way to the crystal and, in victory, she creates and designs her new crown!

  • 39 Ashlee // Jan 27, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    “Once upon a time lived Princess Beadella, who lived in the Kingdom of Caspia™ with her Father King Steampunk. Princess Beadella was an adventurous maiden, who often ventured out with her pet bead Jasper seeking fun new ways to pass her time. She was always careful to not stray too far from the kingdom for fear of getting lost in the Seed Bead Forest, where brave knights have gone never to return again.

    A short time later, the King’s health began to decline. There was only one thing that would cure him for certain but existed outside the kingdom. Queen Metallite told Princess Beadella that she must venture beyond the Seed Bead Forest to retrieve the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear in order to heal the King. Princess Beadella and Jasper headed out into the forest, equipped only with her handy Metal Complex stamping kit to survive…”

    Scared, she started on her adventure with the support from all her loyal common folk into the world of the Seed bead forest. She feared what lay in the path, but with her Metal Complex stamping kit.. she knew she could create an adventure worth sharing.

    She walked through the great trees that shaded the ground with oxidization, casting impressions on the metal of her trusted kit. She hammered through the bush with great struggle, knowing with a little push she’d make a lasting story with all the kingdom.

    Times in the seed bead forest were tough, with sore thumbs and callused hand, she went through the thick of chains, the toughness of czech glass and with the grace of sterling wire she reached the resting place of the Swarovski crystal…. Upon the neck of the Rivet Troll.

    Princess Beadella was nervous, scared of what the Rivet Troll would do to her. She stopped, stamped her feet and explained…. “My father, he is very ill, Troll. I adore your necklace, but fear it may be the only way to save him.” The troll stood there… bared his chasing tool and grunted.

    Princess Beadella had heard that trolls don’t always understand speech, and then she remembered…. The lovely lady pulled out her design stamps and made a gorgeous necklace for the Rivet Troll.

    “Sun, heart, flower petals. My father.. I love him, and he needs to be healed. Can I offer a trade?” Beadella showed the Troll. He smiled, handed over his necklace and sat down by the river – polishing his new creation.

    Princess Beadella and Jasper ran, trying not to trip over the blanks and clasps that lay within their path.. back to the kingdom to her father.

    She present the Swarovski crystal and within a moment her father sat up… healthy as he was before.. “My daughter, I can not thank you enough.. if it wasnt for your amazing talent and creativeness.. I wouldnt of made it. You truly are an artisan.”

    She beamed, and glowed with a polish headpin.. she new that all she needed to survive was family, friends and the power to create with her Metal Complex Stamping Kit…

    The End! :)

  • 40 Cherryl Ball // Jan 27, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    The Princess would use her majik beads to mark where she had been to avoid any problems with finding her way back, while Jasper would help to keep her on the right path to find her way through the forest, of course! Then Jasper would make her a beautiful headpiece out of wire and crystals that he enchanted to always be able to find her in the future!

  • 41 Lisa Civic // Jan 27, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Oh,my! These are sooo nice. My daughters and I could create beautiful masterpieces!

  • 42 CathyH // Jan 28, 2012 at 12:54 am

    Princess Beadella carefully left clues of the direction she traveled with her metal alphabet stamps on the colorful blanks she kept in her pocket. She knew if she and Jasper got in lost or in trouble in the Seed Bead Forest her friends could trace her steps. Her friends were armed with needle and thread, prepared to string up any ornery Beads that would hinder her mission to help her father in time. She was swift and agile as she made her way through the dense hanks of beads hanging from the trees. She soon discovered why the Brave Knights never returned. The beads were so beautiful and were like sirens that called to them, soon they were tangled in their threads. Jasper’s bite was sharp and he freed them. Beadella was clever and with wire and her trusty hammer she created a special locket for the Swarovski crystal, a perfect fit. The Beaders of the forest could not resist placing the crystal in the locket, but little did they know Beadella was hiding with a long silver chain that was attached. She ran home with the locket. Not only was her father saved but the Beaders realized that they could work together making beautiful things with Beadella and her Metal Complex kit. :)

  • 43 marcus sutherland // Jan 28, 2012 at 4:41 am

    Princess Beadella Was smart.She she using her metal complex stamping kit to leave a trail. She would hammer the stams into the seed bead forest. She would use the hole punch to get her thourgh the thick seed beads. She would be creative leaving a trail with her kit so that know one would want to mess up such art work.She would find the swarovski crystal very fast with her great tools then it would not take her long to get back to the King to make him well. With her Metal complex kit she will save the day!

  • 44 Kate Ball // Jan 28, 2012 at 5:49 am

    Princess Beadekka knew that walking through the forest would be too tiring. She pulled out her metal stamping kit and her hammer. Reaching back in to her velvet sack, she pulled out more copper sheets than you could ever have imagined could fit in that bag. (That velvet bag was almost like a clown car! The more she reached in to it, the more copper came out !) The Princess sprang in to action and before you could blink an eye, she had created an exact replica of the great horse, Secretariat! A beautiful glistening copper stallion to carry her out of the forest! His blaze was replicated by crystal Swarovski crystals, his hooves were shaped with her Metal Complex Kit. Princess harvested a few seed beads from the Seed Bead Forest and wove them on tiny slivers of copper to replicate his beautiful mane and tail.
    Springing up on to her new trusty steed, Beadella and Jasper were able to race out of the forest. They road day and night until they reached the Lost Village (home of the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear).
    Beadella immediately sought refuge with the Mayor.
    The next morning, she appeared before the Council of Judges to plead her case for a packet of the treasured lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear — the only cure for the ailing King.
    Th judges agreed — only if she would agree to create a horse for their kingdom.
    Princess Beadella reached again in her Velvet sack (also known lovingly as the Clown Sack). She pulled out the Metal Complex kit and within minutes had created a horse for the Council.
    Cheering and hurrahs abounded!
    Laughter and tears errupted!
    Not only did the Council give her the pack of lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear to use to save the King, they gave her a bonus pack as well.
    Waiving farewell, she mounted her trusty steed and galloped away.
    The trusty steed was able to carry her safely back to the castle, the crystals saved the King, and everyone lived happily, beadily after.
    MORAL of the story: never send a man (knight) to do something that you can send a Princess with a hammer to do !

  • 45 Dot // Jan 28, 2012 at 6:21 am

    The princess would be walking in the dark forest and come across a knight in a white horse that will take her to the crystal and they will live happily ever after.

  • 46 caroline kolb // Jan 28, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    The princess, being a good and loving daughter, wanted to find the cure for her beloved father. Fortunately her mother had all the answers (don’t they always?). Her mother and her grandmother, Queen Mother Tierra Cast, took her to the secret craft room in a hidden tower of the castle. (How do you hide a tower? This is a fairy tale for goodness sakes, use your imagination.) The tower was the very one her grandmother mother had been locked in when she was a young princess. The previous king, then a prince, heard her singing there, and tried to climb up to her by piling up branches from the Seed Bead Forest. Unfortunately, they were too delicate to support him. However Princess Tierra was very clever. She used the tools in her metal shaping kit to make hooks to fasten on lengths of Soft Flex wire, and pulled the branches up into the tower. After she harvested all the little seed beads (you didn’t know they grew on trees? Why do you think there are so many of them?) she used them to weave a ladder, and climbed down to the prince’s waiting arms. You would think she would have already had an nice supply of seed beads (I mean, who with any sense doesn’t?) but nobody is perfect. Anyway, back to Princess Beadella. In the tower the queen had a magic crystal (Swarovski of course, only the best for royalty) Taking her Interchangeable Texturing Hammer with 9 Texture Faces, she tapped the crystal once with each face, and with the ninth tap, it bloomed into a perfect crystal rose. Inside was a metal scroll (this was a REALLY big crystal!) telling the secrets of the Seed Forest. It turns out the forest was guarded by a emormous dragon (who was the source of all the forest fires, but that is another story). The dragon was fierce and greedy, and did not want anyone in her forest. Fortunately the dragon was also very vain. The Queen Mother, Queen and Princess worked together to make a beautiful necklace of crystals and beads and shiny metal squares with lovely designs stamped in them. I the center was a pendent stamped with the dragon’s secret name. (No I am not going to tell you the name, it’s a secret). Princess Beadella rode off into the woods on her beautiful mare, Sterling. After riding for many miles, the ground began to shake around them, and they soon smelled smoke. Then, in a clearing, they saw the dragon. The dragon was named Artbeads (whoops, I wasn’t suppose to tell!) and was so large she could have looked into the window of the secret tower without standing up!! However, the dragon did not see the princess, because her head was surrounded by smoke, and she couldn’t smell the princess because, as everybody knows, smoking ruins your sense of smell. (Public service message). But Artbeads was so large, the princess couldn’t get around her. The stupid knights had tried to climb over her, or make her move by sticking her with lances, and the dragon, thinking they were
    mosquitoes, swatted them. The clever princess instead sang to Artbeads a ballad she had written about the dragon. It told os Artbeads beauty and skill and how young and wrinkle-free her scales looked. Artbeads leaned over, over, over, until she finally saw the princess. Beadella curtsied to the dragon and said, “On Artbeads, I have traveled far to see the fairest creature in the land, and it is surely you. I have bought you a gift, which of course doesn’t do justice to your beauty, but is a small token of my esteem. She then pulled out a tiny magic bag and gave it to the dragon. Artbeads opened the bag witha claw, and out spilled yards and yards and yards of beautiful beads crystals, and shiny metal squares. The princess pulled out her Metal Complex supplies, and the let the dragon pick more designs to decorate her necklace. When Artbeads saw HER name stamped on the middle squares, she was overcome and begin to cry. Her tears fell until she was in a lake halfway up her body. Sterling then swam around the dragon carrying the princess to the other side and out of the forest. She then found a road, and hitched a ride with a trucker to a computer store. Following the instructions on the scroll she had found in the crystal rose, she logged on to, and ordered the appropriate crystals to cure the king. She hitch-hiked back to the forest, but only with nice families in mini-vans. Wehn she again came to the dragon, Artbeads tears had mostly dried up, but they had also put out Artbeads fire, and with the smoke cleared away, Beadella could see the shortcut around Artbeads back to the kingdom. She arrived at the same time as her order, which of course came VERY fast and was shipped FREE since the order was over $10. With Jasper’s help, she took the tacky diamond out of the king’s crown, and replaced it with the Lost Crystal of Yesteryear. When the crown was placed on the king’s head he was immediately well. Everyone rejoiced and Beadella used the rest of the things she ordered to make beautiful jewelry to wear to the celebration feast. Nest time I will tell the story of when Queen Metallite was young and lived with the Seven Metal working dwarfs, Blank, Copper, Dapping and . . . I forget the rest, but I will look them up. Bye Now!

  • 47 Teresa // Jan 28, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    Princess Beadella sat down with Jasper at her side and gathered every scrap of metal she could find and cut and riveted and hammered away until she had built herself and Jasper a seed bead harvester and a wagon. She was very handy at making moving gears and parts that worked perfectly together because she grew up with her Father King Steampunk teaching her everything necessary to make unique gadgets and devices to survive and make life easier . She started off into the Forest with her steam powered harvester, churning away , gathering the beads as she went threading them onto a strong cord and winding them onto a large spool at the back of the wagon.
    As the princess and Jasper rolled along they used her hammer , stamps and metal blanks to make signs and place them along the trail they were blazing, so they and anyone else in the forest could find their way back to the Kingdom of Caspia and safety.
    Once the Princess and Jasper made their way to the far side of the forest where they could see the Crystal shining in the dim light, they quickly unwound some of the strung beads from the spool and made a beaded netting to secure the Crystal safely upon the wagon for the return trip back to the kingdom. The light was fading quickly so they had to hurry, darkness would soon be upon them . With the Crystal secured on the wagon they headed back the trail, following the flashes of metal sparkling in the moonlight that they had attached to the trees. It seemed to take forever in the darkness, Princess Beadella confided in Jasper and expressed her concern to get to her Father in time .
    As the light of dawn peeked through the trees they could see Caspia in the distance and
    stopped just long enough at the lake at the bottom of the hill to refill the water tanks for the steam engines so they would be sure to have enough power to get up the hill to the kingdom.
    When she arrived at the gates she went to the spool at the back of the wagon and ran off enough of the seed beads to suspend the Crystal from and went inside and placed it around her Fathers neck so that the healing powers of the Crystal could work their magic.
    The King recovered and there was a big celebration in honor of Princess Beadella and Jasper. From this day forward everyone in the Kingdom of Caspia wore clothes lavishly decorated with seed beads because of the invention and bravery of the adventurous maiden.

  • 48 Joy // Jan 28, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    Princess Beadella had dressed carefully for the expedition, draping her favorite sapphire cloak over her copper weskit and matching skirt. Her sturdiest knee-high boots protected her feet for the long trek. She had a belt of copper and bronze chains, to which she had attached a velvet bag. In the bag , she had placed her favorite stones: Labradorite, Garnet, and Pearl, all wrapped up in her polishing cloth. A separate zippered bag held the Metal Complex stamping kit, along with her ball peen hammer, a generous supply of metal stamping blanks and her usual spools of wires: brass, copper, silver, and even gold.

    The Princess felt quite safe traveling with her pet bead because Jasper was of the Leopard-skin variety and, while he was gentle and loving to Beadella, like all leopards, he was quite ferocious when the need arose to defend his mistress. Jasper wore a collar, a prized gift from King Steampunk. It was formed of pure Garnet and engraved with the words: Safe Travels. As a tracker and protector, Jasper was the best and he led the princess into the Seed Bead Forest.

    They had traveled far enough into the forest to notice that the beads on the ground, which had been such lovely, sparkling shades of green when they started, were now turning brown and grey. The tree beads were dark and forbidding overhead. No sun penetrated their mahogany canopy. And, suddenly, there was no reflected light coming from the beaded carpet on the ground.

    “Hold on, Jasper. I must adjust my robe.” As Beadella lifted her arm and shook the edges of her Sapphire cloak, it cast a wide beam of light about her and her faithful pet.

    Jasper tilted his head in inquiry and Beadella smiled. “Yes, it’s the Sapphire which promotes light and clarity. Perfect outerwear for a dark forest, don’t you think?”

    Jasper growled his agreement.

    “And Sapphire is such a potent aid to creative expression and intuition, I just knew we would need it on this trip.”

    Just then, the princess was interrupted by a rustling sound, followed by a terrible crunching noise, as though something—or someone—was grinding glass into tiny pieces of powder. And then they saw him coming toward them, his big clumsy feet crushing the delicate seed beads underfoot. Jasper leaped in front of his mistress and snarled such a growl that the creature was forced to stop.

    Now Beadella was not a tiny princess. She was full-grown and proud that she stood a full five-feet-seven-inches tall in her bare feet. But this guy was BIG! Probably about eight feet tall, she estimated, given that he seemed to be towering more than two feet above her. The creature leered menacingly.

    “Watterya doin’ in MY forest?” he bellowed.

    “Easy, Jasper,” Princess Beadella was more concerned for the giant’s safety than for her own. She knew Jasper could easily leap for the stranger’s neck and make quick work of him.

    “Well, I didn’t realize it was YOUR forest. I’m sorry to be trespassing but, you see, I am on a quest for the lost Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. My mother believes it to be somewhere beyond this forest. Do you know a quick path through your forest so that I may be out of your way?”

    “Crystal, huh? Who are you, anyway?”

    “I’m Princess Beadella from the Kingdom of Caspia. My father, King Steampunk, is ill and Mother believes the crystal will restore his health. Can you help us…..Sir”?

    With his torn and rumpled clothing, the creature was, no doubt, unused to being called “sir,” but he rose to the occasion and responded almost politely.

    “I’m…well, I’m Tarnish…Rustin Tarnish. And I know where the crystal is, but I don’t know about helping you.” And with those words, he shook his head and shoulders. Amazingly, his shudder caused the forest around them to grow darker.

    “Mr. Tarnish, I’m happy to meet you,” Beadella nodded. “And I think we might be able to help each other.”

    She reached into her velvet bag and, drew out one of the stones. Spreading her Sapphire cloak on the ground, she unzipped her stamping kit and quickly formed a charm on which she stamped the words “Forever Young.” She pulled a long golden strand from her hair and on it she strung the charm and the stone and handed it to the creature. “This is Labradorite. It will detox your body and slow down the aging process, which is causing you to tarnish so quickly.”

    Sure enough, upon accepting the stone, the creature sloughed off a dozen or more years from his appearance. And, was it her imagination, or was he actually not quite as huge as he had been? He flexed his arms and legs, seeming to enjoy the movements. “Well, now, Miss Princess, yer highness, you can call me ‘Rusty’. And, if we’re gonna get to that crystal before nightfall, we’d best get moving.”

    Beadella was pleased at the change in her new companion. Apparently, the Labradorite was also healing Rusty’s mental confusion and helping him with indecision.

    And so, they packed up her supplies and hurried through the forest, Rusty leading the way and crunching glass seed beads underfoot, although not quite as noisily as before. Princess Beadella followed, with Jasper keeping watch behind her. Every few minutes, the princess waved her Sapphire cloak to shine light and increase clarity around the three of them.

