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2013 Academy Awards – Get the Look!

February 27th, 2013 · 2 Comments

The end of the Hollywood award season is officially over, but that doesn’t mean your elegant evening looks have to stop. Today we’ll look back at some of our favorite looks from the 2013 Academy Awards and then show you how to recreate some of the most glamorous jewelry at home!

Red Carpet Favorites

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain
Photo Source:

The actress nominated for her role in Zero Dark Thirty channeled the golden age of Hollywood with her bold red lips and the cut of her fitted gown. Her strawberry locks were the perfect accent to her nude Armani Prive dress. The glittering pattern of Swarovski crystals across her dress seemed to flow from the gorgeous Harry Winston diamond earrings.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
Photo Source:

Young Hollywood’s ‘it’ girl ended up taking home the award for Best Actress for her work in Silver Linings Playbook and stunned us all in her soft, flowing Dior Haute Couture dress. With her hair comfortably pulled back in a bun, Jennifer was able to show off her backwards necklace—an innovative way to complement the strapless gown and still look classy. The way she wore this Chopard necklace was also a great way to show off her drop earrings.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek
Photo Source:

Following the flapper trend with art deco inspiration, Salma Hayek’s black and embellished dress by Alexander McQueen was a definite favorite. Even though she wore this amazing dress, don’t think that she missed out on wearing jewelry—she crowned her fancy updo with a stylish choker! The Cindy Chao maple leaves choker worked perfectly as a tiara for the big night.

How to Replicate the Red Carpet Style

Here are some more amazing jewelry designs that our designers made with Artbeads products, inspired by some of their favorite looks from the night. We’ll tell you how to make each one at home.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon
Photo Source:

Chief Jewely Designer Cynthia loved the way Reese Witherspoon’s bracelet captured floral shapes inside a delicate frame, but wanted a little more color so she put this twist on the red carpet look.

Reese Bracelet

We made our bracelet approximately 7 inches long, so if your desired length is longer, you will need more eye pins and pearls as directed in the first step. Here are the quick steps to create our ‘Reese’ bracelet:

  • Thread ten Swarovski 6mm round pearls in Petrol onto their own ½-inch, 24 gauge eye pin and finish them with a simple loop technique. Connect four together like a chain, repeat. You should now have two pearls that stand alone.
  • Connect one of the 4-pearl chains from the step above to the left petal of one Swarovski Montana filigree daisy using a sterling silver open jump ring.
  • Connect the other end of the flower to a single pearl using a new jump ring. Connect the other end of the single pearl to a new filigree with a jump ring. Repeat this step two more times.
  • Connect the second 4-pearl chain to the last flower.
  • Measure out two strands of Swarovski silver-plated cuplink crystal chain approximately 6 inches long. Attach the open ends of one chain to the corresponding rings of the sterling silver 3-ring tube clasp (NOT the center rings).
  • Connect the pearl and flower chain created earlier to the center rings of the clasp. Use jump rings to attach the top petals of each filigree flower to the links in the cuplink chain.
  • Use a new set of jump rings to attach the bottom petals of each filigree flower to the links of the other cuplink chain. Then, connect this cuplink chain to the remaining rings of the tube clasp.

Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller
Photo Source:

This classic beauty stole the red carpet from her husband, Daniel Day Lewis, with her diamond and pearl necklace. The black and white color combination is more popular than ever in Hollywood right now, both for its chic display and timeless elegance.

Rebecca Necklace

Artbeads designer Teri was inspired by her stunning style to create this intricate piece, and we’ll break down how to create it at home.

