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Spring 2017 Pantone Fashion Color Report and a Giveaway!

December 19th, 2016 · 5 Comments

It’s getting colder and Christmas is just around the corner (can you believe it?). Even though you may be bundled up in your coziest scarf next to the fire, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of spring! After all, now is the perfect time to start planning and designing jewelry for the warmer months. Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, has you covered with their latest Fashion Color Report for Spring 2017. We fell in love with Pantone’s top 10 colors for the season because they are bright, vivid, and imaginative. While poring over the gorgeous colors for the upcoming season (including the eye-catching Color of the Year), we just couldn’t help but to pair them up with some of our Artbeads Designer Seed Bead Blends


These Blends work perfectly with each of the colors, wouldn’t you say? Read on and find an in-depth look at each color and the Blend we’ve matched with it, along with Swarovski color matches and jewelry ideas that you can make and rock to stay on trend.

Color of the Year: Greenery


This rejuvenating and revitalizing shade of zesty yellow-green is Pantone’s pick for Color of the Year. It definitely puts us in mind of spring, as it’s the perfect hue of lush foliage. It’s known as “nature’s neutral”, because you see it everywhere when spring comes around and all of the flowers, plants, and trees are in bloom. Our Tender Sprout Blend is the perfect match for this happy green. You could also represent this unforgettable green with Swarovski beads in Peridot or even crystal pearls in Neon Green. Our Herringbone River bracelet makes a wonderful fit with Greenery. The Kale and Island Paradise colors also make an appearance in this fashionable piece.



Niagara is a comfortable and dependable blue, thanks to its classic, denim-like look. Use this shade in your style and bring ease and relaxation into your looks. We like the way our Blue Pastel Blend picks up on the soothing feel of Niagara, and Indicolite Swarovski beads would work wonderfully for this color. Try Turquoise crystal pearls and key in on that classic look. Make sure to check out our Caribbean Waters thread-wrapped piece for more Niagara inspiration. It features S-Lon bead cord in the perfect colors.

Primrose Yellow

Primrose Yellow

Just looking at this joyful color warms you up! This enthusiastic yellow is full of good cheer and is a great pick for when the sun returns to say hello in spring. Add this hue into your style for more vitality. Even though it’s a pick for spring, our Summer Blend makes a good match for this warm color, with some Pink Yarrow and Flame thrown in for good measure. Swarovski beads in Sunflower are a lovely way to bring this sweet shade to your designs, or you could try crystal pearls in Neon Yellow for a show-stopping flash of color. We love the way the Chinese knotting cord in our String Theory bracelet showcases this inviting tone.

Lapis Blue

Lapis Blue

Another lovely blue hue for spring, Lapis Blue brings energy to the palette, with an intense inner radiance. You’ll love this strong, confident color in your style. Hints of this daring blue come forward in our Blueberry Pie Blend. Naturally, Swarovski’s Dark Lapis crystal pearls match up really nicely, while Capri Blue bicones provide a sparkling take. The midnight magic of this color makes a daring display in our Starry Night necklace. Lapis Blue is a great transitional color to take you from the chilly winter straight through spring.



Things are starting to heat up in spring, just like this fiery red-based orange color. This theatrical shade is a great way to spice up any look. We think our Coral Seastar Blend is a fun way to add this hue to jewelry designs. Swarovski’s Fire Opal bicones are just as vivacious as Flame, and Neon Orange pearls are a flamboyant option. Our Sunshine in Bloom earrings feature a Neon Orange pearl at the center of the design and pip beads in a corresponding color for a look that’s on fire. Switch out the seed beads in these earrings for the Coral Seastar colors and make this look all Flame! Add gregarious color to your spring ensembles with this striking shade.

Island Paradise

Island Paradise

Island Paradise is the great escape from it all, putting you in mind of unforgettably blue oceans, sunny islands, and pristine sand beaches. This blue-green shade is the tropical touch in the palette. Its refreshing aqua look will surely make a splash in any style. Our Seabreeze Blend complements the ocean tone perfectly. Our Sea Spray bracelet showcases the seed beads from this Blend in a look that’s perfect for the Island Paradise trend. Pair Swarovski bicones in Light Turquoise and crystal pearls in Jade to keep the cool beach feel going.