    Just before dusk, they left the dark forest behind and arrived at the edge of a golden lake. All around the lake in various shades of blue were the brightest, most sparkling stones the princess had ever seen. There were Turquoise stones of all sizes and shapes, mixed in with nuggets of pale blue and green Aquamarine, along with deeper tones of Lapis Lazuli, its sparkles of Pyrite reflecting the golden tones of the lake. It was a scene of such transcendent beauty that Beadella could only gasp and stare. And she knew that the wonderful feeling of contentment she was experiencing came from the vibrations given off by the stones: the Turquoise making her feel completely at home in her self and in these stunning physical surroundings, the Lapis Lazuli contributing to the sharing of truth and friendship she was experiencing with her traveling companions, and the Aquamarine providing protection from any possible perils of the golden sea nearby.

    It all felt so lovely, so comfortable, that she was tempted to sit down on the shore and meditate on her good fortune. But she remembered her ill father and pushed aside any thought of stopping to rest.

    A small cottage, crafted entirely of Mother of Pearl, was near the shore. Rusty now stood outside the open doorway of the cottage and motioned the Princess inside. Jasper approached first with a threatening growl and Rusty quickly stepped aside. As Beadella entered the one-room cottage, she immediately spied the lost Swarovski Crystal. It was under a glass dome on a simple Mother of Pearl plate resting on a tiny Hematite table.

    She glanced at Rusty, still standing outside the door, and he nodded. Yes, she knew what to do.

    Opening her Metal Complex stamping kit once again, she set up a little workspace on the floor of the cottage. Her imagination steering her to the completed product, she worked swiftly.

    Jasper kept watch at the door and Rusty ventured slowly inside the cottage. At first, Beadella was surprised that he even fit in the tiny room, but then realized that she must have misjudged his size. He seemed just a little over six feet tall to her now. And he had squatted down beside her and managed to pass the ball peen hammer or to hand her the best stamp at the right moment. She smiled at him and he actually grinned back at her. Well, he wasn’t so scary-looking, after all, was he?

    In no time at all she had fashioned a neckpiece of copper and bronze chains, using fine gold and silver metals, stamping each with letters and words to speed healing: love, health, kindness, cherish, cure. Rusty offered her stones of Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, and Turquoise and she carefully strung them together. From her velvet bag, she took out a perfect pearl—a cherished present from her parent for her sixteenth birthday. She lovingly strung it on gold wire and connected it to the other pieces.

    Finally, she lifted the glass dome and removed the Swarovski crystal, attaching it with gold wire to the neckpiece. Carefully, she wiped the neckpiece with her Sunshine polishing cloth until it sparkled and glowed. As she lifted the neckpiece to show Rusty, she noticed flecks of—what was it…rust?—on his face. Beadella touched his face with her polishing cloth and, suddenly, she was caught up in a whirlwind that spun her around till she was dizzy.

    Then, just as suddenly, she was standing in her parents’ chambers.

    “Oh, my dear, thank heavens you’ve returned safely!” Her mother, Queen Metallite, greeted her with a warm embrace.

    Princess Beadella turned to her father, asleep on his bed, and placed the neckpiece upon his chest. Immediately he stirred, opened his eyes, and sat up in bed. Beadella helped her mother hook the neckpiece around his neck and he smiled. “I feel wonderful. What magic is this—that I am so completely cured of my ailment?”

    “It’s the magic of love, dear Father,” said Beadella, who was suddenly aware that she had not come back alone from her journey.

    She reached out her hand to pet Jasper, standing next to her, and noticed a handsome young man. She had no idea who he was, although he looked a bit familiar.

    Stepping forward and winking at Beadella, the young man paid homage to the king and queen. “Your majesties, may I introduce myself? I am Prince Oxadice. My friends call me Rusty.”

    (Sorry it’s so long. I got carried away with the great idea!)

  • 49 becca // Jan 28, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    …before venturing into the forest, Princess Beadella took her metal comlpex stamping kit and stamped Jasper into Jasper’s collar just in case he were to get lost. After finishing she stood up to see Jasper eye level to her, he can fly?! So with haste they flew over the Seed Bead Forest and fount the Swarovski Crystal easily because of its indescibable beauty and shinyness. They quickly made their way back to find out the king had already died.
    (there was just too many good sappy endings)

  • 50 Elaine Gill // Jan 29, 2012 at 4:46 am

    Princess Beadella used all of her stamping blanks to fend off all of the ogres and other nasties that her and Jasper came across in their travels. for example, she used the round washer blanks as Frisbee-like weapons to hurl at some of the enemies, she used the leaf shaped blanks to used as swords to slash at others that came too close and she used the heart shaped blanks to fool some of the others into thinking she was a very helpless young princess, only to deviously escape their clutches. Her ball pein hammer came in handy as well….for the Mugwhamps who had flat foreheads, the flat side of the hammer whacked them just perfectly. She used the rounded side of the hammer to scare off the Greeblies. Her loyal Jasper helped by watching her back, as all beloved dogs will do!

    She finally reached the other side of the forest where the Swarovski crystal lived, found it and made her way back to her father in the same fashion, collecting all of the seed beads that had fallen from the trees during the many fierce battles she had fought along the way. She returned to her father just in time to cure him with the magic crystal and everyone lived happily ever after….especially Princess Beadella, who had discovered the joy of beading and never had to look to find ways to pass her time ever again!

  • 51 dianne // Jan 29, 2012 at 6:06 am

    The princess was very talented and altho she was scared she knew how much the swarovsky bead ment.With Jasper by her side and her equipment in hand she set out on her journey.AS she was entering the forest ideas entered her head and she began to grab the fearful beads and create something beautiful with them. Jasper could see how brave the princess was as he helped her collect the beads.As they continued towards the end of the forest her project almost done .She could notwithhold the beauty of what she had made.Finally at the end of her journey she took the Crystal and put it on her design. she knew she had overcome her greatest fear.Back home she gave her father the King a beautiful chain with all the things she had found. Her father was so proud of his daughter he wore the necklace always. This necklace & story of the Princesses talent & bravery were passed down from each ancestor from that day forward .The whole kingdom was now free of there fears and were finally happy.

  • 52 Tomeka // Jan 29, 2012 at 6:11 am

    As the Princess stamped a trail on the trees, she opened a secret passageway that took her through the forest and directly to her prize.

  • 53 Carol // Jan 29, 2012 at 6:59 am

    Princess Beadella was not only clever and creative, but she also had a ‘green streak’. She knew she must be careful not to damage the forest in her search for the magic Swarovski crystal that would save her father’s life. How could she reach her goal quickly and successfully, without becoming lost herself? She had only 24 hours to complete this mission.
    Reaching beneath her skirt, she managed to begin to unravel her silken petticoat, and using a single strand of this silken thread and a needle which she had thought to bring, she began to fashion a long strand by picking up seed beads along her way. Her faithful pet Jasper made sure the strand did not become tangled as they made their way into the forest, deeper and deeper. Only this strand of beads could help them find their way back, and leave the bead forest undamaged.
    In order not to become separated from Jasper, she quickly fashioned a necklace using the metal tabs so that they would gently ‘clink’ as she walked, taking care not to destroy the beads underfoot. With thoughts of her ailing father the King foremost in her mind, she knew she must move swiftly, keep her plan simple yet effective. Onward she forged, noticing that dusk was almost upon them and yet there was no sign of the magic crystal. Frightened as she was of spending the night in the forest, Beadella knew she must take advantage of her limited resources and use them as part of her plan.
    Indeed, as the sun began to set in the west, she scrambled up onto a small hill, scanning the horizon. Finally she saw a sign: “Look, Jasper — the famous ‘blue flash’ – it can only have come from one source — that’s where the crystal lies! Remember that spot – we’ll find it tomorrow for sure.”
    Thus comforted, the two huddled together, spent the night, and awoke refreshed and ready to continue their journey. As the sun rose, they kept to their trail and finally came to a small pond that shone like an Aurora Borealis in the sunlight. Jasper yelped happily as Beadella leaned over the water and retrieved a large, stunning crystal which almost seemed to jump into her outstretched arms. It was very large, quite heavy, and now the question arose: how to get it back to the palace quickly and without damaging it?
    Jasper began to wag his tail excitedly, jumping around Beadella, the silken cord full of seed beads in his mouth.
    “Of course,” she said, taking hold of the silken strand, “we’ll fashion the most beautiful beaded bead with the crystal in the center, and simply roll our way back on the path.”
    With Jasper leading the way, Beadella used the magic crystal as the core and swiftly rolled her way back to the place where she was greeted by he father the King and his attendants, well within her 24-hour limit.
    Putting his hands on the beautiful beaded bead, the King miraculously recovered, and all watched as the glow from the beautifully faceted crystal shone through its netting of seed beads.
    “It would be a pity to take this beaded bead apart,” the King said, “so I hereby declare that this miraculous bead be placed in the center of our garden where every man, woman, and child in the kingdom is free to come and enjoy its magic powers.”
    To this day, the magic crystal resides there, as a reminder to beaders everywhere, of the power of nature as the first source of creative inspiration.

  • 54 Liz H // Jan 29, 2012 at 8:59 am

    The princess fashioned a shining shield and placed it atop the highest tower of the kingdom. It was so bright that a ray of glittering light could be seen even in the light of day. Then she set forth with Jasper into the forest wielding her hammer, she was on a mission. For three days and nights Jasper and the princess travelled, through sparkling grove and echoing valley, until at last they reached the place where the crystal resides. A great trembling began and a massive dragon rose from the ground. She then saw that the crystal was part of the dragon, just barely visible it glinted at the back of his eye! “Speak now or perish!” he bellowed. “Please”, cried the princess and she told him of her dying father and her journey with such passion that the dragon began to weep. A great tear welled up and splashed to the ground and within the tear was the crystal. The dragon smiled upon the girl, “You have melted my stone bead heart and for that you can have the crystal, and for such a favour to me you may also have a wish. Do you want gold or silver beads or precious stones?” But the princess shook her head and the dragon knew what to do, he picked her up and flew her back to the kingdom on his back, following the ray of light. They arrived home and her father slowly healed with the help of the crystal and the dragon. And they all lived happily ever after.

  • 55 Lisa V. Jones // Jan 29, 2012 at 9:05 am

    She would start w/ the letter A and work her way through the alphabet. As soon as she finished w/ the letter Z she looked up and a glow began to form on the next tree. She used her hammer to chip yhrough the bark & found her prize. She rushed back following her alphabet and saved her dad. :)

  • 56 Courtney S-W // Jan 29, 2012 at 9:55 am

    While searching for the crystal, the princess got lost in the forest.. She ran into a mean, lonely ogre called TigerEye.. He would’ve surely killed her and eaten her pet.. However she remembered she had her survival kit.. She made the ogre a bracelet and he was pleased.. The ogre took her to where the crystal was but the path leading to it was gone.. The ogre took the princess’ ball pein hammer, some metal stamps and made a path for her… She returned back to her kingdom w/ the crystal and a friend.. Her father was healed and the ogre was no
    longer lonely.. They all lived happily ever after.. Fin

  • 57 Kathy // Jan 29, 2012 at 10:10 am

    Unbenknowst to the princess, the seed bead forest was the home of a lonely seed bead dragon. When he saw people, he exploded into a frenzy of joy and sprayed huge clouds of crimp beads everywhere. The frolicking of a seed bead dragon is a dreadful thing indeed and generally crushed everyone. The dragon was very, very lonely.

    The clever princess used her metal stamping kit to make herself a functional, yet fashionable set of armor. When she met the dragon, she quickly got out of the blast range. Protected by her armor, she approached and saw that the dragon was actually crying huge tears of malachite & turquoise beads. Thinking quickly, she quickly made up a little clockwork dog with her metal stamping kit. The dragon greeted it with great joy. While he was romping with the dog, the princess snuck past him into the dragon’s cave. There, discarded carelessly in a corner was the crystal! Grabbing it, she ran home and cured her father.

    In later years, they sent people into the forest, protected by metal stamped armor, to keep the dragon company and the kingdom became the main exporter of crimp beads in the whole world.

    (Ok, I’m a terrible writer, especially compared to others, but congrats to artbeads for creating such an amusing blog post!)

  • 58 Katrina // Jan 29, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    Thinking quickly Princess Beadella stamped the word “home” into a number of her metal blanks and stored them in her pocket. As she set out into the seed bead forest she hung them along her path in the branches of the seed bead trees in order to find her way home again.
    Along the way she used her ball pein hammer to fend off the dangerous creatures of the forest. With her trusty whole punch she cut through the twisted vines of griffon cord. Jasper with his keen beaded eye kept look out and alerted Beadella of any dangers along the way.
    Once she reached her destination, Beadella stamped “Thank You” into a heart shaped metal blank and left it in place of the Swarovski Crystal. Carefully she tucked it away in her most secure pocket and hurried back through the seed bead forest, her way home clearly and easily marked by the charms she had left for herself.
    She arrived home just in time, saving her father, King Steampunk, and they all lived happily ever after.

  • 59 Lynn // Jan 29, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    The Princess never made it home…she and Jasper were eaten by the Jade Dragon.

  • 60 Nat M // Jan 29, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    She would come across lots of beasties and hammer out throwing stars to defeat them!

  • 61 Kathy Strom // Jan 29, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    Princesses—three I have—and princes three also. They all love the elf work that grandma supplies, whether from needle or wire or other great finds. Supplies of metals and stamps and great jewels will make them all happy—and Grandma K too.

  • 62 Kali // Jan 29, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Princess Beadella would use her magical Metal Complex Stamping kit to help her make her way through the sead bead forest by leaving herself path markers. It would do her no good at all to find the beautiful Swarovski crystal, if she couldn’t also get it back to her father. Along the way she also used her stamping kit to make weapons of various sorts. You see, all she needed to do was to stamp the weapon’s name on a piece of metal and the metal would become to weapon. Wondering if this amazing trick would also work for making a map,and a vehicle to transport herself and Jasper to their destination, she gave it a try stamping the word HORSE on a beautiful tarnished silver disc produced the finest Dapple Gray horse she’d ever seen. She had her answer. So with a horse to ride and a map as her guide, she found the lost crystal and returned to her ailing father safe and sound in no time at all. He was cured and happier than ever to see his precious daughter. So he ordered that a celebration should begin in honor of his daughter Beadella, her pal Jasper, and their amazing accomplishment.

  • 63 Beetique // Jan 29, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    Princess Beadella and Jasper made it through the through the seed bead forest maze and came across the Dragon guarding the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. She hit the dragon with her magical ball peen hammer and the dragon turned into Pegasus and Pegasus flew her back to her kingdom and her father. Her father got well and they all lived happily ever after.

  • 64 Kathleen // Jan 29, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    Princess Beadella took a deep breath, put on her bead blinders and directed her trusty pet Jasper to lead her through the forest and back without delay!!