  • Use Fireline thread to stitch 50 Swarovski 6mm mini round beads in Crystal onto approximately 12 inches of 4.8mm SilverSilk flat knitted mesh in black. Go back through the beads for security.
  • Thread one sterling silver 2-inch head pin with a ball end with one 4mm Swarovski round pearl in Light Grey. Finish with a simple loop. Repeat once more. Then, thread two separate head pins with 6mm pearls, two head pins with 8mm pearls and one 10mm pearl, finishing all with a simple loop. Repeat this process eight times with a head pin and one 6mm Swarovski globe bead.
  • Attach one jump ring to a 13mm Swarovski cabochette pendant in Crystal. Repeat this eighteen more times.
  • Cut the ‘head’ off one 3-inch sterling silver head pin. Then, thread it with one 10mm Swarovski globe bead in Crystal and then two of the cabochette pendant jump rings. Finish with a simple loop. Repeat this eight more times.
  • Attach the pearl loops to the bottom of each cabochette and globe cluster eye pin.
  • Attach the pearl clusters and 6mm globe eye pins in an alternating pattern across the SilverSilk, starting with the smallest size pearl at the end and increasing in size towards the center.
  • Use the SilverSilk 3mm end caps to finish the ends of the flat mesh.
  • Cut the 090 rollo chain into five 1-inch strands. Connect four of the chains together using sterling silver open jump rings. Attach one open end to the single cabochette pendant and the other end to one SilverSilk end cap. Attach the remaining chain to the other SilverSilk end cap.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway
Photo Sources: A Retail Salmon and UK Lifestyle.

We’re so in love with Anne’s style—especially the jewelry she wore at the Academy Awards. This timeless beauty wore her choker with the drop in the back, but the necklace Artbeads Designer Cheri made looks beautiful both ways.

Anne Necklace

Be ready for the red carpet (or any color carpet) with quick instructions to make this one at home:

  • Use 5-minute, two-part epoxy to glue one half of the JBB sterling silver magnetic clasp to one Swarovski silver-plated filigree lily in Crystal. Set aside to let it dry.
  • Cut one piece of 20 gauge half hard sterling silver wire approximately 3 inches long. Thread one 20mm Swarovski cabochette pendant in Crystal onto the wire and make a wrapped loop with one end. Thread one faceted round onto the remaining wire and then finish the top with a simple loop. Trim any excess. Repeat this step.
  • Thread one 6mm Swarovski faceted round bead in Crystal onto one 1-inch sterling silver 20 gauge eye pin and finish with a simple loop. Repeat seventeen times.
  • Attach two open jump rings to the left and right petals of one lily. Repeat this sixteen times.
  • Create a chain with the filigree lilies and faceted rounds, starting and ending with a faceted round. Connect the last faceted round to the magnetic clasp from the first step. Connect the first faceted round to the other half of the magnetic clasp.
  • Attach one new faceted round eye pin to the left and right of the magnetic clasp lily. Connect one lily, faceted round and another lily to the left eye pin. Connect two faceted rounds and one lily to the right eye pin.
  • Connect the wrapped loop cabochette pendants to the ends of each open lily from the step above.

*Here’s an extra close-up shot*
anne necklace-closeup

Still need more glamorous ideas? Don’t miss our Red Carpet Jewelry Ideas from the Learning Center, each with easy-to-read instructions and a list of components.


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Stealing the Scene – Lincoln and Argo

February 25th, 2013 · No Comments

There are two favorites fighting to be the big winners at the 2013 Academy Awards, and both interestingly enough are based on true events and take place in a period with infamous fashion statements, from clothing to décor. Lincoln and Argo are both powerful films, and part of what made them both so great is the attention to detail in each scene. Even though these films have been “Hollywood-fied” so every detail won’t be accurate, the details still help set the scene and create the feeling so you can imagine being in the same room as the characters. We’ll take a look at one scene from each movie and break down the details and show how they can inspire your style.

Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln in Lincoln. Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln in Lincoln.
Photo Source:

Set in 1865, Lincoln stars Daniel Day Lewis as America’s sixteenth president and Sally Field as first lady Mary Todd Lincoln. Although the film is about the president, this still shot was a beautiful setting for both fashion and architecture. Mrs. Lincoln’s dress was very full and elaborately detailed with lace and floral print. Nature-inspired details were a favorite among Civil War-era women. Synthetic dyes were being used to make dresses during this time—apparent in the bright pink roses on her gown. A popular dress style during this era was a domed skit which was flat in the front and more dramatic in the back (though you wouldn’t be able to tell here since she’s sitting down). If you notice, her choker-style necklace could easily be recreated today with seed beads and a peyote stitch pattern. As far as décor, the seat in the background emits a feeling of power with the royal purple cushion and dark wood frame. If you would like to add a piece like this in your home, upcycle an old chair by giving it a dark stain finish and suede upholstery.

Ben Affleck and Alan Arkin in Argo Ben Affleck and Allen Arkin in Argo
Photo Source:

This film is based on the true story of a Canadian CIA agent’s plan to rescue American hostage diplomats in Iran in 1979. Although it may not seem like a lot is going on in this scene, the details give clues to the era it’s set in. The mustard yellow walls hint back to the 1970s. This detail, offset by the focus of Ben Affleck’s brown and cobalt suit, completes a color palette you would have seen in a 1970s home. Affleck’s wide collar shirt, tucked in to his slightly flared jeans and covered by a sport coat was a common wardrobe for men in the 70s. Even his simple chain necklace, exposed by the loose, unbuttoned shirt, was fitting for the time. His shaggy hair style and unkempt beard would have been a reflection of the 60′s hippie influence on fashion for men in the 70s. If you want to pay homage to the 1970s in your style, take a note from our Disco Diva fashion trend that modernizes crazes from this fashion era.

There are so many cool fashion influences from this year’s Oscar-nominated films, so be sure to catch them all to spot more fun ideas you can recreate. Les Miserables is full of great historical style you can modernize for your wardrobe, too!


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Fierce Feminine Oscar Style

February 21st, 2013 · No Comments

You know we’ll be keeping a close eye on who wears what at this year’s Academy Awards, but today we wanted to try and capture the style of some of the biggest nominees. These lovely ladies are up for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards for their outstanding performances and we’ll show you how to get their fierce style—both on the streets and on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence-Celebuzz
Photo Source:

Jennifer Lawrence is nominated for her role as a young widow in Silver Linings Playbook, but may be more famously known for playing Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. While both of her on-screen characters dress in mostly athletic attire, this young, trendy beauty can pull off just about anything! Take her street style: Jennifer looks so chic in a sheer white jumpsuit and sweet sandals, paired with a black leather jacket and hat. Who knew that two polarizing looks would go so well together? You can try this style by pairing two opposing components, like classic white pearls and a thick metal chain—opposites really do attract! Hunger Games Premiere
Photo Source: we heart it.

On the red carpet, Jennifer Lawrence likes to go for smoky eyes. She tends to stick to a conservative look for her jewelry, though we’re really digging the glittery hair wrap in this pic. Smoky eyes instantly ramp up an evening look and give anyone a bold touch. Try bringing the drama out in your eyes for your next night out.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway-glamour magazineUK
Photo Source: Glamour Magazine UK.

When she chopped off her chocolate locks for her Oscar-nominated role in Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway began channeling style icon Audrey Hepburn. With her milky skin and thin frame, she looks lovely in a little black dress and matching glamour flats. Every woman needs to keep an LBD in her closet, so find one that you feel comfortable in and makes you feel just as fabulous as Anne (or Audrey). Since black is such a complementing shade, your jewelry and accessories could be the accent or the focus of your outfit.

Anne Hathaway-fashionablemode
Photo Source:

Anne keeps the classic Hollywood style flowing onto her choices for the red carpet. She’s drawn to simple elegance, like this creamy couture gown worn at the 2013 Golden Globes. With diamond studs and bracelets to match, her pixie hair cut is the perfect finishing touch for a breathtaking Hollywood image. Try your hand at simple elegance by sticking to a single color splash or choose one type of material for your jewelry (pearls, crystals, etc.).