Pale Dogwood

Pale Dogwood

Spring is a time of romance, and Pale Dogwood definitely brings subtle romance to the color palette. This soft and peaceful pink is a quiet tone that you can add anywhere. It’s a healthy glow that speaks of innocence and purity. The tranquil pink tones of our Dusty Rose Blend are a beautiful representation of this color. Try softening up your style with either Swarovski bicones in Light Peach, crystal pearls in Pastel Rose, or combine the two for the sweetest look. The rose quartz beads in our Cherry Blossoms earrings are another great way to incorporate this pink into your looks.

Pink Yarrow

Pink Yarrow

Pantone’s Color Report for Spring 2017 is full of fun shades, and Pink Yarrow is no exception. This attention-getting pink is a tantalizing and lively complement to the quiet Pale Dogwood. You’ll want to add this stimulating shade to your style, for sure! Try stringing beads from our Rose-Colored Glasses Blend for a whimsical bracelet. Swarovski’s Fuchsia bicones are an excellent match for this hue, or try Neon Pink crystal pearls for an unignorable display. Katie Hacker used Fuchsia Swarovski beads in her Bedazzling bracelet, which represents Pink Yarrow nicely.



Kale is not just for eating! It’s a beautiful addition to Pantone’s top 10 colors for Spring, thanks to its lush and fertile look. This natural green is an earthy complement to the brighter tones in the palette, pulling everything back to the beauty of nature. Try using our Mossy Green Blend to bring this color to your jewelry designs. Swarovski’s Olivine bicones and Powder Green crystal pearls are also nice matches for Kale. Our Victoria Peak bracelet brings the rich and leafy Kale hue in with jade beads from Dakota Stones.



Pantone’s final pick for Spring 2017 is Hazelnut, a lovely neutral full of inherent warmth. This transitional color makes for effortless style and looks great in a variety of styles. Our Sandy Shores Blend picks up on the natural earthiness of this color (and there’s a hint of Pale Dogwood in there, too). You’ll love the way Swarovski’s Light Colorado Topaz bicones and Powder Almond crystal pearls capture the neutral beauty of this hue. It makes a great foundation for any color palette, as our Falling in Love jewelry set shows.

Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Spring 2017 is filled with beautiful colors we can’t get enough of. Want to see them all together with our bead and jewelry picks? Here’s a handy infographic that you can add to your Pinterest boards to keep the inspiration going.

Pantone Infographic

These colors are great options for spring and you can incorporate them into your jewelry, clothing, accessories, and even your home decor. If you’re planning a wedding, these colors make great inspiration for palettes you might want to use on your big day, from flowers and bridesmaids dresses, to makeup and more. Tell us your favorite colors from the palette in the comments below, or share your Pantone-inspired jewelry-making and craft projects on our Facebook page.

If you’re loving these colors and the beads and jewelry ideas that go with them, make sure to enter our $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway! You could win a $500 gift certificate for, perfect for purchasing all kinds of beads in these fabulous colors. Learn more and enter here. Make sure to enter before the giveaway ends January 2, 2017.

Artbeads Shopping Spree

 Good luck and happy beading!








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Explore the Pantone Color Report for Fall 2016

August 19th, 2016 · 3 Comments

Summer is slowly coming to a close, as much as all you summer lovers out there cling to your pool floaties and iced coffees! Once the weather turns, it’s time for a wardrobe update, complete with scarves, boots, and fabulous accessories. If you’re stumped as to what colors you should incorporate into your fall wardrobe, have no fear! Pantone has you covered with their Fashion Color Report for Fall 2016.

The Fall 2016 color palette is led by the blue family, yet finds a firm anchor with earth tones. Exuberant pops of vibrant color also appear, making fall fashion just as exciting as summer (Hot latte sippers and pumpkin patch purveyors rejoice!). Let’s take a look at the top 10 colors for the season, along with Swarovski beads and jewelry ideas we think are a perfect match to each color.



Riverside is a new blue shade that takes precedence in fall fashion. It’s a cool and calming tone that also offers a strong and stable look to your style. You’ll love the subtle vibrancy and sophistication. We think Swarovski’s Capri Blue and Lapis beads are a great option for this new shade! Check out Artbeads Designer Cynthia’s Misty Fjords bracelet for a jewelry design dominated by this blue beauty.

Airy Blue

Airy Blue

Another lovely blue hue, Airy Blue has a lofty nature, which evokes feelings of lightness and freedom. It’s also a great complement to Serenity, a Pantone Color of the Year for 2016. This shade offers a fresh approach to your style! Try Swarovski’s Air Blue Opal for a heavenly look. Light Blue crystal pearls also offer up the perfect touch of Airy Blue color. Be sure to take a look at our Glacial Wonder bracelet – it features blue lace agate gemstone beads that are a great way to rock this shade in the fall!