  • 65 tammy johnsen // Jan 29, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    beadella rushed into the forest with jasper by her side. using her trusted metal complex kit, she stamped her direction into the seedbead trees so she wouldn’t lose her way. she could not help but notice the beauty of the sun shining through the colorful seedbead canopy. she gathered a few of the lovely leaves into her kit as she made her way deeper & deeper into the forest.
    beadella came to a sudden stop as her trusted companion jasper yelped out a warning! through the thicket of twisted wire scrap came out a handsome black knight of tourmaline. he was so happy to see the princess and her trail of stamped trees. they told each other the tale of how they came to be in the seedbead forest. he told beadella of a clearing in the center of the wood with a high tower and at its zinth was the glittering swarovski of yesteryear. however, it was guarded by a mighty mica dragon! he agreed to aid beadella & jasper in their quest if she would tool a design of bravery into his plain metal shield. beadella said to the knight, “I will do this for you but you must prove your bravery by helping me defeat the mica dragon.” he gladly agreed.
    the black knight followed a babbling brook of aquamarine to the clearing with the dragon guarded tower. as the black knight bravely engaged the mica dragon, beadella & jasper climbed the high tower. at its zenith was the sparkling Swarovski of yesteryear! beadella put the precious jewel into her kit. they made their way down the tower to find the brave black knight victorious! beadella picked up a few of the slain dragons mica scales to help create the amulet necklace to heal her father, king steampunk.
    the princess, jasper & the black knight made their way back through the seedbead forest to the great castle. beadella put the Swarovski of yesteryear amulet necklace that she embellished with the seedbead leaves, mica scales & stamped healing spell around her fathers neck. king steampunks gears began to spin again, he awoke full of vitality & vigor!
    beadella kept her promise to the black knight and tooled his shield with the brave scene of defeating the mica dragon.
    everyone lived creatively ever after…

  • 66 Jennifer // Jan 29, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    With Jasper at her side, Princess Beadella walked on and on into the mystical Seed Bead Forest with no plan, no map, and no light to guide her. As the day wore on, Princess Beadella kept her head in the clouds, marveling at the beauty of the forest – the way the sunlight glinted off the intricately woven beads that formed the giant trees which had stood in the forest for a thousand years. She watched with delight as the sterling silver tree lizards scurried, fluid as mercury, across the smooth, beaded ground, then laughed at the gold finches fluttered down to snatch the lizards up in their beaks. Never having left her sheltered world in the idyllic Kingdom of Caspia, Princess Beadella was used to things always working out to her favor, and didn’t have the good sense to be afraid. Though she’d been warned that the Seed Bead Forest was dangerous, danger was a word she didn’t fully understand, and it wasn’t until she began to feel hungry that she realized that she was lost. Her excitement over the new adventure quickly disappeared, and it was a replaced with a feeling she’d never experienced before – fear. As the sun set and the dark and the cold set in, Beadella sat against the trunk of a big tree, and pulled her knees up to her chest, feeling utterly helpless. How would she ever find her way through the forest? Would she even make it to morning? Why had she been so stupid, volunteering for such a dangerous task when she had no idea what she was doing?
    Luckily for Beadella, Jasper had a bit more sense that she did. A large, oblong bead of unusual beauty, Jasper had eight little legs, two beady eyes, and two long antennae. He was a little larger than Princess Beadella’s thumb, and usually rode along on her shoulder. He had been brought to Caspia from an exotic, foreign land just for Princess Beadella’s enjoyment – but no one, not even Beadella, realized what a special bead Jasper was.
    As Beadella had been wandering excitedly through the forest, Jasper had been using one of his secret talents to mark their way along the path, and to gather some of the sweet, nutritious nuts of the seed bead trees. And he had other tricks, too. Just as Beadella began to really despair, he revealed one of them. Jasper turned on like a light bulb.
    “Oh, Jasper! “ cried Princess Beadella. “Oh my! You light up like a lightning bug! Oh, this is wonderful! If only you could know what a wonderful thing this is! But of course, you are only a bead, and you can’t.”
    But he did.
    “Oh, Jasper,” said Beadella. “I am so happy to have your light. But whatever shall we do? We are lost, and we have no food. All we have is this Metal Complex stamping kit, which is of no use to use here, in the Seed Bead Forest.”
    Jasper hopped from Beadella’s shoulder and landed on the little drawstring bag in which she kept her metal stamping tools. He used his weight – and he was surprisingly heavy for his size, to nudge it open a bit, and Beadella noticed something shiny and coppery that she hadn’t put there herself. She opened the bag to find that it was full of the nuts of the seed bead trees.
    “Oh!” Beadella exclaimed, whipping her long golden brown hair behind her head, “Seed nuts! But where did they come from?”
    She looked at Jasper, puzzled. “Maybe a kind fairy put them there,” she said. “But that can’t be. Fairies are greedy and never share. I know! I must’ve put them there myself and forgotten! It’s the only explanation, because you and I are quite alone in this forest, Jasper, and you can’t have done it, for you are just a mindless little bead, and besides, these nuts are as big as you are.”
    She rolled one of the copper-shelled nuts in her delicate little hand. “However shall I get it open?” She said. “Perhaps if I stomp on it.”
    She placed the nut on the ground and stomped with her right foot, but nothing happened. She jumped upon it with her whole weight. Still nothing. She was about to try to move it to a different spot, when she noticed a glint of light from the corner of her eye. She turned and saw her ball pein hammer, with Jasper, still lit up light a light bulb, sitting next to it.
    “Hmm,” she said, and struck the little knot at the top of the nut with the hammer. Just like magic, the shell opened up neatly, revealing the large, meaty nut inside. Beadella devoured it quickly and with great satisfaction, and then ate two more. She’d not eaten for 10 hours, and had never been so hungry in her life. When she was done, she even had the sense to refill her drawstring bag with more seed nuts – she didn’t want to find herself hungry again.
    Once the bag was full, Beadella settled into a nicely shaped nook at the base of a large seed bead tree and snuggled down for the night in the warmth of the forest, feeling once again that everything seemed to work itself out in her favor. She slept well through the night.
    Jasper also slept, but not so peacefully. If he could have, he’d have slept with one eye open.

    The next morning, Beadella awoke with the distinct feeling that someone was watching her. She looked around, and everything was as she’d left it the night before, but she just felt as if someone had been there when she was asleep – someone who was not so very far away now. Jasper was scurrying about at her feet, and she wondered if beads could also feel that feeling of someone watching.
    With few things to gather, it wasn’t long until Beadella was ready to go. She got to her feet and began to walk when she realized that Jasper wasn’t on her shoulder like usual. She scanned the forest floor and spotted him some feet away, but as she walked toward him, he moved away. She kept walking faster and faster, until she was almost running, but Jasper kept moving away just as quickly as she could chase him. She wondered why he was running away from her, but was too busy trying to keep up with him to really worry about. Finally, he stopped, and she saw that they were on a path.
    “Well, what do you know?” she said. “Jasper, you may be just a dumb bead that can’t understand a thing, but you’ve led us to a path! Let us see where it leads.”
    But before she could decided whether to follow the path to the right or to the left, an old woman appeared in front of her. She carried a basket and had a scratchy looking gray shawl thrown over her fragile-looking, hunched shoulders.
    “Are you lost, m’dear?” she said.
    “Oh, hello, old woman,” replied Princess Beadella. “Indeed I was lost, but now I have found this path, and think I am lost no more. But it is strange to see an old woman here in the middle of the forest.”
    “Oh, but it is not, for I live here in the forest,” she said. “It is strange, though, to see a fair young maiden like yourself in this forest. I never have seen it before. What brings you to these dangerous woods? Do not you know of the giant fire-breathing Fire Agate Crabs? Or the venomous Silver Serpents? Or the swarms of Blown Glass Wasps?”
    “Indeed I do, but I am on an urgent mission. I come from the Kingdom of Caspia,” she said. “I seek the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear on the other side of this forest, for without it, I cannot save my father, King Steampunk.”
    “Indeed,” said the old woman. “I shall help you on your way. But first, you must be very hungry, after wandering through the forest all night. Take this apple. It will nourish you.”
    The old woman offered Beadella the prettiest, reddest apple she had ever seen. But want it though, she did, she couldn’t eat it. She was just too full.
    “I’m afraid I cannot take your apple, madam, for I have just eaten as many Seed Nuts as I could bear to, not knowing if there would be more to be found along my way,” she said. “Besides, I could not take such a beautiful apple from such a kind old woman.”
    The old woman frowned. “This strawberry then. It is juicy and it will quench your thirst. And doesn’t it look so delicious?” The strawberry seemed to float just above the palm of the old woman’s hand, turning around and around. Beadella couldn’t take her eyes from it. She wanted it so very badly. She began to reach out for it, but then she was distracted by an odd flashing light. It was Jasper, flashing like a strobe. She turned back to look at the strawberry, but it didn’t look so wonderful anymore. In fact, it looked rather moldy.
    “No thank you,” she said to the woman. “You have been very kind, but really I must continue on my way, for my father is very ill, and needs the crystal as soon as can be.”
    And Beadella turned to her right and began to walk along the path.
    “Wait!” cried the old woman. “Before you go, you must take this map! You’ll never find your way without it, and I have another. I copied it to pass the time, alone in the forest.”
    Beadella reached out for the map and thanked the old woman, who smiled oddly and went out of sight as quickly as she’d appeared.
    Beadella looked at the map. “Good thing she gave us this!” she said to Jasper. “We were beginning to go the wrong way!”
    But as Beadella turned toward Jasper, she saw that he was already scurrying off in the direction the map said they should not go. “Not again!” she exclaimed, and chased off after him.
    On and on and on Jasper ran along the path, and on and on and on Beadella chased him. By the time she caught up with him, she was too tired even to scold him, much less continue her way through the forest. She plopped down onto the forest floor and immediately fell into an afternoon nap. When she awoke, the map was gone.
    “What a strange place this forest is!” she exclaimed in despair. “Where can it have gone, Jasper? And how will we find our way without it?”
    Beadella spent an hour searching for the map, while Jasper continued marking the path they’d taken in a way that neither Beadella, nor the old woman, nor anyone without special antennae like Jasper’s could see.
    Finally, Beadella became hungry and gave up looking for the map. After eating some more seed nuts, and wishing she had that apple because she was getting sick of seed nuts, Beadella returned to the path, which she had managed not to lose this time, turned to her left, and started walking, hoping she was going the right way.
    Beadella walked for days, and she began to wonder if all the stories of fire-breathing crabs and deadly serpents were true, for she was plagued by none of them. In fact, she thought the Seed Bead Forest was quite boring.
    Of course, Beadella had no idea that her clever little pet bead was leading her down the safest path, and that, while she slept, he was having a much more dangerous, adventurous time than she. Beadella might have noticed that something was odd about Jasper, but she wasn’t one to take notice of things. She wouldn’t have even noticed the stream of sweet white milk that ran along the path if she had not become thirsty.
    Finally, after more days of tedious trudging than Beadella had bothered to count, she and Jasper arrived at what appeared to be the other side of the forest. It was bright, almost blindingly so, and glittery, for all the surfaces there were made of sparkling white marble. Everything looked the same, and Beadella did not know which way to go until she saw Jasper, who stood out sharply against all the white, standing next to the stream.
    “Why, the stream continues right out of the forest!” She exclaimed. “Jasper, we must follow the stream, for it will quench our thirst and keep us from losing our way. How lucky that we found the path and the stream as we walked through the forest, for we surely would never have made it through otherwise!”
    After following the stream for a short distance, Beadella found herself inside of a cave, which seemed to have formed around her gradually. She almost had not noticed she was in a cave at all, for everything inside was just as white and sparkly as it had been outside. With no other ideas, she just kept on walking, and cave gradually changed color, until she was surrounded no longer by white marble, but by ruby colored glass. The cave widened, and the stream finally came to an end, where it encircled a dais of ruby glass. And there in the middle of dais, she saw it – a gigantic, emerald green Swarovski crystal, nearly as big as her head!
    “Jasper!” she cried, “That must be it! What else could it be! I found the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear!”
    She ran toward the dais. The stream that surrounded it was too wide to jump across, but it was easily shallow enough to wade through, so didn’t even slow down and she ran into it – but as soon as her foot touched the water, she froze in mid step, and was surrounded by a white mist. From the mist rose – Beadella couldn’t believe her eyes. It was the last person she expected to see so far from the Kingdom of Caspia. From the mist rose her stepmother, Queen Metallite!
    Still frozen, Beadella could not move her lips, so instead of crying out, she just gasped.
    A sparkling white cage materialized around Beadella, and with a wave of her hand, Queen Metallite allowed Beadella to move. Beadella grabbed the bars of cage and exclaimed, “Stepmother! Whatever are you doing here?! How did you get here? Why did you put me in this cage?”
    But Queen Metallite was not looking at Beadella. She was looking at Jasper, who had raised two sections of his stone exoskeleton to reveal little transparent wings, like a ladybug’s. He rose into the air, clumsily hovering just in front of Beadella’s cage. His antennae were glowing blue, while his body flashed white like strobe light.
    “That’s a remarkable little bead you have there,” the Queen said to Beadella, without looking at her.
    “Jasper! I didn’t know you could fly!” exclaimed Beadella.
    “I don’t mean that,” the Queen said, and then began addressed Jasper. “How did you stop my killer wasps? Any my venomous snakes? Any my fire-breathing crabs?”
    Jasper just continued to hover and flash.
    “And how did you destroy my map? What are you?” The Queen asked.
    But it was Beadella who responded. “Your map?” she said. “Your fire-breathing crabs? Jasper stop them? What’s going on here, stepmother? What are you up to? How did you trap me in this cage? And how come you’re here, and not home in Caspia, taking care of my father?”
    “Taking care of your father?!” the Queen laughed incredulously. “I’m not taking care of him, I’m getting rid of him. And once he’s gone, the only thing standing between me and taking over the Kingdom of Caspia is you, you little brat. But no matter. You’ll never escape from my enchanted cage. You’ll be stuck in this cave forever, while both the kingdom and the crystal will be mine.”
    The Queen walked over to the dais and picked up the crystal with both hands. She held it before and said, “Of course, you won’t be getting to the King in time, will you, my pretty little trinket?”
    “Wh-what?” said Beadella. “What do you mean? What have you done with my father?”
    “Oh, I told the people of Caspia that I was going to help you retrieve the crystal and save your father. But I’ll wait until he’s dead before I return with it. And I’ll tell them you died tragically, trying to fight a giant fire-breathing Fire Agate Crab. I’ll look like a would-be hero, and meanwhile the kingdom will be mine.”
    “B-b-but, but father! Oh no!” cried Beadella. “And what about the sweet old woman from the forest? Did you kill her too? And I don’t understand how all this happened. Where did this cage come from? Oh, what on Earth is going on?”
    “Wow, you really are dense, aren’t you?” said the Queen. “I was the little old lady. I’m a sorceress… Duh! And I must say, I thought that with your brains and my power, you’d be only too easy to get rid of – but that little bead of yours had me worried for a while there. I still don’t understand how he managed to fight off all my creatures. But no matter. He seems useless enough now that it’s me I have to deal with. It looks like all he can do now is flash lights at me. Nice try, little beadie! Just you wait till I learn how to activate this crystal! I’ll have you encased in enchanted glass and put on display in my dining room, like the pretty little trinket you are!”
    “Oh no! Please! Father! Jasper!” cried Princess Beadella. And she turned to look at her remarkable little companion, she found that he had fluttered over to her little drawstring bag, which was tied to her waist. He had nudged it partway open, and was sitting atop the ball pein hammer.
    Beadella picked up the hammer, though she didn’t know what she would do with it, and Jasper flew up to the corner of the cage and illuminated – Oh my gosh, Beadella couldn’t believe her eyes – a knot just like the one that had opened the Seed Nuts. Beadella, mouth agape, looked at the hammer, and then at the knot.
    “What are you doing?” gasped the Queen. “Stop it!”
    Beadella hit the knot with the hammer, and it dematerialized immediately. She looked up at the Queen, who didn’t waste time screaming no, and was pulling something from a pocket inside her robes. But Jasper was already above the Queen’s head, illuminating another little knot, right in the middle of her forehead! Beadella’s reflexes were much quicker than her wit, and she had thrown the hammer before the Queen even knew what was happening. Miraculously, it landed squarely on its mark.
    In the brief moment she had left, the Queen made a strange call, like an animal. Then she split open like the nutshell, and dematerialized like the cage.
    Beadella walked over to where the Queen had been, picked up the crystal and the hammer, put them in her little drawstring bag, and then slumped to the ground, exhausted.
    “Jasper,” she muttered, “I think you’re smarter than most beads.” As she looked up, she saw that Jasper was weaving a dense web around them, like a spider’s web, but thicker, stronger, and stiffer. It sparkled with tiny diamond-like crystals that surrounded each thread. Beadella didn’t know what Jasper was doing, and she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of going into another sparkly white cage, but she trusted him. She knew now that he was no ordinary bead.
    After sitting in the web for an hour, Beadella saw what it was for. She heard a rumbling that grew louder and louder until five giant crabs appeared inside the cave. At first, she was terrified, but then she saw that they could not hurt her or Jasper. The web was protecting them. They breathed fire, they clawed, they slammed up against the web, but they just could not get past it. Finally, the queen’s enchantment wore off, and they became normal crabs, and scuttled away.
    Over the next few hours, the enchanted wasps and the snakes came and tried to get at Beadella and Jasper, but like the crabs, they could not get through the web, and the enchantments eventually wore off.
    When all the attacks were over, Jasper took down his web, and Beadella followed him back out of the cave. When they got back to the Seed Bead Forest, she was worried that they wouldn’t be able to find their way back, but Jasper’s antennae glowed blue, and the blue light reveled a glowing path back home that Jasper had made when they came through the forest the first time.
    When finally Beadalla and Jasper completed the long walk through the Seed Bead Forest and arrived at the palace in the Kingdom of Caspia, Beadella was relieved to learn that King Steampunk had not yet died from his illness.
    She ran to his side the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear, but it was only then that she realized she didn’t know what to do with it. She held it in her hands and looked at it despairingly and she knelt by her father’s bedside. Then, without needing Jasper’s help this time, she saw a tiny knot at the base of the crystal. She knew exactly what to do.
    After striking the knot with her hammer, she held the crystal over her father’s head. It opened to reveal an emerald colored liquid inside. Beadella poured the elixir into her father’s lips, and watched his skin turn pink and healthy again as he drank. She put the hammer back in her drawstring bag, understanding now that she had always been destined to wield it, but that its job was now done.
    King Steampunk quickly made a full recovery, and though he was at first saddened to hear of Queen Metallite’s betrayal, he went on to live happily ever after with his ditzy yet extraordinary daughter, and her very special pet bead.

  • 67 Paula Todd-Marksman // Jan 30, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Love jewelry design and construction in all it’s forms.

  • 68 Julie Gastelum // Jan 30, 2012 at 11:28 am

    She would fight her way all the way home, stamping out all the bad elements she comes across.

