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Customer Gallery of Designs

Do you want to show the world a piece of jewelry or craft project you’ve made using products? Submit a photo of your design along with your name and a small description of the product to We’ll review all submissions and you just might see your design show up here!

A Stunning Customer Design!

October 3rd, 2014 · 3 Comments

Did you know you can leave a review on any of our products and upload a picture of the design you made with them? We love seeing all of your creative designs! Here’s one from reviewer jewelryblue:


She used our purple-lined blue TOHOs to add a pop of color to this intricate necklace. As jewelryblue says, “the color was perfect for this project.” They look great with the golden seed beads and the sparkling crystal focals. What have you made with our products? Make sure to share your designs with us and you could be featured right here on the blog, on our Facebook page or on our Pinterest board!

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The Tucson Ten – Round Two…You Vote & You Could Win!

May 13th, 2013 · 2 Comments

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The Tucson Ten jewelry designs are in and ready and waiting for your vote! We asked the winners of our Tucson Ten Giveaway to create designs with the beads they won and gave them a month to create. Now, their designs are done and you get to vote on them. Click here to vote for your favorite on Facebook! You have to ‘like’ on Facebook in order to vote. You can also check out the designs on our Tucson Ten Pinterest board. Repin your favorite and spread the word. The winning design will receive a $50 gift certificate for! Voters, you’ll be getting in on the prize action, as well! We will select ten random voters to win a prize package filled with fun beading goodies. Make sure all your friends and family come and vote so they can see all the divine designs and for their chance to win, too.

Voting is open from now, May 13 until Monday, May 20, 2013 at 11:59pm PST. Check back on Facebook on Tuesday, May 21 to find out which design won and to see which voters will be taking home their own prize package. Click here for our official contest rules.

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The Tucson Ten

April 5th, 2013 · 73 Comments

The Tucson Ten

We picked up these fab finds back in February during our adventures at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. These beads are full of life, shine and spice – the perfect combination to spark the imagination. Now you have a chance to win these beads and more in our incredible Tucson Ten Giveaway!

Ten lucky fans will win the three strands plus one of the bold black and white polymer clay beads. All of these beads are super exclusive, so you won’t find them anywhere on our site. It’s enough to get any beader excited, delighted and inspired! All you have to do is tell us a story about these beads by leaving a comment below. What do these beads make you think of? What would you do with them? Do they inspire you? Do they remind you of anyone you know? Get creative with your story, because we’ll be picking our faves to win!

But this contest doesn’t end here. That’s right, this one’s a two-parter! If you win the beads, you have another chance to win. We’ll be asking the winners to design a piece of jewelry or even a set with these beads for another chance to win, this time a $50 gift certificate! If you don’t win, you have the chance to vote on the designs and we have some surprises in store for voters, too. More details will follow once we’ve announced our ten winners.

You have from today, April 5 until Thursday April 11, 2013 at 11:59pm PST to enter to win a set of these beads. One entry per person, please. See our official contest rules for more details. Once we announce the winners on April 12, we will have more details about the next round. We can’t wait to read your story, so enter now!

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Artbeads Customer in Battle of the Beadsmith

January 25th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Artbeads customer Terri R. has submitted her breathtaking design for the Battle of the Beadsmith competition, and we’re here to show it off with everyone! Her design is created entirely from TOHO seed beads and other components purchased from Artbeads (she especially loves our aluminum rose cabochons in this piece)! We were amazed by her work, and so were the judges. Terri ended up advancing to the second round. Artbeads would like to congratulate Terri on her incredible piece and also thank her for sharing it with us. We love getting to see what our customers make, and this one definitely blew us away.

If you want to share your designs, post them to our Facebook fan page or email For the chance to be featured on the Artbeads website, enter our Jewelry Design Star competition! Take the first step in showing the world your creativity by sharing with Artbeads.


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Turning Negativity into Creativity

November 16th, 2012 · 3 Comments

Talk about turning a negative into a positive! One of our customers shared this fun story with our customer service team, and we wanted to share it with you!

I thought I would share with you what happened to my favorite outfit after I had only worn it ONCE. I had paid over $200 for a matching pants and sweater and just loved them. I was wearing them when I decided to do some laundry using bleach……….well you know what happened…….bleach blobs all over my new outfit.