No one will be running from this Sharkskin shade this season! This edgy color still manages to remain neutral, so you can pair it with almost any fall color, from the very bright to the subtle and muted. The Swarovski Crystal Comet Argent Light effect is a wonderful blend of metallic silver and clear crystal that will make a nice representation of this new color. Also try Grey crystal pearls as an homage to the sleek sheen of Sharkskin. The beads in our Steel Sky bracelet are the perfect match for this color, especially the pointed pyramid hex beads!

Aurora Red

Aurora Red

A classic punch of red is always a great choice in any season. This warm and sensual version of red is exciting and dynamic, as it is immediately pleasing to the eye and breeds unmistakable confidence. Bring the warm and bold call of Aurora Red to your jewelry designs with Swarovski’s Hyacinth and Red Coral. Our Papillon earrings are a great example of how accents of flashy red can really warm up a piece.

Warm Taupe

Warm Taupe

This hearty, pleasing, and approachable neutral is such a treat to pair with any of the top 10 shades this season. This organic and grounded hue makes for a timeless choice in any look – we’re even seeing it as a popular choice for bridesmaid’s dresses! Light Smoked Topaz and Bronze Swarovski beads are both a wonderful complement to this color. Take a look at Katie Hacker’s Continuous Style necklace for Warm Taupe inspiration. It blends the timeless look of knotted pearls with fashionable and equally timeless neutral hues like this one.

Dusty Cedar

Dusty Cedar

We’re loving this warm and welcoming color for fall, as it’s a great way to add pinks into your fall and winter wardrobe. It’s also a lovely nod to Color of the Year Rose Quartz. We think Swarovski’s Padparadscha and Rose Peach colors are a beautiful complement to this hue. Artbeads Designer Cheri’s Alexandria bracelet is such a perfect look for fall style! It features Dusty Cedar shades along with sweet golden browns.

Lush Meadow

Lush Meadow

Here’s another exciting hue for your fall wardrobe! It brings to mind fresh botanicals and foliage, so it will keep your style alive even as leaves fall from every tree. This rich and elegant color has a panache and a brightness that elevates it from more natural greens, giving it a more glamorous feel. Emerald bicones are a great choice for this color and Scarabaeus Green pearls have just as much depth as this hue. Cheri’s Lady Macbeth crochet necklace combines rich green thread with Scarabaeus Green pearls for a lush look to match this fabulous color!

Spicy Mustard

Spicy Mustard

This exotic color bounces elegantly off the other colors in the palette. Like Aurora Red, it adds another splash of uplifting vibrancy – something much needed in the colder months of fall! You’ll love adding this spicy, zesty yellow to your looks for an unexpected and unusual twist. Swarovski’s Topaz and Bright Gold beads are a great way to incorporate the hue into your jewelry designs. As our Desert Dandelion earrings show, just a dash of Spicy Mustard really makes a splash!

Potter’s Clay

Potters Clay

Oh how we love the warm look of Potter’s Clay! This neutral earth tone makes for a strong foundation for fall style, as it’s a color often found in autumn leaves. Layer it into your style for that ultimate fall feeling. Combine Crystal Copper and Bordeaux beads for a look that speaks to this hue. Our Terracotta Dawn bracelet showcases SuperDuos and seed beads in the perfect colors for this trend.



Bodacious is an unexpected treat in fall that can be used with pinks and reds for a vibrant look. This lovely color will help you turn fashion accents into fashion statements! We love Swarovski’s Amethyst and Powder Rose for complementing this shade. Check out our Princess Twist headband for an easy way to add Bodacious color to your style.

There you have it, Pantone’s top 10 colors for this upcoming fall season. If you’d like a handy reference of our Swarovski picks to go along with these colors, check out this infographic:

Pantone and Swarovski Fall 2016 Colors

We can’t wait to start playing with these colors in our designs. So, what colors will be using in your fall jewelry designs? Which of these are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below or share on our Facebook page. We always love seeing what you’re making, so feel free to add a picture!





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Beads in Crafting – A Royal Beauty Contest for Embellished Trinkets!

January 16th, 2016 · 4 Comments

We here at Artbeads had some fun over the holidays! We found some fun little animal statues and handed them out to employees with the challenge of decorating them with flatbacks, beads and other embellishments. The results are absolutely superb. First, take a look at Princess Kitty, decorated by Artbeads employee Sheryl:

Princess Kitty also came with a royal decree:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, to this royal decree!