  • 69 purplesage // Jan 30, 2012 at 11:51 am

    Princess Beadella would amaze all those who wanted to bring her harm in the forest with all her lovely stamping designs and all of their flowing, flowering designs. She would earn all of their repect and they would wind up joining her in her quest for the magical crystal. Eventually her followers would be so strong that the evil queen’s plans were thwarted and Princess Beadella would be handed the crystalwith pride and joy, something the kingdom had not felt in a very long time.The king was cured, and Princess beadella continued to create beautious creations for all to enjoy.

  • 70 lin morris // Jan 30, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    she’s a princess…all things pretty gravitate to her…she just sat back and studied nature when a beautiful white sparrow dropped the crystal onto her lap.

  • 71 Tyrnan Gray // Jan 30, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    “Gather around Children”, said the old man at the inn as he sat down by the fire. “Today I am going to tell you the story of our beloved Princess Beadella How she saved not just the king but also the hopes of all of us with in the kingdom.”

    Once long ago in our fair kingdom our most beloved King Steampunk was ill and had succumbed to great sickness which very little could be done as this great terror creeped on the king. For no one could stop it. The only thing that could be done was to bring him the magical Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. With its power the king would be made whole, as if he had never been sick at all.

    The only trouble was that the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear was past the Seed Bead Forest. Where many Brave Knights never came back. The old man stopped for a second to take a drink while watching the faces of the children who were all in great amazement. He set down his glass as he started once again to tell the tale.

    This Seed Bead Forest was a dangerous place with mean monsters and some even said that the forest itself would eat a lost Traveler should they rest for too long. As the time went on and the King’s sickness did grow, the Queen, Metallite, while staying at the side of her husband the king, asked Princess Beadella, the question that would change the kingdom forever.

    Queen Metallite turned to Princess Beadella and asked her, “Please take your pet bead Jasper and go to through the forest and get the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. It is the only way we can save King Steampunk. The Queens eyes teared up as she asked such a great thing from her daughter. As the princess saw her mother crying she knew what she had to do.

    So that day she set off for the forest with only her loyal pet Jasper and a handy Metal Complex stamping kit. As she reached the end of town she looked back at the Kingdom a tear falling from her eye for fear she may never see her father again. With that thought in her mind she turned to the forest and set off on what would be known as the greatest adventure of our kingdom.

    As she started out she used her kit to start marking her way home putting a stamp on the trees she passed. The Forest was dark and she could hear animals creeping around the trees. Her trusty Bead, Jasper, stayed close to her. As she marched on the sun began to fall and darkness enclosed the Seed Bead Forest leaving no light save the light from the stars. Knowing that going on in the darkness would only get her lost, she stopped and started to set up a camp for the night. As she set the tinder for the fire Jasper brought her wood. Using the metal rods in her kit she hit them together making sparks to start her fire. Once she had a fire, she huddle close to Jasper in a hope the fire would last the night. As the night went on the sounds of Monsters and beasts grew. While she sat scared, she thought about the Kingdom and how beautiful it was and how she has to move on for her Father.

    As she drifted into thoughts about the things she had to do, she was snapped out of her dreamland by a deep growl. She looked up and there stood a Rust Wolf around four feet tall at the shoulder rusty liquid dripping from its fangs. The Wolf staring at her eyes fixed on her, fangs bared ready to attack. The princess knew not what to do as the Wolf leaned down to get ready to jump at her, for her metal stamping kit would be ruined if the Rust Wolf touched it. Not even her ball peen hammer could help. As it crouched in fear, she saw Jasper run from beside her to face the Wolf.

    As the Wolf stood there, Jasper rammed into it with a ferocity the Princess had never seen from Jasper. Jasper rammed the wolf so hard, the wolf fell to its side with a yelp. As the wolf laid there the Seed Trees themselves started to pull the wolf under the massive roots. As the wolf sank it yelped and fought till it sank into the earth below the tree. She pulled Jasper close as and hugged him tight as she cried for fear that her and Jasper almost did not make the night. As she cried she felt hopeless, as if she could not do this task that she had been asked to do.

    While tears ran down her face, Jasper gave a hug and pulled from her kit a stamp of the sun to remind her that the day will break and she just has to keep hope in her heart. As she looked upon the stamp, she knew she had to be strong not just for herself but also for her Father. The night finally passed after what felt like a lifetime. And she started out once again into the Forest with every passing tree she grew in hope to see the other side of the forest and to save her Father.

    As she looked for the sun with every step her eyes fixed on what she knew she had to do. A smile broke across her face as she saw the tree line and the grassy fields past it. She ran to the sun and the warmth and the beauty of the field. As she reached the field she laid in it laughing, for she knew she had made it half way there and was one step closer to saving her Father. As she lay there, she heard a voice from above her saying. “Hello there miss. Are you all right? I saw you come from the forest.”

    As she looked up she saw a young man on a horse with a bow on his back he looked like a hunter’s son. As her eyes met his she blushed and said. “Yes, I am fine but I must see the king, for my Father is ill and I need to request of him something great.”

    The young man smiled and held out his hand to the Princess. “Of course I can take you to the gate, but I cannot help you past that point.” He said with a sad look in her eyes. She took his hand as he helped her onto the horse she told Jasper to follow along.

    The Young man set out as they rode she asked him, “why is it you cannot enter the gate?” The young man said with eyes fixed on the trail ahead of him, “I am not of high birth, so outsiders like me are forbidden to enter into the castle.” The rest of the trip was taken in silence. As they reached the gate, the Guards called for the young man to stop. As the horse came to a stop the young man helped the Princess down and walked her to the gate.

    He looked at her and said, “I will be here when you return.” His eyes fixed on her eyes, the young man then got back onto the horse as he waited for her to enter into the castle. The Princess said to the guards, “Please move aside. I must see the King, for my father King Seampunk is ill and I must request a favor.”

    As she said this, the men moved aside at once and she walked in to the castle Jasper close beside her. She reached the King’s court. As she entered into the room she ran to the King and begged him for the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. But as she fell to the floor, the King had her stand and with a smile handed it to her, and he said, “there is no reason for any one willing to brave the Seed Bead Forest to save their Father to have to kneel before me. But I should kneel for them,” said the King as he got on one knee. “Now go”, said the King, “time is short you must hurry.” As he said this, she ran out the door to the young man who was waiting for her outside as he said he would.

    She told him she must make haste to her Father. As she said this, the young man held out his hand and with a smile, said, “there is no one given faster legs than my horse and we will take you to the place you need to be.” As he helped her and Jasper on the horse the Princess smiled knowing that she was safe with this young man. As he got back up and kicked his heels, the horse bolted off with such speed the princess had never seen, reaching the outskirts of the Forest within minutes.

    As they hit the tree line the princess said to the young man. “You don’t have to come with me into the forest, it is full of monsters, even the trees themselves attack.” The young man smiled once again with a kick of his heels they started off into the Forest. As they passed into the tree line she said, “Look for the Stamped Charms I placed and they will take us to my Father.”

    The young man on his steed made great haste, so great that not one thing in the forest could even reach for them and within a matter of hours they broke the tree line and as the sun hit her face tears fell from her eyes as she knew she was home. The young man kept pace and rushed to the castle. As he reached the gate, he stopped and with great haste helped the princess and Jasper down and told them they must hurry to her Father.

    She ran to the side of her Father and placed into his hands the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear and as it touched his hands, it was like his very life came back to his body. As he breathed in deep, he looked into the eyes of his daughter the princess and said, “I love you my daughter, without you I would have been lost.” At the very moment princess Beadella The Queen Metallite and The King Steampunk cried with joy.

    The old man smiled at the kids all gathered around him, all of them eyes wide in excitement. Then one of them spoke up and asked, “ what ever happened to the Hunter”?

    The old man smiled as he looked out the window at an old shaggy horse. “He was never seen again, though some say he still watches over the princess even now.”

    The End.

  • 72 Tiffanie // Jan 30, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    The Princess set out with her trusty Bead, and the magical Metal Complex Stamping kit. When she reached the edge of the Seed Bead Forest, she realized that a girl and her Bead, would not be enough to face the dangers of the Forest alone. So, she sat down with her Metal Complex kit and thought to herself, “what would King Steampunk do?”

    So, first, she used the kit to quickly fashion herself a set of steampunk armor and a scale mail vest for Jasper from the blanks, all nicely stamped and decorated.

    Then with her awl and ball peen hammer in hand, they headed into the forest. The Seeds twisted the path around, and the Beads dripped on her, startling her and before too long, they were lost!

    Princess Beadella hugged her Jasper close as they continued walking, hoping to see a familiar tree. Just when she thought all was lost, she caught sight of a knight’s tent. There was a whole encampment of lost knights!

    She ran to them and told them of her horrible plight and they admired her fine armor, but didn’t have an answer for her. Just then, she thought of her magical Metal Complex stamping kit, and quickly told the knights of her plan to save them all!

    They heartily agreed, and set to, cutting tents up and stitching them together using the awl and metal plating a large basket with metal blanks stamped with the heraldry of the kingdom. When it was all attached together, they filled the stitched tents with hot air from the fire and a steampunk zeplin rose into the air.

    They all got aboard, and the zeplin and rose up above the Seed Bead Forest and into the light. The metal plates shone brightly, and now they could see their way past the forest and to the shrine of the Swaroski Crystal of YesterYear! They flew the zeplin to the shrine, and Princess Beadella retrieved it.

    Then, getting back into the basket, they flew the zeplin back home over the forest, it being much more beautiful and intricate from above.

    When they reached the Castle, they landed in the courtyard, the stamped heraldry keeping the guards from shooting them down. And the Princess and Jasper ran with the Crystal to the chambers of her father.

    She placed the Crystal in his hands and she could see the healing start immeadiately! She was so happy. Once he was healed, he admired her armor and Jasper’s vest, and then she told him about finding the knights and building the Steampunk Zeplin, named in his honor. And he was very happy that not only had she saved him, but she had brought home all the lost knights as well. The End.

  • 73 Elizabeth Kucera // Jan 30, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    I am a disabled senior with alot of time on my hands. So far I have been lucky or maybe the talent to pick up whatever I am trying to do. I would enjoy learning the metal complex, and do so hope to win, if not I will always try another of your contest. Thank you for the good ideas for projects that I have gotten from you.

  • 74 Tina Huffman // Jan 30, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    When Princess Beadella found out about her father’s condition, she felt as if her heart had been shattered like a delicate Swarovski pendant.
    She asked her mother, Queen Metallite, “W

  • 75 Christine // Jan 30, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Princess Beadella, being very resourceful and wanting to make the best use of every minute possible, carries her beading needle and wire at all times. As she beads her way through the Seed Bead Forest, Jasper leaves a perfect trail of stamping blanks to be sure they can find their way back out. As Princess Beadella continues beading her way through, she completes this year’s winning entry in the Royal Seed Bead Competition, an entry fit for a king, and finds she has reached the cave where the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear has been hidden. She and Jasper quickly retrieve the Crystal and follow the trail of stamping blanks back to the entrance into the forest before the seed beads can cover their trail. Princess Beadella and Jasper present the Crystal of Yesteryear to the King, who is immediately restored to perfect health. Beadella is presented with the top prize for her entry, a brand new Metal Complex Stamping Kit, and everyone lives happily ever after.

  • 76 Christy Grap // Jan 30, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    The princess was sad to leave her sick father, knowing that she may not ever see him again. She set out with a tear in her eye and a heavy heart.

    As she reached the edge of the Sead Bead forest she thought it would be nice to weave a beautiful blanket out of the beads for her father when she returned. She made a beautiful pattern that was a map of her travels so she could use it to return to her family. She was afraid, but kept on going.

    As she thought she would never get to the end, she saw a bright light! It was a grumpy gnome who had in his possesion the Swarovski crystal. She begged for the crystal and pled her story of her sick father back home. The gnome wouldn’t budge. The princess sobbed. This made the gnome very sad. He told the princess that he too was sick and the crystal was keeping him well. A raven had scooped up his wife and he never saw her again. He was heartbroken.

    The princess didn’t know what to do. Her friend Jasper climbed into her lap to comfort her. It made her think that jasper is a stone meant to heal, comfort, and nurture. That is how he got his name, after a raven (could it be the same!?!?) scooped up her fluffy bunny, Tierra, just a year before. Sadly, she made the choice to ask the gnome if she could leave her beloved Jasper in exchange for the crystal. The gnome agreed.

    The princess kissed her friend one last time and make her way home, using her sead bead map as a guide.

    When she finally reached the castle she was exhausted. She presented the crystal and beaded blanket to the King. He noticed that Jasper was not with her. The princess told of her journey. The King was proud that his daughter was so unselfish to help others. He demanded that the gnome and Jasper be brought back to the castle to live forever.

    The princess couldn’t believe it. She was overjoyed! Her father would be getting healthy again, she would see her friend Jasper, and the gnome wouldn’t be lonely any longer.

    In the end everyone was happy and well.

  • 77 Allison // Jan 30, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Beadella goes through the seed bead forest scared out of her mind. with every turn she fears the worst. suddenly all these little drops start falling from the trees. around her they swirl . they begin to lift her off the ground after they form into wings. Still afraid beadella starts to cry. Then out of nowhere the drop wings put her down in front of the lost knights. She asks why did you not come back?! We need you! I have to get the crystal! Can you please help? So the knight brings her to his stead made of pure jade and they both hop on and make it out of the forest and grab the crystal of yesteryear. now to only make it home. with the stamping kit drawn and ready to fight the knight dropped her off where they met. now that she had the crystal is when she was most vulnerable. As if the drops could read her fear out they came again carrying her to the edge of the forest before the rejected seed beads could get to her. She raced home to the king and he healed. But not a word did she utter about the lost knights… for they had found paradise in the forests of seed beads

  • 78 Pattie // Jan 30, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    The princess would carefully stamp reminders on the metal blanks and hammer them to the trees.

    When she was ready to return home her path would be clearly marked and her trip home would be very fast. Allowing her to arrive home to save her father.

    And they lived happily ever after.

  • 79 lorraine sutton // Jan 30, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    the princess always has more there one plan, first she would stamp marks all threw the forest to find her way around or so other could find her if not back in time, also the stamps would reflect the lighting in the woods to shine bright so others would see her and a great light show for her father to see when hes better,2 she would stamp natural forest items and metal to create a vehicle to more around faster.or sad to say if she never made it back in time she could make a tomb stone for her father and a path for all in village to find him to pay respect…

  • 80 Vanessa // Jan 30, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Princess Beadella of Caspia hugged her father, King Steampunk with tears in her eyes. “I promise to retrieve the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear in order to heal you Father”. King Steampunk begged his daughter not to venture into the Seed Bead Forest. “My life is not so precious that you should risk yours. Many of my fearless knights have gone into that acursed place and none have returned. I would rather spend my remaining time with you and my beloved Metallite by my side than to have you in endangered.” Princess Beadella assured her father that she and Jasper would be able to complete the task and return safely, insuring his health and wellbeing for years to come.
    The princess packed her metal stamping blanks, metal stamps, a hole punch and a ball pein hammer. and left. Beadella and Jasper stopped at the edge of Seed Bead Forest and studied the trees visible and devised a plan. Using the Heartwood, Ironwood, Mahogany, and Obsidian trees in the forest with beads in various shapes and colors from tree to tree. As Princess Beadella and Jasper stepped into the Seed Bead Forest, Beadella began her Metal Complex kit to very quickly mark every ninth tree on her journey. She stamped a metal blank, used a hole punch and hung it from a bead of a tree. She was almost out of metal blanks when she spotted a cave. Inside a voice boomed the question, “Who is blocking my view?”. “Princess Beadella of Caspia” she said, “I have come to locate the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. King Steampunk will soon perish without it.”
    From the darkness appeared a glorious Dragon of Jade. “A kindness was shown to me by the king when he was a youth. I have a Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. Take it with my blessing and let him know that his good deeds made such a difference for me that I am happy to part with a piece of my collection for his returned health.”
    Princess Beadella and Jasper followed their metal markers quickly back to the castle. As the crystal was placed in the ailing king’s hands he began to heal. After a full recovery, the king went into Seed Bead Forest. Using the lasting markers made by Beadella, the king carried a box of royal treasures to the Jade Dragon in return for his generous gift. The dragon replied, “Though I was happy to have done it, I truly appreciate all the gemstones and crystals.”

  • 81 Melanie Higginson // Jan 30, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    To pass the time, and keep herself from thinking too much about the dangers of the Seed Bead Forest, Beadella began stamping her favorite poems onto the shining charms in her Metal Complex kit. With a tappety tap, amd a clinkety clink, she made her way happily down the path. As she finished the charms, she pinned them to her cloak for safekeeping, and soon her cloak flashed and sparkled like a chandelier.

    The sound of her stamping frightened all the beaded animals that lived in the Forest, and they hid in the bushes watching her pass by with their beady little eyes. The light that flashed off her cloak of charms pierced the darkness and helped her stay on the path. Soon, she reached the heart of the Seed Bead Forest, and there on a small pilar was the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear.