I decided instead of throwing it out ………never to be worn again……… to make a design on the blobs. I put plastic bags in the clothing and just got a paint brush and a cup of the same bleach that caused all the problems. I made all the blobs into flowers by adding petals in bleach and after it was all dry – added about 50 flat back swarovski’s in the centre of the flowers. Every time I wear it – people comment on my wonderful outfit!! I also did this for a friend who had the same problem but on her “blue jean” jacket….I made her blobs into rose petals around the blobs and added more Swarovski’s and its now her favorite jacket. So I thank you for all your hard work dealing with customers like me :-) . Thanks for everything, you guys are GREAT.

If you have a fun story you’d like to share, you can always share it with our customer service team or email our Blog at

Happy Friday!


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Customer Story – Emily’s Seed Bead Masterpieces

November 9th, 2012 · 4 Comments

We love hearing from our customers about the success they have had turning their passion for jewelry making into a successful business. When Emily K. sent us pictures of her amazing seed bead artwork, I knew we needed to share her talent. In an Artbeads Blog for Beaders interview, Emily shares her journey of working with seed beads:

When did you first become interested in working with seed beads?

I first became interested in working with seed beads about 3 years ago. At the time I was working as a camp counselor and was teaching a class on how to make felt puppets. I had made a few puppets for my class as examples and was trying to figure out how best to execute certain details such as jewelry. I made the decision to create the details out of beads.

A few months passed, and the beginning of my senior year of college began. I was attending Mills College in Oakland, CA, and was a Studio Art major. At my school all Studio Art majors in their senior year are required to work on developing a cohesive series of works that will go on display at the annual senior show. I wasn’t sure what to do for my show. I had been joking around with my friends about how I should make a giant series of puppets for the senior show (since I enjoyed working on puppets), but I knew that puppets probably wouldn’t be approved by my professors. It was while joking about the puppets, however, that I remembered the beading I did on one puppet in particular. Suddenly something clicked in my head: If people could use beads to make designs on clothing and fashion accessories, why not use them to create art pieces? Georges Seurat used thousands of tiny dots to create his famous works of art, and beads are essentially tiny dots. Why not use beads to make art? Canvas is a type of fabric after all, so all I would have to do was sew them to canvas instead of felt. I chose seed beads instead of other sorts of beads because they are small and allow for more detail, and seem to come in the widest variety of colors.

How did it feel the first time you made a piece?

The process of working on my first piece was a bit frustrating because I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing and I expected it to go faster than in did. I was also nervous as to how my class would react to the work because it was a project for my drawing class and I wasn’t exactly drawing. However, when I saw the reactions of my teachers and classmates to the finished piece, I was really amazed. The lighting in the studio was a bit dim that day for reasons I can’t really remember, and it caused the beads to sparkle in a way I had never seen before. Everyone seemed blown away. They offered a few tips on how to draw the portrait part of the piece better, but they were really encouraging of the work in general and told me to keep it up. I wasn’t really used to getting such a strong, positive reaction about my work (at least not since coming to college), so I knew I was onto something special and wanted to keep going. It was a really great feeling.

How long does it take you to complete a project (from concept to completion) and what’s your process?

On average it takes me between a month and a month and a half to complete a piece. For my process, I first start out looking though theater programs and magazines that I have to see if there are any images that look like they would be fun to draw. Once I select an image I sketch it out in illustration marker (either directly on the canvas or on paper which I will later glue down on top of an additional fabric layer). Since my sketches are done in color, once they’re done it’s simply a matter of figuring out which beads best match the colors on the sketch and then sewing them on.

You can watch Emily’s process as she details the activity on her blog. It’s truly amazing!

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from historical fashion and musical theater. For as long as I can remember I have loved both. Aesthetically, I tend to be drawn towards the ornate and the theatrical, (which really makes sense with what inspires me).

I have also always loved performing, but due my shy nature, have rarely had the opportunity to do so. I think that when I portray something theatrical in my art it makes me feel almost as if I too am performing on stage. My beaded pieces are all of actresses from an all-female theater in Japan, known as the Takarazuka Revue. I first found out about the Takarazuka Revue in high school, through my interest in anime and manga.

It is very possible that I will move on to depicting other subjects in my work in the near future (perhaps other sorts of theater or movies, or maybe something completely different altogether), but this is what I’ve been interested in lately, so this is what I like drawing.

Do you sell your finished pieces?

I would like to. So far I haven’t had anyone express interest in buying any of my works, but if someone wanted to buy one I would definitely be interested in selling. I’d be willing to sell most of the finished works (the word “most” is because there are a few that I’d like to keep.)