Artisans and craftsmen from across the entire royal kingdom were commissioned to provide elegance in attire for both Princess Kitty and her royal steed, Beauty.

Princess Kitty’s body art and clothing were specifically designed and crafted to accentuate the royal glow of her perfectly round royal cheeks.

Beauty’s bridle and saddle, underneath the royal blanket, were masterfully crafted to coincide with Princess Kitty’s perfect choice of flowers to adorn her royal steed, Beauty.

No expense, craftsman, or resource was spared to enhance the already beautiful Princess Kitty and her royal steed, Beauty.

In addition, it was made perfectly clear to all artisans and craftsmen involved that their reward of keeping their head firmly attached to their neck depended solely on the outcome of this royal beauty contest.

May the kingdom prosper with the reading of this royal decree!

Our employees made sure the other trinkets were also bedazzled and bejeweled properly for the royal beauty contest. Take a look at Jen M’s flower:

Swarovski flatbacks and seed beads make a stunning display on each petal! We also love the eclectic assortment of colors.

Cindy created a loving look with this heart:

Again, flatbacks create a sparkling and sweet style. We especially love the chessboard flatback at the center of the heart!

A turtle, decorated by Tina, looks totally fun:

His cute little hat adds character and we adore the lampwork turtle from Unicorne Beads hitching a ride on his back. Don’t miss the cute TierraCast dragonfly charm worn as a necklace!

Hilary’s star design certainly shines:

We love the glitter in an Artbeads Purple color, along with all of the other cute embellishments.

Terri got spirited when decorating her rabbit:

It’s a Seahawks Bunny! is located in Washington state, so of course we love supporting Seattle’s favorite football team. It looks like this bunny is sporting a seed bead vest and hat, made with our Go Team Artbeads Designer Seed Bead Blends.

Christina M. decided to decorate an exotic elephant:

Tiny golden seed beads add detail to the saddle and bridle, while focal beads hang majestically from the elephant’s trunk. It looks like this elephant is carrying a treasure of Czech glass on its back!

Everyone at Artbeads was absolutely charmed by these creations! But we absolutely fell in love when it was revealed that each one lights up:

Isn’t that incredible? The colors can even change! Now these unforgettable cuties are sure to stand out, day and night!

We definitely had fun decorating these trinkets and they are going to look great around the office. So, which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below and if you have a trinket that you’ve made or decorated with beads, share it with us here or on our Facebook page.

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Making Jewelry and Crafts for the Holidays

December 12th, 2015 · 2 Comments

Holiday Ideas

December is well underway and holiday festivities have already begun! The weather has turned colder, Christmas decorations have sprung up and holiday cheer is in the air. There’s still time to make the season even merrier with jewelry and crafts you can make yourself! Let’s take a look at some of the holiday ideas you can find at

Sugar Plum Dreams Ornaments

If you’re looking for something simple to start with, our Sugar Plum Dreams ornaments are so easy to make! All you have to do is find some cardboard ornaments at your local craft store (or maybe you have some already stashed away) and decorate them with your favorite beads. Put them in place using adhesive. Artbeads Designer Cheri used seed beads and O beads for a festive display. If you want to make this idea really kid-friendly, lay out some seed beads, brush your ornament with glue and roll it around in the beads.

A Few Favorite Things Ornaments

Here are some more fabulous ornaments featuring seed beads! These beauties feature a netted weave of seed beads around them. A few Swarovski beads here and there really up the bling factor! The great thing about this idea is that you can easily customize the color palette to match ornaments you already have.

Joyeux Noel

We have lots of great jewelry ideas for Christmas, including this Joyeux Noel bracelet. Cheerful Blends from the Artbeads Designer Series provide a color palette full of Christmas spirit. We love the classic red and green colors and the simple design.

Forest Frost

Our Forest Frost necklace displays a more subtle Christmas color palette, one that can be worn throughout the winter. The Edelweiss focal and green triangle beads create a look of Christmas trees lining a frozen pond. It’s such a fun take on bead embroidery!

Christmas Kits

We also have a great selection of holiday jewelry kits, ready for you to start creating! These kits come with everything you need to make festive jewelry for the season. They’re great ideas for any craft parties you might be going to and always make wonderful stocking stuffers. These Artemis Christmas Tree earrings are a great way to get started.