    With a shout of joy, she plucked up the crystal and tucked it into her pocket. As she turned to go back through the Forest to her kingdom, she was surprised to find the path behind her crowded with lost knights. They had heard her tapping away, and seen the light flashing off her charms, and found their way back to the path. They all talked and laughed as they made their way home, with Beadella leading the way.

    The princess hurried to her father’s room, and presented the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear to King Steampunk. The King was well again as soon as he touched the crystal, and he leapt to his feet and embraced his brave daughter.

    Meanwhile, Queen Metallite sent all the knights to take baths. One doesn’t spend ages wandering in any forest, even a beaded one, without needing a good scrubbing. And while Beadella’s journey through the Seed Bead Forest was a successful one, the knights had had quite enough of it and vowed to stay away. Thus the Forest’s reputation lived on… as a place where brave knights have gone, once, never to return again.

  • 82 Debbie // Jan 31, 2012 at 5:29 am

    Princess Beadella, with her pet bead Jasper ventured into the Seed Bead Forest and beyond. Armed only with her determination to save her father, the King, she used her handy Metal Complex stamping kit to survive. Princess Beadella retrieve the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear and all of the lost Knights in the Seed Bead Forest. She returned home in time to save her father, and then had her pick of all the Knights, got married and lived happily ever after.

  • 83 Barbara Colberg // Jan 31, 2012 at 7:56 am

    Princess Beadella, realizing her father King Steampunk was in failing health, knew she must do something to retrieve the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear, in order to save his life. She told her mother Queen Metallite that she had devised a plan too make it through the dreaded seed bead forest.

    Princess Beadella took out her trusty Metal Complex stamping kit and told her pet Jasper what she had in mind. Both Jasper and Queen Metallite realized she might have a chance, if her plan succeeded.

    The Princess constructed a suit of armor out of metal blanks, by punching a hole in them and using jumprings to piece them together. It was a bit heavy to wear, to say the least, but Jasper assisted her into the forest. The seed beads, seemed to be astounded, for they could see their reflection in the blanks and they had never realized how beautiful they really were. The seed beads were so engrossed in themselves and their beauty, they were unaware of what was going on.
    The Princess made it through the forest and retrieved the crystal. She made it back to her father just in time. He was well again!!
    Afterwards, the princess hung her ” suit of armor” in the forest of seed beads, so they could reflect upon their beauty forever and ever.

  • 84 Pam // Jan 31, 2012 at 8:35 am

    Upon her entrance into the Seed Bead Forest, Beadella meets Miyuki, a bumblebead. Miyuki tells Beadella that long ago the beautiful forest was once filled with friendly and loving creatures that lived happily alongside each other. But evil forces took over the forest and though it looks beautiful and charming, the forest is now a very dangerous place. The birds and butterflies flying about that appear so friendly are actually deadly creatures wearing colorful disguises of seed beads. Miyuki is the lone survivor of the hostile take-over of the forest and she is the only thing left that is good and pure. Beadella tells Miyuki of her plight and how she must get through the forest to find the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. She asks Miyuki for her help but Miyuki merely smiles and tells Beadella that all the help she needs is in her Metal Complex kit. All she needs to do is stamp the word “LOVE” on one of the heart-shaped blanks. Then, using the hole punch, put a hole at the top of the heart so that she can wear it through the forest. Miyuki cuts a strand of seed beads from a nearby meadow and places the heart-shaped pendant on it. Together, they make one for Jasper, as he will also need protection. Now, wearing their protective pendants, they can walk freely through the Seed Bead Forest without fear or intimidation. The evil forces cannot harm Beadella or Jasper as long as they are wearing their heart-shaped LOVE pendants. But Beadella does not want to leave Miyuki behind so she makes a pendant necklace for her too and together the three of them go through the forest and find the lost Swarovski. On their way back home, Beadella invites Miyuki to come live with her and be her new pet bumblebead. Father King Steampunk is saved and Beadella, Jasper and Miyuki live happily ever after.

  • 85 Jan T. // Jan 31, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Princess Beadella kissed the King and Queen good-bye, and bravely headed to the Seed Bead Forest. Though full of fear, she hesitated not for her Father’s fate lay in her hands. As she stepped into the forest she looked as Jasper for strength and realized that he was sinking into the seed beads. The beads were as quick sand and Beadella reacted in a flash, pulling a blank disc out of her kit. She floated the disc in front of Jasper and realized that she too was sinking in the seed beads. She struggled to climb onto the disc…the float that would keep her alive. She struggled, and watched as Jasper sunk deeper unable to save himself. She had to save Jasper and worked even harder, finally pulling herself up onto the disc. Breathing heavily she looked for Jasper, only to see his little black nose among the sea of seed beads. She reached down and pulled Jasper onto the disc with her. She reached into the kit once again, and pulled out another disc pushed it in front of them, and she and Jasper jumped onto the second disc. They proceded across the Seed Bead Forest in this manner until the reached the other side. With their trail of disc’s behind them, they began to walk to the closest house to find someone who could give them advice on where to find the Crystal of Yesteryear. No one wanted to speak about the Crystal for it belonged to their beloved King Fredrick. King Fredrick was waiting for a spell to be broken by the crystal, for the crystal was to bring to him the love of his life. Fredrick had been waiting for 10 years for his beautiful bride to enter the kingdom. When she would arrive the kingdom would know for at Sunset the Crystal would continue to shine and sparkle as if there were no darkness, no night. Beadella continued to the next house, but still no one would talk about the crystal. As the sun was setting Beadella noticed that it was still as shiney as mid-day, and so did King Fredrick. The King’s knights went out to find who had entered their kingdom, and were directed to the beautiful Princess Beadella. Beadella was brought to King Fredrick. Soon they were married and King Fredrick escorted Jasper and Beadella through the Seed Bead forest, using the discs as their path, and carrying the Crystal of Yesteryear back to Beadella’s ailing father. Upon stepping out of the forest into the kingdom, the Crystal instantly healed King Steampunk. Beadella brought both the crystal and Fredrick to her father for his blessing, and all jeweldom was to live happily ever after.

  • 86 Blue Goose studios // Feb 1, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    Wow what a prize to give away. I am not one to ever win things but this would be a prize I would love to win. My birthday is tomorrow, maybe it will make me lucky enough to be one of the three lucky winners. Good Luck Everyone!!!! These stories are all so wonderful and fun, thanks for sharing your creativity.

  • 87 Alison M. // Feb 1, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    The Seed Bead Forest was one of magic and mystery with trees that sparkled in both sunlight and moonlight. Princess Beadella ventured with Jasper during the day with no plights, but once the sun set, the enigma of the shadowed trees made the butterflies in her stomach flutter.
    “Don’t worry, Jasper.” She nervously told her dear pet as she clutched her hammer tightly. “I’m sure there’s nothing to be afraid of! After all, everything looked so nice during the day…and the moon shines just enough light through the trees to make sure there are no ghosts…or animals…” Her voice tightened a little as she glanced around. “Or thieves…”

    “I really wouldn’t be so sure about that.” A voice spoke out from the shadows, causing Beadella to jump in her place and spin to face it.

    “After all,” the voice continued, “with all the stories that travel around from kingdom to kingdom…I take it even YOU would be tempted.” A sly smirk framed the face of a young man as he stepped out from around a tree, tilting his head as he eyed the Princess. “I mean, you’d HAVE to be just as much of a thief and I am to risk coming out here…though you don’t really look the part, if you ask me.”

    Beadella stared at the man, slowly raising an eyebrow at him.

    “Really, you don’t look suited to it. Your dress, far too gaudy, your shoes…ouch, the blisters you must have. Oh, and that hammer? Don’t make me laugh.”

    Beadella had enough, her anger and frustration peaking, and without even thinking, she abruptly threw the hammer at the man with a grunt. That would have at least made him stop talking if it hit him, right?
    It went silent for a while until she dared to open one eye…and then the other only to find the man still standing there, that ever annoying and arrogant smirk on his face, holding the hammer in his hand and waving it at her.

    “And your aim stinks.”

    “UGH! Is there a reason you’re here, or are you just trying to make an already bad situation even worse?” She finally spoke, crossing her arms as Jasper growled at her ankles.

    “Well, I DO have a habit of making a bad situation go in strange directions, but that’s not the important question. No, the important question is what is a cute girl like you doing all alone in woods like these?”

    “I’m not alone, thank you very much.” She lifted her chin pointedly at him.

    “Oh, right…that…” The man pointed the hammer towards Jasper. “Yeah…it doesn’t count to me. And you didn’t answer my question.”

    The princess frowned as she picked up a whimpering Jasper, stroking him until he calmed down. “Well, if you MUST know, Mr. Full-of-Himself…My father…he’s very sick, and I need to find the Crystal of Yesteryear to make him well again.”

    “Crystal of Yesteryear? Pft! That’s just a myth.”

    “It is NOT!” She got so angry at that she nearly dropped Jasper. “My mother told me it was in a tower just past the forest!”

    “Wait…that decrepit looking tower three miles that way?” The young man pointed to the side.

    “You know where it is?!” Princess Beadella nearly tackled the young man as her heart jumped into her throat with joy.

    “Well…yeah.” He stared at her almost incredulously.


    “Hey! Watch the decibel level there.” The man winced as he rubbed an ear. “Yeah, sure…I’ll take you there. But I expect payment…”

    “My parents are very rich!” She jumped with glee. “They will reward you handsomely, I’m sure!”

    “Just the words I wanted to hear…” He grinned at her. “Shall we then?”

    So Princess Beadella and the young thief, who’s name Beadella had discovered was Brass, made their way through the Seed Bead Forest with very few problems, other than a few tears in her dress and unexpected walks through mud.
    Soon the found themselves in front of the mysterious tower, looking at the door, which had no handle…just a design in the middle with small shapes.

    “But how do we get in?” She wondered, as she scuffed it with her shoe after many efforts of trying to open it.

    “Yeeeeeeah…about that. You can’t.”

    “What do you mean, I can’t?” She frowned as she spun on Brass.

    Brass simply shrugged. “There’s no way in. People have tried…place is completely on lockdown for some reason.”

    It took Beadella all of her strength to keep herself from wailing on Brass with her fists…but that ended up failing and she did so anyway. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THIS BEFORE?!”

    Brass lifted his arms to protect himself from a Princess’s beatdown(which wasn’t very difficult, to be honest). “Hey, you said I’d be rewarded if I took you here. You’re here…so my job is done, right?”

    Beadella didn’t answer, she simply slumped down against the door as Jasper nuzzled against her leg, her voice lowering. “Now I’ll never get to the Crystal of Yesteryear…and my father is going to die…”

    Just then, there was a glowing in her satchel. Curious, despite her despair, she opened it to discover her stamps were glowing with a beautiful light. She stood up as she scooped them all in her hands and held them up in wonder.

    “You know…I don’t think that’s normal…” Brass spoke up as he stepped closer, curious himself.

    “Shut up, will you?” Beadella hissed. Her animosity was very short lived as just then the stamps started to float out of her hands. One by one, each of them found a place on the door and slid into it until the design was complete and the door vanished in a swirl of glowing mist.

    Her heart filled with hope now, Beadella scooped up Jasper and grabbed Brass’s shirt as she moved to run up the spiral stairs to the top. “Come on! We don’t have a moment to lose!”

    Once at the top, the two adventurers found a room with a glowing crystal in the center enclosed in a magic glass case.
    Brass started looking nervously around, his nose scrunching slightly.

    “What are you doing?” Beadella asked.

    “I dunno…kinda feels like this is a trap or something. Like some giant stone ball is going to come out of nowhere and crush us.”

    “Oh, now you’re just being silly.” She mused as she stepped along the pedestal.

    “He has a right to be afraid!” The sound of a sword is what caused the two to spin around, Brass unconsciously moving to protect Beadella with the hammer.
    “Aww…who am I kidding?” The voice that spoke out dropped the sword they had heard unsheathing to the floor as an old man in knight’s garments stepped forward. “That sword’s so dull now, I can’t even cut my bread with it…”

    “Who are you?” Both Brass and Beadella asked at once.

    “I am a knight who was sent into the forest to retrieve the Crystal of Yesteryear. Alas…I came alone and was unable to free it from it’s unbreakable case.”

    “Oh, come on, nothing is unbreakable.” Brass commented.

    “This is…trust me…I tried everything. Even tried blowing it up.” The old man grunted as he held up a stump of a hand. “That didn’t go as planned…the tower has more stairs than I counted.”

    “Moving on, please…” Beadella sighed, Jasper purring in agreement from her arms.

    “I couldn’t release it on my own, so I set myself on a quest to protect it from those who might use it for evil.” The old man squinted his eyes at the two. “But you don’t look very evil to me…” He pointed at Brass. “You look like an annoying troublemaker, but not evil…”

    “Gee, thanks, ya wrinkly ol’ geezer.” Brass muttered under his breath.

    “So…” Beadella stepped forward. “How DO we get the Crystal out?”

    “Oooh…” The old knight smiled. “It takes a heart of gold wrapped in dross to touch a heart of diamond.”

    Brass raised an eyebrow. “…What?”

    The old man simply shrugged then gestured to the two of them. Beadella and Brass blinked at each other.

    “If that means what I think it means…” Brass said.

    “Hate to be honest here, Brass…but…you haven’t done THAT much to make me fall in love with you…”

    “Yeah…ditto. Though…you have great hair and aren’t THAT bad for a princess.”

    “Yeah…still not working there, buddy…” Beadella crossed her arms again…before realization kicked in. “We’re so close…it’s right here, and we still can’t get to it.”

    “Hey, now…” Brass sighed. “Come on, don’t act like that…at least you tried, right?” He gently set a hand on her shoulder to comfort her, offering her a smile.
    At that moment, the room filled with a bright light, brighter than the sun…and the magic case that held the crystal opened.
    As the light faded, Beadella blinked in surprise as she carefully took the Crystal of Yesteryear and placed it in her satchel.

    She turned to the old man. “But…I thought your riddle said we had to fall in love…”

    “What is with you kids these days in thinking everything is deeper than it should be.” He grumbled as he shook his head, moving towards the stairs. “Nobody takes things literally anymore. I mean, in MY day when a magic spell said that filth would spew from your mouth, it didn’t mean you’d have a colorful vocabulary…it really meant that you’d have sh—” His voice faded as he moved down the stairs.

    Brass and Beadella glanced at each other for a while before they both smiled. Their task was done…it was time to return home.

    The Crystal of Yesteryear did exactly as the legend said it would, and King Steampunk grew well again and ruled for many years after. Brass got the reward he was hoping for…and he and Beadella became close friends who shared many other adventures together…but those are stories for another time…

  • 88 Lisa D. // Feb 2, 2012 at 10:40 am

    Beadella took the carriage that was made out of a tin container and had the craftsmen do their quick work to camouflage it for her trip through the woods. They put pave beads for the wheels, lillypilly copper sheets to cover the clear top, and encrust the entire carriage with metallic silver delicas. Two skull charms adorned the front to scare any other creatures that may come her way. She would be safe inside the carriage, with her lucky talisman (a tree of life charm that her mother gave her to protect her and give her strength). She also had a prayer box with her to keep the Crystal of Yesteryear once she found it.

    Off she went! She sent Jasper off ahead with her storybook stamps to create a false trail with hopes to keep others from following her. She had faith with his cunning hunting abilities and swift movement, he would succeed without harm. Two silver horses pulled the carriage through the seed bead forest. Their lively, brisk pace finding their way with ease.

    While on her travels she meditated, with the powers that Jasper had taught her they could communicate telepathically. If she were to encounter any trouble, he would be by her side in a lightening flash.

    The camouflage was working! The carriage covered in seed beads, was virtually undetected. She hoped to reach the crystal before the sun set, otherwise it may be more difficult to see.
    Suddenly, her tree of life talisman began to glow! The forces of the Kingdom were guiding her and Jasper had made it to the crystal! As she exited the carriage the sun was peeking through the Forest making it’s last twinkle for the day. Without delay she snatched the lost crystal of Yesteryear and carefully laid it in the velvet lined prayer box. She reached into her royal robe and pulled out a fire polished glass bead. It was very close in size and color of the lost crystal of yesteryear. She was cautious to place it in the same spot as the crystal. It was her desire to appease those that lived in the seed bead forest with a replacement. Not to be considered a thief but to try and build a relationship of trust and communication for the future of the Kingdom.

    Jasper and Beadella looked at each other with a smile of satisfaction. Then they proceeded to load the carriage with the metal stamps, the Prayer box with the crystal and themselves for the trip back to the castle. Bags of seed beads that were mounted on the silver horses were tied to the back of the carriage and small holes were poked in them. As they made their way, seed beads would spill out of the bags and cover their trail home.