Naomi Watts

Photo Source:

The Australian starlet always seems to know where the shutterbugs are because she always looks amazing! Even when she’s taking a stroll down the street with her son, Naomi rocks it in stockings, suede boots and a cozy scarf. Her free flowing hair isn’t tamed by products; rather it is able to simply able to complement her natural beauty. Take a note from Naomi and emphasize your natural beauty. Wear what’s comfortable, but be aware of colors that work well together by picking a palette that goes with the season—darker shades for fall and winter, brighter tones for spring and summer.

Naomi Watts-Stylebistro
Photo Source: Style Bistro.

Even at red carpet premiers, Naomi Watts tends to shy away from heavy makeup and super stunning accessories. To pull of her look, choose a nude lip color and focus more on your eyes. Sweep on a little mascara and eye liner, but limit your eye shadow color to a very light hue—this will make your eyes shimmer. Next, pick one type of jewelry (necklace, earrings or bracelet). This look can still be eye-catching without stealing full attention.

Stay tuned to see what these ladies wear at Oscars as well as the other nominees. Be sure to check back in at the Artbeads Blog for Beaders to catch the style highlights of the night!


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The Crystal Applicator Tool is so Cool…

February 19th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Crystal Applicator Tool Helps Bling it up a Notch

How cool is it? Well, first of all, this tool allows you to customize your clothing and accessories with Swarovski crystal components like a professional designer! Moreover, the crystal applicator tool is compatible with different types of components from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, including jean buttons and snap fasteners. Do you have a nice jacket that needs just a little extra something? This crystal applicator tool can help! Use the rose pin sets for instant sparkle, or let out your inner glam rocker with snap fasteners to add a taste of glimmer. Dress up your droll business top with eye-catching buttons, made with only the finest from Swarovski! Do you have an old handbag that hasn’t seen the outside of your closet since 1998? Give it a modern facelift with the smallest touches—like one large 17mm chessboard jeans button.

Norma Jean Learning Center Idea

Although this tool can look intimidating, you’ll want to decorate everything once you start. Don’t worry about how to use it—we have some amazing step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool and its compatible die sets. Our Learning Center even offers free ideas if you need some inspiration on where to begin.

Denim Jacket

Here’s a sneak peek at what our designers have in store for upcycling an old denim jacket! You won’t believe how quickly this process goes when you get into a rhythm. Keep your eyes on our Learning Center to see when we reveal the complete idea.

Shoes and Pants
Photo Source: tumblr.

This tool is an investment—think of the money you’ll save creating one-of-a-kind designs that can be twice as cool as the ones found in magazines! Dip your hands in the bridal market by making veils and headpieces that will sparkle to match a glowing bride. Take an elegant approach to cuff bracelets by adding crystal snap fasteners to the ends of your favorite scrap fabric pieces. There are countless ways to play with the crystal applicator tool, but you’ll never know what until you try it for yourself!

Discover the fun by clicking here.


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Happy Year of the Snake!

February 15th, 2013 · No Comments

Year of the Snake
photo source:

Chinese New Year officially started last Sunday, February 10. Happy Chinese New Year! You can learn more about how Chinese New Year is celebrated in our previous blog post here. 2013 is the Year of the Snake, predicted to bring steady progress and attention to detail. In ancient Chinese wisdom, snakes are a symbol of good fortune, believed that if you find a snake in your home it means your family will not starve. Chinese astrology is more than just animal symbols—it also includes elements and duality (yin and yang). There are five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These elements work in a cycle, essential for the existence of the others (water creates wood because water is necessary for plants to grow). This year in particular is the year of the water snake. Water is a symbol of wisdom, so 2013 is predicted to be a year of wise choices—especially if you were born in the year of the snake!

Here are the different animals of the Chinese Zodiac:

Chinese Zodiac
photo source:

Rats are usually smart and wealthy and work for their success. They are also very sociable and can easily interact with people from different backgrounds—just like Julie, our account representative in Customer Service who was born under this year!