If you’re just starting out and looking for a way to sell your designs, check out our Seller’s Secrets page where we share helpful ways to develop your jewelry-making business. Also be sure to sign up to be a part of Shop Handmade, a free site dedicated to helping you sell your ideas!

We want to hear your story, too! Send us your jewelry design to our Blog for Beaders e-mail to be featured as one of our customer success stories. Share your stories and inspire others to get creative! Mail them to


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Thank You for Your Reviews!

October 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

We appreciate the time our customers take to leave us a review on their favorite products. We love it even more when we get to see what they make with their favorite products! Below are some customer reviews people left on the products detail pages. This is a great place to let other shoppers know how much you liked a particular product and what it can be used for. These reviews are how we determine what our best rated products are, so don’t be afraid to let your opinion be heard. If you want to write a review on our site, it’s easy! Our Facebook page is another great place to share your designs with beaders like you. Whether you’re a beginning beader or an experienced artisan, you’re sure to learn something new from fellow Artbeaders!

“Without a doubt, these Miyuki Delica 11/0 seed beads are the best that I have used. The imperfections are minimal compared to another brand (20% waste) and every color imaginable.” – pearlweaver, Tampla, FL

“The title says it all, I love this bead. Absolutly adorable – Great for St Patty’s Day~” – pumpkinheadbows, Ripley, WV

“It is a perfect post earring with small and delicate earrings dangle.
It is preferable to choose these post earring on a small ear lobe.”
– Artemis, Laval, QC

“I love this black rubber cord. It is a perfectly elegant design solution for my jewelry. Its simplicity and velvety black color give a classy, elegant look to my colorful polymer clay pieces. It is strong and stretchy and super glue can make a seemingly unbreakable bond when the cord is glued to itself. I use this method to make a loop for a simple button bead clasp. Waaah-lah! Perfect and simple. I have purchased both the white and clear-frosted cord that I am planning to use in designing a summery rose necklace.” – jaxilyn, San Jose, CA

“These cube posts are a nice change from the traditional ball post. I use them in one of my best selling designs (pictured below). They are very easy to work with – the ring is open for easy attachment of anything you wish. The posts are sturdy, not flimsy like some which can tend to bend even with the lightest touch. These are high quality and I would reccommend to anyone comtemplating buying them.” – Robin, Los Angeles, CA

Keep the reviews coming!


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End of Summer Love for Customer Designs

September 14th, 2012 · No Comments

It’s been a while, but we’re excited to bring you a new collection of customer designs as we wrap up summer. Check out some amazing jewelry from some truly talented Artbeads customers. Happy Friday!

Cheryl M made this amazing hummingbird jewelry set that is so simple and yet delivers a powerful showcase.

Laurel K sent us this design, featured in her blog Thiamiren an Tawariell. It incorporates dyed freshwater pearls and darling flower links.

This Golden Shadow stars ring by Sunny Triana Designs makes for one eye-catching conversation starter! We love that the hobby she’s had since she was a little girl has turned into an online shopping site.

Inspired by the copper leaf charm, this Grapevine Pendant by Donna R. is perfect for a fall.

Beverly A. made this cute love charm bracelet out of Swarovski crystals, making this piece a sparkling addition to her wardrobe!

Shagg Carpet emailed us this Calypso Necklace that we thought was absolutely stunning. The choice of colors and the way it catches the light definitely caught our eye.

Joan P made these fun floral lampwork beads for her Etsy shop Sand and Surf Beads. We think they are just incredible!

We love seeing what our customers can make with our beads! If you have a design you’d like to share, email


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Jewelry Design Star – Round 5

August 30th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Congratulations to our Jewelry Design Star, Allison Hink! You can learn more about our latest star and her inspiring design on our Jewelry Design Star Spotlight page or view other great designs from our honorable mentions over on the Showcase page.

Do you have an eye for amazing designs and want to share them with the world? Enter our next Jewelry Design Star contest for your chance to be the next winner!


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Jewelry Design Star Round 4 Winner!

August 2nd, 2012 · 3 Comments

Congratulations to our Jewelry Design Star, Miss M Turner! You can learn more about our latest star and her inspiring design on our Jewelry Design Star Spotlight page or view other great designs from our honorable mentions over on the Showcase page. Do you have an eye for amazing designs and want to share them with the world? Enter our next Jewelry Design Star contest for your chance to be the next winner!


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