    Although darkness had now crept upon the Forest, the silver horses had no difficulty reaching their destination. The carriage pulled up to the castle and Beadella and Jasper exited straightaway up to the King’s room, where he lay pale and weak. She kneeled at his side, opened the Prayer box and gently placed the magical crystal in his hands on his chest. Bending over him, she sweetly kissed him on his forehead and stroked his silver hair. She turned to the Queen and put the tree of life around her mother’s neck and kissed her on her cheek, softly saying, “thank you Mother for having faith in me”! Jasper started to whimper and as they turned to look, they were astonished at what they saw! The King had opened his grey-blue eyes, his color came back and a small smile graced his thin lips! As they rejoiced, a warm glow bloomed in the room.

    Later that evening, Beadella and Jasper stood outside her room on the marble balcony. A gentle breeze blew, and she looked in the glimmering night sky at the most beautiful moon ever. It had a heavenly luminesce about it and it looked as though it was smiling down on her. She looked down and said, “Do you see that Jasper? The moon is smiling at us”! That day love, courage, hope and faith had all come together and all was right in the world…and her world had changed forever.

  • 89 Clydia DeFreese // Feb 3, 2012 at 8:30 am

    If it’s up to me, she’s lost. I can’t find my way out of a paper bag!

  • 90 Stacy // Feb 3, 2012 at 9:57 am

    She clicked her beautifully beaded shoes together and said “There is no place like Artbeads” 3 times, and poof! She was home.

  • 91 Christine // Feb 3, 2012 at 9:58 am

    Beadella knew the great dangers she’d face if she ventured into the forest. Had she not heard of them since she was but a tiny Princess on her father’s knee … she knew that all the bravest Knights of the kingdom had faltered and failed. What power did she possess, a mere Princess, that the Knights did not??? She wasn’t stronger … or braver … or cleverer … she had no magical weapons … no spells or potions … no stores of great endurance … no limitless knowledge of arcane subjects …. “All I have is Jasper, and he’s not very bright” she thought. “What ever will help me on such a dangerous quest?” she cried. “Creativity” a small voice whispered. Beadella looked about startled not knowing where the voice came from. “Creativity my Daughter” the voice whispered again. Her Father!! She ran to his side … “what Father … what!”. “You have creativity, my Daughter. None of my brave Knights had that … yes they were strong and clever, well versed in magic and knowledge, but not the least of them was “creative”.” Beadella kissed her Father, and gave him a hug, and went on her way. She entered the forest without fear, and wielding her “creativity” like a sword she braved the dangers, changing them all into bracelets, rings, and necklaces of fabulous design. At long last she came upon the crystal, and without fear transformed it into her most magnificent piece … one fit for a King.

  • 92 Kalia Xiong // Feb 3, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    Beaderella set out on her long journey with her pet Jasper. When they arrived in front of the Seed Bead forest Beaderella was hesitant to enter, however with Jasper and Metal Complex stamping kit by her side she set foot in to the forest. The forest was deep, so the intelligent Beaderella came up with a plan. Every few meters they walked she would Stamp a letter so that they ca follow the same path back. As Beaderella and Jasper continued their long journey stamping every now and then “a” “b” “c”… they came upon the Hill Tribe Silver Bead village. Now, the Hill Tribe Silver Bead villiage a quite friendly. Of course no one knew of their existence since no one every made it back out to inform anyone. They stopped in the village to ask for help. The Hill Tribe Silver elder told them they must go meet the Pearl fairy. Beaderella asked the Hill Tribe Silver elder where they could find this the Pearl fairy. The Hill Tribe Silver elder replied “down in Artbeads city of course.” Beaderella was shocked. “There’s a city? In here?!”
    “..or at least whats left of it,” replied the elder, “now child, get along now. If you do get out alive don’t forget about us Hill Tribe. Go on.” And so Beaderella continued on their journey to seek the Pearl fairy, stamping here and there “l” “m” “n”… at last they reached Artbeads city. Of course, Artbeads city look nothing like a city. This made Beaderella wonder. They asked around and finally found where the Pearl fairy was. Beaderella asked the Pearl fairy where she could find the Swarvoski Crystal. The Pearly fairy laughed, “go back home. You’ll never make it.” However, Beaderella was determined and continued pestering. The Pearl Fairy eventually saw that Beaderella was not going to step down so she said ” you must go to Firemountaingems. In order to get there you must go through the Caspia Tunnel. In the tunnel there will be many Artistic Treasures. DO NOT, and i repeat DO NOT touch or take anything or the tunnel will come crumbling down do you understand?” “yes” Beaderella replied. “And if you make it through alive, beware of the SteamPunk peices. If you meet any hammer it with the letter S.” Beaderella wanted to ask why “S” specifically but she the pearly fairy left without another word. So Beaderella and Jasper continued their journey stamping letters here and there. When they finally reached the Caspia Tunnel, Beaderella reminded Jasper not to take or touch anything since she knew Jasper loved Artistic Treasures. The beginning of the tunnel went fairly well. Midway Jasper could not continue to ignore the Artistic Treasure and touched one. Before Beaderella could stop him she heard the tunnel entrance come tumbling down. Beaderella picked up Jasper and ran as fast as she could. A stranger from nowhere swooped Beaderella off her feet and the next thing she knew they were out of the collapsed tunnel. When she looked around she saw a stranger. The stranger said “did you guys not hear the Pearl Fairy?! She said to not touch anything!! Now isn’t it a good thing she sent me after you two idiots.” Beaderella shocked and angry at his tone of voice couldn’t say anything back but mumbled “thank you. now we will get going. AND there’s no longer any need to follow us.” With that Beaderella and Jasper walked off. Still this stranger was still following them. While looking back at the mysterious stranger who saved her life she walked into something big and hard. To her surprise it was a Steampunk. Beaderella had forgotten all about the Steampunk with all the craziness that had happened. She even forgot how to defeat it. While scrambling around to save her life the stranger shouted ” Hammer it with an S!” Quickly she took out her Metal Stamping Kit and with all her might Stamped an S onto the Steampunk. The Steampunk froze in place and fell over. Tired and exhausted they continued. Beaderella finally asked the stranger his name, and he said “Sterling, Sterling Silver.” There was few words afterwards and the journey was done in silence except for the little hammering here and there to keep track of the path. Finally at long last they reached Firemountaingems. Little did they know that they would have to defeat the biggest bad guy before they could get the Crystal. The Gemstone. I was a long and hard battle even with the help of Sterling Silver. At long last she finally defeated the Gemstone when she hammered the last letter (z) on to the Gemstone. What she wonder was how Sterling Silver know how to defeat it. But before she asked, as the Gemstone broke she realized that the Seed Bead Forest that covered the Hill Tribe Silver and Artbeads City began to disappear and a bright smile on Sterling Silver’s face. She realized instantly, it was Prince Sterling Silver, whom was to take over Silver Empire. It also explained why she had to hammer an ‘S’ on the Steampunk and how he knew how to destroy the Gemstone. Everything was pointing to him. Prince Sterling Silver turned to her and thanked her. It was Beaderella who was destined to save the empire. He handed her the Swarvoski crystal and she went back to save her own father, the king. With her intelligence and the artistic skills of Jasper, Beaderella made a wonderful piece fit for any king. A few days later, as the king got better, they got a notice from the Silver Empire. It was from Prince Sterling Silver asking for Beaderella’s hand in marriage. They had a beadtastic wedding and lived happily ever after. ~THE END

  • 93 Debbi D // Feb 4, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    So Princess Beaderella and Jasper set off to find the magic Swarovski crystal. They had never been closer to the spooky forest than the treeline before, but with a big gulp they started through the trees. The deeper into the forest the darker it got…but imagine her surprise when Jasper, her little pet bead, started to glow with such an inner fire and beauty that it lit up the forest floor! She was then able to use her stamping kit to make marks on the tree trunks so she could tell from whence she came! Suddenly, in front of her, was a path that no one could have ever seen without a Jasper to light the way. They followed that path for 3 days and nights and were just about totally exhausted until they saw a bright light thru the trees. There they came to a clearing in the trees where they found a small house. It was the most beautiful thing (next to Jasper, of course) she had ever seen. The house was made of Swarovski crystals and was just almost too dazzling to look upon! The roof was decorated in ruby red and the house of gleaming white opal. The door was decorated with a mix of topaz and copper and had delicate designs and scrollwork that said ARTBEAD STORE- COME ON IN and looked like it was done by a master. She tiptoed up to the window and peeked in and was amazed at what she saw! There were beads of all colors and kinds. There were components and silver and everything you could want!..and there all sitting at desks… were the missing brave nights!! They were making such beautiful jewelry out of fine silver and Swarovski crystals that she walked up to the door and started to knock but the door swung open and there was the cutest knight she had ever seen!..After introductions all around she explained her mission and asked it they had seen the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. But alas, none of them had heard of this wondrous thing. Poor Princess Beadella, tired and defeated a singled tear squeezed out and fell to the floor at their feet. Suddenly there was a bright flash where that single tear fell and then there stood a beautiful fairy. “My dear” she said…”I have heard your plight and know of your dangerous journey and I believe that I can help you.” And lo and behold…the fairy held out what was the most beautiful of ALL the Swarovski crystals she had ever seen. THIS was the crystal of Yesteryear! “Oh thank you” the Princess said. “Now my Father will be cured!” Then the fairy said she would lead them back through the forest so she wouldn’t get lost. The Princess (smart girl that she was) explained that she could find her way back because of her pet bead Jasper and the fact that she marked the trees with her fabulous metal toolkit! The very cute knight that answered the door then decided that this beautiful and obviously smart Princess was too good not to marry and so the Princess, Jasper and the very cute knight followed her stamps back through the forest and King Steampunk was cured. The knight had all the other knights make beautiful jewelry for the wedding but the ring he made himself… from the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear!! (of course!) And they lived happily ever after! THE END!

  • 94 Karen Farmer // Feb 4, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    She wore a beautifully beaded dress to blend into the forest ~ when the forest sparkled, she did too…she was hiding in full sight!

  • 95 Dina Payne // Feb 4, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    She must rush to the forest and uncover and locate the missing metal stamping letters spelling B-E-A-D and return them to the castle by midnight in order to save Father King Steampunk.

  • 96 Carol // Feb 4, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    She stamped her way through the forest, leaving a clear path for return, retrieved the crystal and returned home in time to save her father.

  • 97 Laura De La Garza // Feb 4, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Princess Beadella used a stamp blank like a magic carpet. She and her pet bead Jasper hopped on it and they ventured out into the seed bead forrest. She could see the swarovski crystal of yesteryear glowing. She landed her stamp blank by the crystal and Jasper picked it up and held on to it tightly as they ventured back home. Princess Beadella brought the crystal to King Steampunk’s bedside. Right away his health improved. THE END.

  • 98 Jamie Hintzen // Feb 4, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Princess Beadealla and her trusty dog Jasper went bravely through the Seed Bead Forest, as she went along she stamped her initials into the trees to mark them, so she would be able to find her way home, as she did each tree came alive. She managed to find her way with the help of her tree friends overcoming obstacles. Upon arriving to the protected Swarovski of Yesterday, they found that it was protected by the guardian of the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. So with her trusty Metal Complex stamping kit – she made a beautiful basket with the help of her tree friends, worthy enough to hold the Swavorski Crystal of Yesteryear and was able to prove the love and care she would give it and was able to bring it safely home to her father, where he is now to this day still alive and well and ruling his kingdom of gems.

  • 99 Alicia // Feb 5, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    Princess Beadella made her way through the forest, weaving the seed beads so she can always find her way back. When she found the Crystal, she stamped a message to the rightful owner, explaining she’ll bring it back as soon as the King recovers, secured the Crystal on Jasper’s collar and quietly returned home.
    We can add some Prince of Swarovski in there – maybe he came after her… and they lived hapily ever after? :)
    This was fun – good luck everyone!

  • 100 Michelle // Feb 5, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    I would love to win these….I would have as much fun using them as the posters above did writing !

  • 101 Paula M. // Feb 5, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    Princess Beadella and her pet bead Jasper crossed the Moat of Lava Beads which surrounded the kingdom and entered the Seed Bead Forest. The princess was delighted to happen upon the Stream of Peridot Nuggets, for this would serve to guide them through the forest, as well as to help them find their way back. Before they had gone very far, they encountered the Witches’ Finger Quartz Cluster, who whispered that the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear could be found in the Black Tourmaline Cave near the end of the Peridot Stream. But it warned that the entrance to the cave was blocked by the Guardian of Gearwheels, which creaked along endlessly, crushing any beads attempting to pass through its jaws.

    Princess Beadella clutched her Metal Complex stamping kit tightly and continued following the Stream of Peridot Nuggets. The farther she went into the forest, the duller the nuggets seemed to be. She wondered why, and decided that it must because they were so far away from the energy and activity near the castle. Finally reaching the end of the stream, she could see the gleaming crystalline mass of the Black Tourmaline Cave silhouetted against the sparkling multi-hued seed beads of the forest. The tarnished brass of the Guardian of Gearwheels shone ominously as it ground upon a hapless boulder of Iron Pyrite, spitting it out as a pile of Chain Maille. “Oh, dear,” she thought, “I must find a way to stop those wheels if I’m to enter the cave.” She stepped carefully to the outside of a gearwheel, pulled out three pewter blanks from her stamping kit, and quickly wedged them between the moving gear teeth. But alas, the blanks were too thin and weak, and the Guardian kept on grinding.

    “Why don’t you use the Chain Maille to clog the spokes?” asked Jasper. Princess Beadella said, “Why, thank you Jasper, but the pieces are too big and fat to fit. “Well, said Jasper, why not flatten them a bit with your friend Ball Pein Hammer?” Recognizing that this was a good idea, she pounded for a bit and soon produced wedges in several thicknesses. The first two proved too thick to fit between the cogs, but the princess was able to hammer the third one quickly between two of the teeth before the gear turned too far for her to reach it. In a few moments, her efforts were rewarded as the Guardian of Gearwheels creaked to a halt. “Oh, thank you, Jasper, cried the Princess, “You’re truly a Jewel of a Bead!”

    Princess Beadella and Jasper ran into the Dark-as-Night-ness of the Black Tourmaline Cave. The princess clutched Ball Pein Hammer tightly in case there were other Guardians of Precious Gems to be overcome. She could see nothing, so she told Jasper to stay close by, as much for the little bead’s protection as for keeping the Princess from being afraid. She called out a greeting to the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear, hoping for a clue to its location. Immediately, an Aurora of Brilliance began to form in the roof of the cave and to spread downward. From it a soft voice intoned, “Welcome. Witches’ Finger appeared in my dream and told me you were coming. I am honored that you have awakened me from Eons of Sleep in order to heal King Steampunk. Let us go to him now.” The Crystal could now be seen more clearly, an awesome array of multicolored facets with an abundance of green, moving toward the cave’s entrance.

    As they left the cave, Beadella said, “I feel sad for the Guardian of Gearwheels. His job of many years is now done.” She picked up one of the flattened wedges she had left by the entrance, reached into her tool kit for her Fanciful Letter Stamps, and pounded “Thank you” into the Iron Pyrite Wedge, which became so energized from the pounding that it was able to stand upright in front of the Guardian of Gearwheels so that he would know from that time forward that his efforts had been appreciated.

    It was getting very dark in the Seed Bead Forest. “Oh, dear,” said Princess Beadella to the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. “It has been a long time since you have been in the forest. Do you remember the way to the castle?” “Yes,” said the Swarovski, “ You follow the Stream of Peridot. We are standing at the end of it. Since it is too dark to see its path, we must strike some of its pebbles so that it will resonate with me.” Princess Beadella didn’t understand the reason, but she began striking stones with Ball Pein Hammer. The Peridot Nuggets began to glow magically with a greenish light from within. The Princess turned to see that the Swarovski Crystal was now throwing off showers of sparks. “You see,” she said, “my Empathic Emerald Sparks of Healing are activated by striking the stone in need of energy. The stone which is in need lights up as it is touched by the sparks and it is healed. As the Peridot Stream is healed from its Many Years of Inactivity, we will use its glow to find our way to the castle.”

    After hearing this, Princess Beadella was anxious to get home. She was excited to know that her father would be well very soon.