The ox is a person who is honest, industrious and cautious. They have a strong devotion to work and were born to lead. This is perfect way to describe both our fulfillment and shipping manager Colin, and our customer service representative September—both oxen.

Tigers are courageous and noble. These people can leap into situations and face big challenges head on, like our amazing product launch coordinator Sherri.

The peace-loving rabbit is considered to be a lucky person. They would never hurt anyone and know how to keep a peaceful environment—the perfect description for our vice president Cortney.

Dragons are considered talented and artistic, and can easily influence those around them. They are determined, successful and enthusiastic—much like our CFO Michael.

The snake is a highly intelligent person and has an alluring personality. Their natural physical attraction makes them perfect entertainers. Artbeads co-owner and chief jewelry designer Cynthia is the perfect representation of the talented snake!

Horses are hardworking and confident individuals. Their confidence gives them the strength to handle even the most difficult task without complaint and they love the company of others. This is the best way to describe our awesome graphic designer/photo editor Pat.

The goat is agile and kind hearted. They hold a special sensitivity to art and are a gentle soul. This sensitive spirit and appreciation for art means a person born in the year of the goat will have symmetrical figures and features.

If you were born in the year of the monkey, you tend to be clever and witty. The monkey is always the life of the party and senses trends before anyone else.

Roosters are confident and dream big. They are deep thinkers and are also considered honest and ambitious.

The faithful dog is always there for family and friends. They are faithful, courageous and warm-hearted—like our marketing manager Yvette.

Pigs are honorable and are easy to get along with. They have a calm appearance and strong heart, and are also optimistic. This is a perfect way to describe Learning Center manager Cheri and Learning Center jewelry designer Teri!

Find out what Chinese zodiac animal you are. Do you think it describes you well?

LC-Year of the Tiger Bracelet

Be inspired to embrace your animal and recreate our Year of the Tiger bracelet idea with different Chinese symbol charms!


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The 2013 Pantone Color of the Year – Emerald

February 8th, 2013 · No Comments

Pantone Emerald

Photo Source: Pantone.

We’re absolutely in love with the Pantone color of the year—after all, we are nestled next to Seattle, the Emerald City. This rich, elegant color is the ultimate color of balance and well-being. Emerald has an organic feel, reminiscent of evergreen trees, but its jewel-toned characteristic makes it popular in fashion as a way to add a majestic touch. This shade of green is hard to miss, so it’s also great for reenergizing—the idea behind all of Pantone’s color choices for spring 2013. There are so many different ways to pull off Emerald in your everyday life, and we’ll show you a few today.

Clothing and Accessories

Shawn Johnson
Photo Source: My Oh My Blog.

We’ve been seeing a lot of green on the runways and in Hollywood, including the red carpet. Many starlets have stunned us in emerald gowns, like Shawn Robinson at the 2013 Golden Globes. Her sparkling getup, complete with matching clutch, was simply jaw-dropping. Even if you don’t have a team of designers, you can pull off emerald green with the simplest touches. Sport a silk blouse paired with black pants or an emerald green cardigan over a cream camisole. Speaking of sole, get in the spirit from head to toe with peep toe heels in emerald that can hint at the color of the year under your favorite pair of jeans. Support emerald on your fingernails, too!


Kelly Osborne Earrings

Kelly Osborne was another favorite at the Golden Globes in her emerald drop earrings (click here to learn how to recreate the look yourself!), but there are more ways to add this green to your wardrobe. A large emerald stone set with silver and clear crystal accents is the perfect setup for a cocktail ring.

Rose of Tralee Necklace

Or, if you’re looking for a more dramatic statement, bring the attention with a choker dripping in emerald drops, like in our Rose of Tralee necklace idea. This necklace pairs emerald with copper elements for a more earthly feel. You can even show your green pride with a versatile brooch in just minutes. Just glue your favorite emerald green cabochon to one of our pin backs or other embellishments.


Home Decor
Photo Source: Most Wanted.

Is green not your thing for fashion? That’s okay! You can still incorporate this color into your life for an invigorating splash. Because it’s such a well-balanced shade, offering both a natural beauty and a royal flair, emerald is ideal for use as home décor. Drape a green throw blanket over your couch for an inviting relaxation session. Place evergreen plants in your home office or den for both aesthetics and oxygen. This beautiful color makes a wonderful accent shade to your desired theme for a room—or as the main scheme! Bring the color with you with an emerald coffee mug to send good vibes your way all day, too. You’re only limited by your imagination for adorning your home in this lovely shade.

Oz the Great and Powerful
Photo Source:

Look forward to seeing more emerald in the future, too! Disney’s new film, Oz the Great and Powerful is sure to be a big hit and we can’t wait. With spring just around the corner, a lot more green will be sprouting around outside as well. Get in the spirit and go green—emerald green, that is!


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Pantone Spring/Summer 2013 Color Report

February 6th, 2013 · 7 Comments

Pantone Spring 2013 Color Choices with Matching Swarovski

Shake off the winter blues and get ready for spring! We’re here to help brighten your spirit with Pantone’s color choices for Spring 2013, and we know you’re going to love it. Spring is all about new beginnings, about rejuvenation, which was behind the concept for Pantone’s choices this year. With the economic turn, Pantone realized that consumers are in need of a palette that allows for self expression, balance and rejuvenation. Life is all about harmonization, so for this season they carefully selected shades that were versatile but would still catch the eye and demand attention. We’ll present you with each color, a matching Swarovski shade and how you can incorporate each color into your style.

Tender Shoots
Tender Shoots
This vibrant lime is the epitome of spring’s arrival. Add this cheerful shade into your spring and summer style by wrapping a ribbon around your favorite floral print dress or even in a refreshing pair of earrings. Complement its bright tone with a calming cool tone like cobalt blue or a romantic, feminine touch of sweet pink. Use the Swarovski Lime color to get this shade.

Grayed Jade
Grayed Jade
This soothing dark mint color helps cool down the brighter parts of your palette, but is still a light and airy reflection of the season. This versatile hue can get a rich upgrade if paired with gold and white components for a cute focal piece of jewelry, or can bring out the organic side of your style when accented with warm brown. Grayed Jade makes a wonderful dress our blouse color, and when paired with a leather belt you’ve got a new day-to-night look. The Swarovski Pacific Opal color is a terrific match to Grayed Jade.

The rich, timeless look of emerald is enough to make anyone’s eyes smile. Even if this dark green shade isn’t in your closet, you can still hint at its majestic power with a pair of peep toe shoes or even a dramatic necklace dripping in emerald stones. This versatile color can take on new forms with each color it’s paired with, from a royal design with gold or a bold look with black or white. The Swarovski Emerald is the perfect way to add this color to your wardrobe.

African Violet
African Violet
If you’re looking for an exotic addition to your spring and summer wardrobe, African Violet is ideal. Its quiet, mysterious purple hue makes quite the statement in fashion, much like the flower that shares its name. Blend it with pinks and oranges for a fun feminine bracelet, or match this in a sheer top with a rich cream color for an inviting, organic look. Try using Swarovski Violet to achieve African Violet in your jewelry.

Poppy Red
Poppy Red
Poppy Red is a wild and seductive shade that’s here to help celebrate summer. Add this to any outfit for a bold pop that catches the eye, especially in a night-on-the-town dress or luscious sky-high heels. Combine it with black components for a bold new necklace, or blue and white for a fierce, patriotic idea. Pull off Poppy Red with Swarovski Hyacinth crystals.

Bursting with citrus color and coral undertones, Nectarine offers another vibrant touch to your palette. A fun match pairs this particular orange with green tones, giving off an early harvest vibe. Try rocking this color in a flirty cocktail ring set with silver accents or take a tropical approach by pairing Nectarine with light blue shades for a fun beach outfit. Use Swarovski Fire Opal to pull off this color.