  • 102 Liz // Feb 6, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Night had fallen after Princess Beadella trudged through seed beads up to her shins for hours. Her legs ached and her arms throbbed after having to carry Jasper too. Utterly exhausted, Princess Beadella flopped herself down. “I need a real plan,” she thought. If only I had a path to follow, surely life would be easier. It was then that she saw a dim light just beyond a mound of iridescent seed beads. She saw a tall muscular beautiful man standing over a fire.
    She quietly stood watching him for a moment, trying to decide if he could be friend or foe, but then Jasper barked because his stomach grumbled–he thought there was food at the fire. As the man came toward them, Princess Beadella reached inside her Metal Complex kit and grabbed the ball-peen hammer. She thought if the man turned out to be a masher she could smack him with it, but when he came closer she realized it was Sir Chainmail, one of the missing gallant knights from Kingdom CaspiaTM.
    Sir Chainmail explained that he’d just escaped from the Evil Twineball who was also keeping the other knights captive. Princess Beadella then explained her problem about her poor sick father and getting the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear to cure him.
    They went back to the fire and decided that two heads were better than one and came up with a plan to save King Steampunk and free the other knights. They worked tirelessly through the night while Jasper kept an eye out for Evil Twineball between naps. By morning they had melted all the chainmail from the armor and most of the metal stamps. They had made three very special things, and now it was time to put those things to work.
    First, Sir Chainmail and Princess Beadella zipped a pair of skates on their feet. They made these out of the pouches from Princess’s metal kit. The sturdy metal runners welded to the bottoms of them were two alphabet stamps. After that, Sir Chainmail lit a benzomatic torch. They had made it also from a few metal items from the kit. Sir Chainmail hurriedly melted long stretches of beads. In no time he had made a road for them to skate on. With Jasper safely strapped to Princess Beadela’s back, they whizzed through the forest on their skates until the Evil Twineball appeared and stopped them.
    But, Princess Beadella quickly defended them with the final item they’d made. She revved up a super charged bead blower and blew zillions of seed beads at Evil Twineball and sent the frayed Evil Twineball flying into orbit. They freed the captive knights, giving them engraved heart charms for their maidens who had been waiting patiently for them to return home.
    Sir Chainmail and Princess Beadella went on their journey beyond Seed Bead Forest. They got the Crystal of Yesteryear. Then gracefully they held hands through the forest, skating toward the Kingdom of CaspiaTM leaving an inscription on the trail behind them which read “Bead Happily Ever After.”

    The End

  • 103 Deb Baverstock // Feb 6, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Princess Beadella and her pet bead Jasper wondered through the forest lost until they came upon Jasper long lost cousin Opal. Opal led them to the village of the knights. This is where all the nights who and entered the and been unable to get out had being living. Working together the knights had figured out the location of the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. However, the entrance to the location required a key and the knights did not have the tools to make one. The knights taught her how to use the Complex Metal Stamping kit to make the key for the door to the room that held the crystal and they all went to retrieve it. After they got the crystal they met an old wizard who gave them a spell to get out the forest. The Princess was not only able to retrieve the crystal but she was also able to rescue all the knights who had been trapped in Seed Beed Forest.

  • 104 Susan Ayers // Feb 6, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Why the princess would mark the trail with her handy Metal Complex stamping kit so that prince and his army could follow and assist her with her endeavors…

  • 105 Bonnie // Feb 6, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    The journey was long and difficult and in order to recite it properly would require intricate details that would surely bore any reader. Suffice it to say that Princess Beadella became a master of stamping and met her true love along the way, and Jasper emerged a hero. The Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear was retrieved by the heroic group and the King’s health was restored. The kingdom celebrated for a long time to come!

  • 106 Rebecca Feiner // Feb 6, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    When she entered the forest, she thought to herself, I’ll leave a trail to mark my way home. She stamped three leaves on the first tree along the way. Suddenly, a group of Dryads sprang forth from the trees – “Wait, why does Elm have a lovely stamped necklet, and we have none?” There were so many trees which wanted fine stamped jewelry that Princess Beadella feared she would never get out of the forest. I know, she thought, let’s use this to our advantage. “My dearest trees,” she said, “I will promise to stamp each and every one of you if only you will help me to retrieve the crystal I need to heal my poor father. I do not know my way through the forest.” “Oh my,” cried the trees, and one spirit stepped forth and said “We can certainly help!” The trees called down a wind spirit which picked up the little princess and whisked her over the woods to the home of the crystal, then back again in a trice! The princess gave the crystal to the King and then returned to the forest where she stamped each and every tree with a new necklet. Thankfully, she thought, stamping is fun!

  • 107 Mallory // Feb 6, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Princess Beadella was indeed a very smart girl and she knew that you can do anything if you just belive in yourself so she took two blank hearts and stamped one with the word fearless and one with belive and used them as shields to make her way through the seed bead forest and found the cystals she needed to save her father. When she returned to the kingdom all the people of the land, from knights to peasants thought she posessed some kind of magical power for how else could she have gotten through the dreaded Seed Bead Forest and knights from her kingdom and others nearby were offering her great sums of money for her “spells”. Being a princess Beadella didn’t need the money and one day while walking with Jasper trying to decide what to do she met a peasant girl hammering an old piece of metal and asked her what she was doing the girl replyed that she didn’t have any toys so this is how she played. This gave Beadella an idea and she rushed back to the castle to gather her Metal Complex stamping kit and taught the pesent girl how to make the “magic” shields and told her father the king to make an announcment that it was the peasent girl that had given her the magic. So not only did Beadella save her father with nothing but courage and possative thinking she used her power to not help herself but a family in need making her by far the richest person in the world.

  • 108 Seaneen // Feb 6, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Princess Beadella discovers her Metal Complex stamping kit is enchanted, and by stamping words of objects she needs they appear before her! She easily manages to navigate the Seed Bead Forest, obtains the healing crystal, and returns in time to heal her father.

  • 109 Reena // Feb 6, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    Upon realizing the task ahead, Princess Beadella took her kit, a few other items and Jasper, and started into the Seed Bead Forest. Using the ball pein hammer and stamps, Princess Beadella would leave a trail so she could return quickly after finding the lost Crystal of Yesteryear! Along the way she was stopped and captured by the Tangled Solders of the Forest. Fortunately, Jasper was able to hide from the soldiers, and followed them to see where they were taking Princess Beadella. Jasper snuck into the dungeon when a Tangled Solder took food to the Princess. Princess Beadella was so happy to see Jasper! Princess Beadella came up with a plan to make the most beautiful crown for the Queen of the Seed Bead Forest. She would send Jasper out into the forest to collect as many colorful seed beads and gems he could find. Using the many colors and different seed beads and gems, she used her bead board she brought with her, to lay out the most intricate pattern for the crown. Working day and night, she finally came to a point where there was one item that she needed. She asked the Tangled Solder that was guarding her, if he knew of anything that was available to use. He was so intrigued with the beauty, style and craftsmanship of the crown, he knew there was only one item that was meant for the piece. He thought the Queen of the Seed Bead Forest should have the best. He went to the Queens quarters and retrieved the most beautiful Swarovski Crystal ever created. He knew it would complete the crown. After Princess Beadella placed the Crystal in the crown, she gave it to the Tangled Solder and asked him to take it to the Queen. The Queen was so impressed by the craftsmanship and beauty of the crown, she had Princess Beadella brought to her chambers. With gratitude for the gift that was presented to her, she let Princess Beadella free and asked her what she could do to help her. After finding out about the danger that her father was in, she had Princess Beadella take her to the King. With the new crown upon the Seed Bead Forest Queen’s head, she approached the King, took off the crown, and placed it upon the Kings head. Within minuets the King regained his health. The Queen of the Seed Bead Forest explained that the beautiful Swarovski bead that Princess Beadella used to finish the crown, was the lost Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. Queen Metallite was so grateful to the Queen of the Seed Bead Forest for sharing her crown to save the life of King Steampunk, she declared the day, The Day of the Good Neighbor! The King returned the crown back to the Queen of the Seed Bead Forest and invited her to be the guest of honor along with Princess Beadella and her dog Jasper, to the ball that would be held that evening. From that day forward, no one had to fear the Seed Bead Forest, and everyone lived happily ever after! Remember…always be a good neighbor!

  • 110 Debbie // Feb 6, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    wow…I can’t think of a thing…
    She fell asleep and when she awoke…found it to all be a dream….

  • 111 Sherry // Feb 6, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Princess Beadella was indeed very crafty! She thought of a plan to get herself and Jasper through the forest safely. Her trusty Metal complex kit would help her. She could use the stamps to help mark her way! If a monster were threaten them, she could use the ball pein hammer as a weapon! She could even use the kit to make some trinkets to persuade anyone who blocked their way. She just needed to get that Swarovki crystal to help her father! As they started off into the forest, it got really foggy. Jasper helped her along the way. As the fog lifted, they spotted a small dragon. He was sleeping so they had to be very quiet to get past him. As they came upon him, he stirred. Instantly, he woke up and spotted them. They took a step back and became very scared! The dragon studied them as they stood there. Princess Beadella did some fast thinking. She pulled out the ball pein hammer and held it in her hand. But the more she looked at the dragon, the cuter he was! As he got closer she made up her mind that she wasn’t going to use the ball pein hammer. We he got right up to her, she did the first thing that came to mind-she kissed him! Immediately there was smoke! When the smoke cleared, the dragon was gone! Instead, in the dragon’s place was a very handsome prince. In the prince’s hand was the most beautiful Swarovski crystal she had every seen! “You have set me free” said the prince. He held out his hand and gave her the crystal. “This belongs to you!” She touched his hand and they both looked deep into each other’s eyes. The princess was very surprised. The prince was very handsome and she immediately fell in love with him. She told him that the crystal would save her father’s life and that she needed to get back to him very quickly. So he escorted her back to her father and with the crystal saved her father’s life. The princess was very grateful. The prince told her that he had been looking for someone like her to set him free. Everyone else had come into the forest and was very mean to him. He asked her for her hand in marriage and they were married soon after! They were very happy! And even though she was still a princess, she still enjoyed making the most beautiful jewelry with her metal stamping kit!

  • 112 Kristin Hughes // Feb 6, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    Ah, she simply used her clever little hands to stamp one letter of her name each step she took (rather like Hansel & Gretel of storybook fame).
    Since letters can’t be eaten, once she had retrieved tha crystal, she followed those letters (in the revers, of course) back home in plenty of time to save her father!

  • 113 Mary A Helgesen // Feb 6, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    As Beadella and Jasper entered the seed bead forest, they were delighted to see all the lovely colors and textures of beads and the gorgeous bracelets and necklaces that hung from the trees. Beadella had been told to follow the path of golden pyrite rectangles occasionally marked with gold velvet ribbons. As they went deeper in the forest, the path became more and more obscured by piles of broken and ugly beads. These beads were jealous of her beautiful pet, Jasper, and scratched him to scar his beauty. Beadella tried to brush them away with a tree branch, but as she pushed them, they seemed to multiply. They tried to infect her with their unhappiness by cutting her and barring her way. Beadella picked some lovely yellow, purple, and red primroses growing nearby. By pounding the leaves and petals with her jewelry hammer, she made dyes to color the dull beads. She used tree sap to glue together the broken pieces and a rock to file away their rough edges. As she brought one bead back to a happier life, the happiness seemed to multiply magically. The previously discarded beads felt her loving care and shared it to help each other. They began to move to show the path and point the way towards the lost Swarovski crystal.
    Beadella and Jasper were hungry, but, in their haste to leave, they had not brought any food. Beadella found a string of spider’s web and stitched some bright red raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. She shared them with a goldfinch named Pearl who told her that she must cross the River of Boring Jewelry Designs in order to reach the Kingdom of Tierracast where the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear was on display. She could row straight across the river and then walk south a couple of miles. Of course, time was of great importance in order to save her father, King Steampunk, and riding the river downstream would be quicker. Beadella and Jasper did not have a boat, or even a raft, and they were not strong enough swimmers to make it to the other side. She did not know what to do, and the sky seemed to be darkening. Was there a storm ahead? Large bats flew just above her head with calls of danger, “Go back! Go back!” Beadella got out her hammer and stamped an “O” on one BAT to make a BOAT. She also stamped “ ‘n ROLL” next to some rocks to have some music for their journey.
    Beadella and Jasper climbed into the boat and started down the River of Boring Jewelry Designs. She did not know that this dull river meant death for most travelers. The boring designs would lull boaters asleep. If they missed a fork in the river, discarded gemstones would quickly form rapids followed by a steep drop. Passengers not killed by sharp rocks would drown as other discarded gemstones sought to weigh them down. Luckily, Beadella, Jasper, and Pearl remained alert with their happy singing and took the right fork in the river. Once they crossed the river, it was an easy walk to the Kingdom of Tierracast and the ZambaPro Museum of Beautiful Jewelry where the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear was on display. They were concerned that the museum director, Malachite, would not let them borrow the needed crystal. However, when they met Malachite, they found he was on old friend of King Steampunk. He gave them a fine horse named Lapis Lazuli for a quicker journey home. On the way home, Beadella and Jasper rode Lapis Lazuli beside the river up to the area of calm waters for easy crossing. Knowing the tricks of the forest, and having made many friends along the way, they reached home quickly. They made it in plenty of time to give King Steampunk the healing Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear, and best wishes from his friend, Malachite. They told everyone who would listen of their adventures in the seed bead forest.

  • 114 tina lynch // Feb 6, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    The Princess used her complex metal stamping kit to create a magikal words-pendant disk for her and jasper to fly thru the forest on safely collecting choice seed beads and the swarovski crystal from yesteryear, after which she beaded the healing necklace to place apon the king’s neck,majickally healing him. They all lived happily ever after. ;)

  • 115 Kara // Feb 6, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    As they entered the forest together, Little Jasper told the princess not to fear, for he would simply FB his Swarovski cousins for directions to Yesteryear.

    Beadella was thrilled at her little friend’s plan and into the sparkly forest they ran. Together they found the crystal of healing, and Beadella, in awe, asked its help, while kneeling…

    in its sparkling presence with tears in her eyes, and Jasper the helpful and brave bead of honor,
    said “Princess, no worries. Cheer up and arise!”
    I’ll make sure this crystal gets back to your father.

    The princess stood tall and said “Jasper, my dear”
    and whispered so quietly he couldn’t hear
    “I’ll stamp out a message to give to my daddy, but I cannot go back, and I feel so badly…”

    I’ll never be happy in any place else where colorful sparkly things fill the air. Please tell him I’ll miss him and please understand…”
    She waved him away with a fluttering hand.

    And wandering off with wide eyes (and some drooling), she lived out her days there, happily jeweling.

  • 116 Lisa Sams // Feb 6, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    She weaved a bridge of seed beads then crafted a metal toboggan with her metal stamping kit and swiftly glided across the bridge to retrieve the crystal.

  • 117 Jean // Feb 6, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    Princess Beadella seated upon her trusted horse, ZambaPro with Jasper carefully strung around her neck, reached into her beaded saddle bag and retrieved her metal complex stamping kit. Quickly she stamped the metal discs with her initials PBC (Princess Beadella of Caspia). She returned the ball pein hammer to her saddle bag and set off through the seed beaded forest, softly whispering to Jasper “I love my father, I must be brave.” As not to get lost in the dense forest she marked the trees along her path with her stamped metal discs. Many hours later Princess Beadella saw a clearing of trees. She had made it through the seed beaded forest. History foretold of an angry knight who had stolen the Swarovski crystal from her father and fled into hiding on the other side of the forest. Those who tried to seek him out were never heard from again. With this story foremost in her mind, Princess Beadella journeyed on, with only her hammer as defense and Jasper to help her feel brave. She came across a broken down wooden shack and entered it slowly. There she found the pile of bones of the fallen knight with his sword at his side and a small velvet pouch. Inside she found the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. She slipped it into her peyote stitched amulet bag so as to keep it close to her heart for safe keeping.
    She mounted ZambaPro and returned through the seed beaded forest following her marked trail of metal discs. Princess Beadella hurried to the castle, to her father’s side and in time the Swarovski crystal healed King Steampunk. In celebration Princess Beadella used her metal complex stamping kit to make a sign to be hung on the castle door “Long Live King Steampunk of Caspia” For many years to come King Steampunk, Queen Metallite and their daughter, Princess Beadella lived happily in their jeweled Kingdom of Caspia!

  • 118 Shari Arbogast // Feb 6, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    I’m terrible at writing.. but I gave it a shot anyway. I always wanted to try metal stamping, but couldn’t talk myself into it because of the cost. soooo.. *crosses fingers*

    Princess Beadella stepped into the forest and quickly realized, she would have a difficult time finding her way back. She always imagined the inside of the forest were rows and rows of seed beads, and they were; but to her dismay they were not rows and rows of a color here, and a color there. No, on the contrary, they were rows and rows of seed bead trees of every color, but those colors were all jumbled together. She looked at Jasper and asked “Oh, Jasper, what are we to do? How will we ever find our way through and back?”

    Jasper cocked his little beaded head sideways, and looked at her quizzically. Then he gave a bit of a smile, and looked to her pouch, then back to her, hoping she would catch on. “Of course!”, Princess Beadella exclaimed. Jasper, how could I be so dense? Aren’t you a clever little thing?” She asked.

    At once, the princess started stamping metal bits as quickly as she could, and as she and Jasper made their way through the forest, they dropped the stamped metal behind them. Clearly marking the way they had been. Once on the other side of the forest, they came to a Swarovski crystal filled river. The river went on and on with beautiful blue crystals, with little crystal fish swimming about, and even what looked like crystal rocks on the bottom. Looking the river over, first in one direction then in the other, the princess noticed the crystal waterfall. Crystals falling down, and glistening as the sun caught them. In one spot, there was an odd sort of really bright red glistening, coming from behind the waterfall. At once, she knew they were on the right trail.

    She and Jasper ran as quickly as they could to the waterfall. Once there she realized it may be difficult to get past all those falling crystals. She removed the larger sheet of metal she had been carrying, from across her back. There would be no need for stamping this one, she placed it over her head, picked jasper up, and ran through the waterfall of crystals; hearing all the little “ping ping ping” sounds as she went through to the other side.