Lemon Zest
Lemon Zest
Balance out bold colors with the refreshing Lemon Zest. This sunny yellow shade has a slight green undertone that makes it perfect for spring. All it takes is just a pinch of lemon zest to invigorate your style, so try using this in a hair accessory matched with white for a sweet look. If you’re looking to ramp up your fashion, pick a floral print dress or flowy top in this color matched with browns or blacks. The Swarovski Sunflower color is a wonderful way to add Lemon Zest to any outfit.

Dusk Blue
Dusk Blue
Like a calming wave rushing over your sun-baked feet, Pantone’s Dusk Blue helps tone down loud colors with warm complements. Its serene feel, much like Grayed Jade, is still light enough to wear alone in a spring or summer outfit. A blend with black brings out the boldness of this shade, but you can stick to creams, browns and yellows for casual chic fashion. Work it into a stunning necklace using freshwater pearls and Swarovski Aquamarine crystals to get this color.

This soft nude color is versatile enough to blend into any color combination for spring, summer and beyond. Keep a light and airy feel by matching this with soft blues and greens accented by gold for a beautiful swirl in a necklace. Or, combine this neutral color with red and black for a bold, balanced outfit. The Swarovski Light Peach is a perfect interpretation of Linen.

Monaco Blue
Monaco Blue
This traditional deep blue hue will whisk you away to exotic new styles when paired with other aqua tones and oranges. Emerald makes a perfect partner for jewelry designs, whether you choose to create an eye-catching necklace or earrings that glisten like a seaside morning. A creamy backdrop printed with Monaco Blue patterns would make a beautiful dress, too. Add this shade to your style using the Swarovski Dark Indigo crystal color.

Want more 2013 spring and summer inspiration? Follow Artbeads on Pinterest to discover our plethora of Pantone-inspired boards.


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DIY Weddings

February 6th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Are you getting prepped for your wedding? We’ve got some fun tips to get the wedding of your dreams that’s still in budget! We were inspired by two Artbeads employees that recently tied the knot and created a beautiful back drop for their special day. No matter what your preference is, we’ve got tips for both the trendy and classic bride.

Black Tie Affair

Artbeads Wedding Decorations

The wedding of the year for Artbeads was two of our own employees getting hitched just this last January. Their classy black and white theme was followed throughout the reception with subtle white flowers surrounded by black and white baby pictures, and even gave a nod to their shared love of coffee—packaging milk chocolate and white chocolate espresso beans together and adding the tag A Perfect Blend. One of the cutest table decorations from their wedding was the napkin setting. You can add a big dose of charming to your wedding tables with these adorable tuxedo napkins. Simply fold a cloth napkin according to the instructions in this video. Add little rhinestones or real buttons to place in front for a darling finishing touch. Another DIY decoration at the latest Artbeads wedding was a puzzle piece paper lantern. Using separate pieces of paper, fold them together like a puzzle into various shapes! With help from her sisters, our Artbeads bride was able to put each lantern together in about 20 minutes. They had a heck of a time with the first one, figuring out how the pieces fit, but after completing one they got into a groove. The soft glow from behind the paper gives off an enchanting illumination, like fireflies dancing across the night sky as you twirl along the floor below. Our Artbeads bride looked radiant under their glimmer, which made for a truly romantic and magical night for everyone. You can take them apart and build new shapes, too. When the wedding is over you can use them as everyday lampshades and keep them as a reminder as to how much your spouse lights up your life.

A Vision in Blue

Something Blue
Photo Source: The Enchanted Home Blog.

Want to have the wedding event of the year? Blue themes are a popular wedding trend, and if this is your style, there are various ways to add a blue hue to your big day. Paper lanterns make classy additions to a reception and add a simple ambiance to the reception. Try recreating our Emperor’s Landing paper lantern ideawith a blue theme accented by white or chocolate brown butterflies. These sweet shapes glistening with colorful flatbacks will illuminate your wedding with a romantic glow. If you’re looking for a more subtle way to incorporate blue, try wrapping small balls of blue tulle around LED lights to light up the night. Do you like the brown and blue palette? Follow this organic feel with nature-inspired table decorations like robin eggs centered in a nest or even blue porcelain plates. There’s no need to splurge on fine china—cruise through antique shops for blue dinner plates, and don’t worry if they’re different. That’s what will make each guest’s experience unique. Discover more great tips and tricks from our “Something Blue” Pinterest board, too!

Someone once told me, Don’t worry if something isn’t perfect, just remember to have fun on your special day. These are wonderful words for any bride to hear. Enjoy the day and enjoy the time spent with family and friends. That’s what is most important.


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Swarovski Spring/Summer 2014 Innovations

February 5th, 2013 · 12 Comments

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has just released news about their Innovations for Spring/Summer 2014 and we’re here to give you the scoop! This season has been labeled “The Female Shift.” The new image of woman is one who defies labels and takes on new roles. She embraces all disciplines, from literature to science and politics. This multifaceted woman is exemplified by Swarovski through innovative new colors and shapes that break the rules.

New Shapes

Lemon Fancy Stone

Lemon Fancy Stone

The perfect blend of balance, the Lemon Fancy Stone presents a refreshing new design. It combines the classic shape of the Navette bead with the elegant facets from the Chessboard, creating a flawless, streamlined look.

Meteor Fancy Stone
Meteor Fancy Stone

Not held down by earthly conditions, the Meteor Fancy Stone presents its own shape and dimension with asymmetric feel and out-of-this-world elegance. This unique cut will add depth to any design.

Cabochette Bead

Cabochette Bead

Blending the eye-appealing beauty of precise facets and soothing smooth design, the Cabochette bead defines simple sophistication. This round, smooth and uniquely faceted bead is as refreshing as a spring water droplet.

Cabochette Pendant

Cabochette pendant

Like the bead that shares its name, the Cabochette pendant is a brilliant example of bold romanticism. Use it as single dramatic ending drop or pair with another smooth shape for a stylish unisex look.

Crystal Globe

Crystal Globe

With a cool 3D effect, the Crystal Globe shares in the movement of a new definition of elegance, along with the Cabochette. This smooth shape is another way to present perfect simplicity to any design for a flawless complement.

Molecule Flatback (no Hotfix)
Molecule Flatback

The futuristic look of the Molecule brings a new way of thinking when you design. This shape, inspired by the building blocks of life, is a wonderful interpretation of Swarovski’s vision of their “female shift.”

New Colors and Effects

Crystal Rose Gold
Crystal Rose Gold

This soft yet strong color combines the timeless elegance of a crystal with the refined brilliance of precious metal. The Crystal Rose Gold color provides a gentle dusty rose hue sprinkled with a glittering gold finish, ideal for trendy feminine designs.

Light Silk

Light Silk

Light Silk offers a versatile, neutral shade that is as timeless and classic as a pearl. Redefine your feminine designs by combining this shade with both classic styles and innovative new trends.

Crystal Rose Gold Pearl
Crystal Rose Pearl

Likes its crystal sister, the Crystal Rose Gold Pearl shade offers a rich, creamy blush accented by gold. With its vintage feel you can play it up with other classic color pearls or with uniquely shaped elements for a more organic look.

Stay tuned for more updates on this season’s Innovations!


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Never Lose That Special Feeling…

February 4th, 2013 · 1 Comment

LC-Wedding Flowers

Not every bride wants to dress like a princess, but still wants to look classy. With bold touches balanced by elegant pearls, our Wedding Flowers necklace is the perfect design for this special newlywed. Its casual display helps keep happy memories of the wedding alive long after the day is over, and is appropriate to wear with jeans or a skirt. Learn how to make this versatile wedding necklace in our Learning Center!


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