    Once on the other side, she saw the most beautiful crystal she had ever seen. She knew in an instant it must be the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. She grabbed the crystal and put it in her pack, on her back. At once the whole cave started to shake. “Jasper, let’s get out of here”, she cried. Jasper jumps back up into her arms; she grabs the sheet of metal and bolts for the cave entrance again.

    Just as she emerged through the other side, she could hear the whole crystal cavern tumbling down, sparkling dust shooting through the crystal falls. “Phew, that was a close one”. She drops the sheet of metal, and heads back to the forest. She was thrilled to find all the pieces of metal she had stamped were still there. Easily showing her the way back to her home, on the other side of the forest.

    Upon returning, she found the king right where she had left him; pale, shivering, and barely hanging on. One look upon the crystal and the color came back into his cheeks. The cooks put the crystal in the pot, when they made his broths and soups, and he gained strength with every drink and bite. He slept with the crystal under his pillow at night, and during the day it was put into the window to cast a beautiful light upon his face. Within a couple of weeks the king was back on his feet, and you would never know he had even been ill. Some say, he even looked 10 years younger.

    The Kingdom rejoiced and threw a party for the Princess and her Father, and showered them with gifts made from the forests and rivers of the lands.

  • 119 Shaiha // Feb 7, 2012 at 10:27 am

    The Princess’s pet Jasper was actually more then anyone but the Princess and himself knew. Not only was he a very wise bead but he had two secret abilities that he shared gladly with his best friend. Those abilities were that of flying and invisibility. By turning invisible and sneaking thru the Forest and then flying over the Pearl Ocean, she was able to retrieve the crystal of Yesteryear. Rushing home, she almost lost her way over the Ocean but was able to barely in time to save her father.

  • 120 Jessica Sebastian // Feb 7, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Princess Beadella was a smart cookie who knew that the only sure way through the Seed Bead Forest was to obtain a Hill Tribe Flying Carpet. She sought out the Venetian Glass Gnome who said he would give her the carpet if she could stamp out a message to his mother, the Czech Glass Gnome, telling her how much he loved her. Princess Beadella was happy to oblige, stamped the message, and obtained the Hill Tribe Flying Carpet. She soared over the Lampwork Lake, Clasp Canyon, and the Bali Bridge which lead right to the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. She was able to zip on home as quick as lightening and save the king. So happy to have saved the day, she celebrated afterwards with a tropical vacation to DeCoRé Clay Bay where she sipped Cabochon Coconut drinks and ate Pewter Pizza pieces.

  • 121 Beth // Feb 7, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    The Princess and Jasper had to withstand a very strong urge to stop and inspect every bead in the seed bead forest. Fortunately they had the storybook style alphabet stamps with them. Jasper used his sharp claws to peel bark from a tree. Princess Beadella used her handy ballpein hammer to imprint the words Swarovski crystal of yesteryear on it. Then she punched a hole in the bark, found stringing material in the branches of the tree. She quickly beaded a bracelet to hang the bark on. When they felt as though they couldn’t go on they would read her bracelet and trudge on. They finally left the forest and found the magic crystal. On the way home they were most happy to have the bracelet to remind them of the importance of returning home in all good time.

  • 122 Allison // Feb 7, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    Princess Beadella and Jasper headed out into the forest, equipped only with her handy Metal Complex stamping kit to survive…

    As she entered the Seed Bead Forest, Princess Beadella knew that in order for her and Jasper to complete their quest, they must leave a trail behind them. Hoping her kit carried enough, she left a trail of stamping blanks behind her, lettered in alphabetical order. Knowing she was limited in the number of blanks, she and Jasper only left them at 20 ft intervals, it may take work to find them, but find them she would.
    After what seemed an eternity, but in reality only got her to the letter R, Princess Beadalla came to the edge of the Seed Bead Forest. No one in her kingdom had ever returned from such a distance. As she stepped out of the shadows of the Seed Bead Trees, a magnificent site greeted her. There was glittering color everywhere she looked. Jasper whimpered at the bright glittering light and hid behind Princess Beadella as she slowly walked into the crystal covered clearing.
    In all her years, she had heard of the Swavorski Crystal Fields, but had never thought to see them. Knights had traveled this way only to never return, the glitter beckoning them to never return to the Kingdom of Caspia.
    As Beadella wandered farther into the crystal fields, she noticed movement far ahead of her. Worried she wouldn’t find her entrance back into the Seed Bead Forest, Beadella continued to leave stamped markers behind her, though they were harder to find. Crossing the crystal field towards the movement, Beadella realized that she was staring at the most beautiful man she ever saw.
    Instinctively knowing that the man was important, Princess Beadella curtsied and introduced herself. ‘I am Princess Beadella, from the Kingdom of Caspia. I would be forever grateful for your help in finding the cure for my father.’
    ‘Please rise, Princess, perhaps I can be of assistance. I am Prince Bicone of the Swavorski Empire, and it is in my fields you stand. I know of King SteamPunk and Queen Metallite. Both were gracious enough to provide me food and shelter when I last passed through your kingdom. What is wrong with the King?’
    ‘He has fallen ill, and the Queen asked that I make this quest to find the Swavorski Crystal of Yesteryear. It is said to be the only thing to cure him. We can’t lose Papa to this, if there is a cure.’
    ‘You are right, Princess, the Crystal of Yesteryear will cure just about any thing that ails you. I will travel back with you and bring the crystal. Let us leave right away.’
    Weeping in gratitude, the Princess turned to find her way back, when she realized that she could not see her metal bits any longer. Crying out in anguish the Princess fell to her knees hugging her beloved Jasper.
    ‘Princess?!?! What is the matter, we are going back to save your father.’ cried Prince Bicone.
    ‘ I can not find my way,’ the Princess cried. ‘I left a trail of stamped metal bits from my pouch through the forest and through this field to make sure I could return. Now I can not see them, due to the brilliant glitter of your fields of crystals.’
    Laughing the Prince said, ‘Not to worry, my fair Princess, for I can see your metal bits among the glitter and I will help you return. We must hurry though, in order to return in time.’
    Off the two went, with Jasper running behind. The Prince gathering up all the metal bits as they ran through the fields. When they arrived at the edge of the Seed Bead Forest, the Prince noticed the letters stamped into the blanks. Asking the Princess the meaning, he was duly impressed with her method of lettering and wished for her to teach him how to stamp at a convenient time in the future.
    After entering the forest, the Princess took the lead, as she could then spot her stamped bits farther. The Prince continued to collect them, as he followed the Princess. It wasn’t long before the pair, with Jasper behind them, returned to the castle of the Kingdom.
    Queen Metallite was keeping a lookout for the Princess’ return and was hopeful when she saw the Princess and a handsome young man emerge from the forest. Immediately she went to greet the pair and learn if the quest was successful or not.
    Upon seeing the Queen, Prince Bicone immediately fell into a deep bow, showing his reverence for the Queen. ‘My lady, I have brought the Crystal of Yesteryear, in hopes that we have not arrived too late to save the King,’ stated Prince Bicone.
    ‘You have arrived in time. Please, you know the powers of the Crystal, Prince Bicone, can you please administer it and save my husband, the King?’ asked Queen Metallite.
    ‘Certainly, my Queen. Please wait until I return from his chambers, then we can sit and talk.’
    As the Prince, went into the royal chambers, the Queen had tea and scones brought for the travelers. She then had the Princess relate her story and how she came about meeting Prince Bicone. Many questions were asked, among them she asked if the Princess liked the Prince.
    ‘He is a handsome man, and very like-able. He has asked me to teach him the art of stamping with my Metallite Complex stamping kit that I carry.’
    ‘Oh my dear, I was hoping that you would meet him and get along with him. Your father and I have always hoped that the two of you would meet and later marry. What do you think?’
    Having returned from the royal chambers with the King SteamPunk by his side, the Prince overheard that last statement and question by the Queen. When the Princess replied in hopes that she and the Prince could get to know each other better, the Prince quickly made their presence known.
    ‘My dear Princess, I would dearly love if we could get to know each other and marry in the future, I ask for your hand in marriage.’
    After looking at the now healthy King SteamPunk, and Queen Metallite, Princess Beadalla cried out, ‘Yes, I will marry you.’
    The following week, after celebrating the King SteamPunk’s return of good health, the Kingdom of Caspia then celebrated the much awaited uniting of Princess Beadalla and Prince Bicone and the joining of the Kingdom of Caspia and the Swavorski Empire.
    Now there is a marked path, made with stamped metal, between the two kingdoms, that is traveled daily by all.

  • 123 Donna Allen // Feb 7, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Princess Beadella, armed with her Metal Complex stamping kit, and Jasper began their journey to find the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. As they made their way through the Seed Bead Forest, the princess noticed something glistening in what little sunlight was allowed in through the tall Seed Bead trees. As she got closer, she saw the object was a magickal ball pein hammer that she had only heard about in childhood fairytales. She tucked it carefully in her bag and continued her journey.

    Princess Beadella had only a short time to locate and return with the Swarovski Crystal of Yesterday. King Steampunk’s life depended on her so she remained focused on her mission. About that time, the wind picked up and the Seed Bead trees in the Seed Bead forest began swaying this way and that. She used her cloak to protect herself and Jasper from the brutal blows of the thrashing trees.

    Once the winds let up, Princess Beadella continued her journey. Of course, the wind storm had set her back almost three hours and she had no more time to waste.

    Using her Metal Complex stamping kit, the Princess stamped herself a magickal circle and stepped inside. Next, she took Jasper and set him at the circles center. She uttered a few words with her eyes closed. She opened them slowly and was met with a vision that showed her exactly where to find the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. She gently lifted Jasper, kissed him, thanked him for his help, and continued with their journey.

    The remainder of their journey went by quickly and before the princess knew it, she and Jasper were standing on the shores of the great Swarovski lake. Noting the position of the sun, Princess Beadella took four paces to the east and six paces to the north. It was a slight shimmer but there, just under the sand, was the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear, visible only by the true of heart. She carefully placed the crystal in her bag and removed the magickal ball pein hammer and her trusty Metal Complex stampings. Using the ball pein hammer, she created a stamping that was the symbol of home. In a matter of seconds, Princess Beadella and Jasper were back in the Kingdom of Caspia where her father awaited her arrival.

  • 124 Stephanie Fournier // Feb 7, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Princess Beadella was pretty freaked out….she never asked for any of this. Things were so much easier before- when she used her metal complex stamping kit out of pure joy- not life and death necessity. PB took a deep breath and looked down at jasper – “we can do this” she said.
    PB & J set out, marking the path as they ventured deeper and deeper into the seed bead forest. Her senses were heightened, she could feel the adrenaline coursing through her as she gripped tightly on the ball pean hammer. As though her body had predicted it- a clay metal ogre lunged at her. She reacted quickly and finished the job with a single strike of the hammer. PB & J moved quickly on their way, confidence growing with each step forward.
    PB & J soon came upon a gemstone hut guarded by several soldiers standing tall with shields of brass and silver. PB took out her metal throwing stars- she had various shapes and sizes to choose from. She began to throw with expert skill and aim, hitting the soldiers at they’re weak spots- they dropped like flies.
    PB & J excitedly entered the hut. There is was- the swarovski crystal of yesteryear. She tucked the crystal carefully away and headed for the door, but something stopped her…..what was that she heard? A muffled voice- someone calling to her. Was it coming from- behind the beaded curtain that divided the hut into 2 rooms? She entered with trepidation….and there sat a man, gaged bound at the wrists and ankles by hemp cord. Theirs eyes met – and she knew instantly he was a kindred spirit. She quickly released him and they sped back down the path, following the markings she had left behind.
    As the reached the edge of the forest their pace slowed slightly and they began to catch their breath.
    “Who are you?” he asked, dumbfounded by his sudden freedom and her stunning beauty.
    “I am Princess Beadella”
    “I owe you my life”
    “You owe me nothing kind pilgrim, you are free”
    “You are a precious treasure of a woman – I must tell you…. Though I am hungry and unwashed, I am not a pilgrim. I am prince Ruben of the ruby clan, north of the seed bead forest.”
    PB responded with a breathy gasp, “oh my”

    PB, J and Ruby returned to the castle with enough time to save the king. The king and queen were grateful and they sensed a spark between PB and Ruby- so they offered PB’s hand in marriage to Ruben, which he graciously accepted. The two forged their own rings and lived happily.

  • 125 Kathy Robinson // Feb 7, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    A little known fact: the Kingdom of Caspia is a miniature world held WITHIN the lost Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. For centuries the citizens of Caspia were led to believe that the Seed Bead Forest was a dank and evil place, never to be ventured into. This was a ploy by the alien beings holding the Kingdom captive, ensuring that no one would ever find out what lay beyond the forest – the sparkling walls (and spectacular facets) of the lost Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear.

    The dire predicament of the King’s health led Princess Beadella to be more courageous than all the knights and princes of the Kingdom. She only carried a jewel encrusted sword, her Metal Complex kit, and homing doves to send messages back to the castle. The Princess outfitted Jasper with a harness of shimmering Swarovski crystals. She entered the Seed Bead Forest, forging a path with her silver sword and marking her way back with crystals picked off Jasper’s collar. As she progressed, she crafted messages with her Metal Complex equipment, sending them off on the wings of the doves to let her people know how she was faring.

    She eventually reached the end of the forest and was stopped by the Crystal of Yesteryear’s wall. And was stymied. All she could see beyond the wall was ink black space filled with billions of stars and a beautiful cobalt blue planet off in the distance. Pondering the situation she remembered an ancient story concerning Jasper – he was supposed to have a magic collar! Jasper, being the fine fellow that he is, allowed Beadella to remove the collar. Lo and behold! Engraved on the inside of the brass collar (no doubt done with a Metal Complex kit – so easy even a dog can use!) was a magic rune spell! Beadella, the top of her class in runeology, was able to translate the glyphs into English.

    An alien race had captured the Kingdom many generations in the past, so long ago that no one remembered Earth. The Crystal of Yesteryear had originally been used as a scrying tool by the aliens, then when magic fell into disfavor, they captured an Earthly Kingdom inside the crystal to be used as a toy by their alien children.

    To make a long story a little shorter, Beadella used her diamond tiara to etch the magic runes into the Crystal of Yesteryear’s wall. There was a flash of light and the smell of ozone. The encapsulating crystal disappeared and the Kingdom of Caspia was transported back to Earth. A regal Velvet Purple Swarovski crystal landed at the feet of Princess Beadella. With the spell broken and the purple crystal laid in the hands of the King, he regained his health immediately. And of course everyone and everything was returned to their normal size.

    They all lived happily ever after!

  • 126 Becky R. // Feb 7, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    Princess Beadella knew it was a race against time to retrieve the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear in time to save her father. She couldn’t risk getting lost in the Seed Bead Forest, as had been the fate of many brave knights in times past. She had brought with her a lovely organza bag filled with tools necessary to carry out her plan to find her way through the trees: her metal alphabet stamps, a ball pein hammer and a large collection of metal stamping blanks. She removed 14 heart-shaped blanks from her bag, and stamped the letters B-E-A-D-E-L-L-A and J-A-S-P-E-R to hang in the trees as they made their way through the forest. After a long and frightening trek through the cold, dark forest, they were finally rewarded with a view of the Caspian Sea, which marked the edge of the kingdom. Beyond the Sea, she caught a glimpse of the Jasper Mountains, birthplace of her beloved pet, Jasper, and where she believed she would find the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. (He was a very special pet, and possessed the power to aid the healing of the sick; Beadella suspected his abilities were connected to the place of his birth.) Since it was close to dusk, they camped by the shore and rested before their long journey around the sea to the mountains.

    In the morning, they began their walk. It took them many days to finally reach their destination. She let Jasper lead the way to the entrance of the famous jasper bead mineshaft, which was described in ancient folklore as the heart of the Jasper Mountains. They braved the dark, damp shaft and soon saw a brilliant white light…they had found the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear! Adding the crystal to her organza bag, Princess Beadella and Jasper hurried their journey back around the sea. They reached the edge of the forest after days of travel, and then followed the trail of the stamped letters they had left in the trees on their first trip through the forest.

    Soon, the castle of Caspia was in sight, and Beadella rushed to her father’s side with the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. He was saved! Her father would recover, the family would be together again! Brave Beadella enjoyed the love of her grateful father, mother and a devoted kingdom.

  • 127 Hematite Dog Collar Mini Beads // Feb 13, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    [...] Metal Complex Presents: The Princess and the Bead Giveaway Little did the queen know, but Princess Beadella's beautiful pet bead Jasper was actually one of the powerful and wise Alexandrite Changelings who lived in tunnels carved from the coppery roots of the Seed Bead Forest. They were a race skilled in . So long as he was wearing the name tag collar, he was. She flew Jasper to the . The Princess stays right on his trail, and never falters, even when they enter the dark region of hematite beads. Then, in the darkness, [...]

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