Winter Jewelry Ideas

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, or simply want designs for winter, we have lots of other ideas for the season, too! Our Crystaletts Snowflake earrings are a great way to make a frosty debut in your style. The Swarovski snowflake pendant is full of wintery bling! If you celebrate Hanukkah, we also have lots of beads, charms and ideas perfect for the holiday.  The Festival of Lights earrings above feature our Happy Hanukkah Designer Seed Bead Blend, an Artbeads Designer Wire Blend in Hanukkah colors and twinkling Star of David charms.

Now that you have so much craft and jewelry inspiration for the holiday season, what will you be making? Maybe you’ve already started some seasonal projects. Let us know in the comments below or share with us on our Facebook page. Don’t forget, you can find even more inspiration on our Home for the Holidays Pinterest board.

Happy Holidays!

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Bead Crochet

November 14th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Crocheting with beads is a great way to add new fibers to your jewelry designs! From the very simple to beautifully complex, this technique is sure to keep you coming back for more. Take a look at what our designers have come up with and add this technique to your repertoire.

Let’s start with this Artbeads MiniVid demonstrating how to make a simple crochet chain with beads. This technique is so easy! Start by loading up your chosen beads onto the thread you want to use. We like using seed beads from our Artbeads Designer Blends because the color palettes are ready to go and fabulous. We also love Czech glass beads. You can use virtually any kind of bead you prefer, so long as it fits on the thread you are using. Our designer Cheri likes to use size 10 crochet thread and a size E (3.50mm) crochet hook. We also offer Miyuki crochet thread. These threads come in beautiful color waves that will inspire the colors of beads you use. Once you have your thread and beads picked out, follow the technique illustrated in the video above!

Once you have the technique mastered, there are many ways you can incorporate it into your jewelry designs.

Beaded Crochet Jewelry

Artbeads Designer Cheri Carlson’s simple Rosalie necklace features a single beaded crochet chain embellished with Swarovski pearls and bicones. This is a great look for a wedding and comes together so quickly. The soft crochet thread is comfortable to wear and flexible, too. Of course, you can customize the color palette for any occasion! Cheri’s Forest Path bracelet employs the same technique: she made a long beaded crochet chain and finished the end with a TierraCast button. The long strand can be wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet!

Esmeralda Necklace

You can really make this technique shine with a multi-strand necklace! Cheri created her Esmeralda necklace with five strands of beaded crochet chains. She mixed in Swarovski beads, seed beads and even some SuperUno beads for an unforgettable boho look. End caps make a nice finishing touch for this design. Try using end tubes, too!

Wire Crochet with Beads

You don’t have to stick to just threads when crocheting with beads. You can also experiment with wire! This method employs the same technique as above, but swaps out wire for crochet thread. Artbeads Chief Jewelry Designer Cynthia Kimura likes to use 26 gauge Artbeads Designer Wire, as it is flexible, easy to work with and available in a variety of colors. She used this wire in her Boardwalk Magic bracelet and her Sock Hop bracelets. As you can see, the look is totally different than when using crochet thread!

Long Ago and Far Far Away

So, you’ve mastered making crochet chains with thread and wire. What’s next? It’s time to try beaded crochet ropes! This technique starts out like the ones above, but quickly becomes tubular to form the rope. When starting out, it’s wise to practice with thicker yarn and big beads in different colors, so it’s easier to see what you’re doing. Once you’ve got this technique down pat, try making Cynthia’s Long Ago and Far Far Away necklace. She used 8/0 seed beads with S-Lon bead cord.  Once again, end caps make it easy to turn a beaded crochet rope into fabulous jewelry!

Colorful Crochet Jewelry

If you’re looking for even more inspiration for adding crochet to jewelry, why not try a more traditional approach. These Colorful Crochet Jewelry ideas feature basic crochet bands as the focus. Some have been embellished with beads and others feature buttons as closures. This is a great idea for making chokers, bracelets and even bookmarks!

As you can see, there are so many ways to incorporate crochet into your jewelry designs. How have you used crochet in your creations? Share with us in the comments below or visit our Facebook page and share a picture of your designs.

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Having Fun with the Spiral Stitch

April 11th, 2015 · 8 Comments

spiral stitch jewelry

If you’re new to bead weaving, a great place to start is with the spiral stitch. This simple stitch comes together quickly and looks great. You don’t have to be a beginner to enjoy it, either! Anyone can have fun making spiral stitch jewelry. Just ask Artbeads Chief Jewelry Designer Cynthia Kimura. Cynthia is a pro when it comes to bead weaving and she has fallen in love with this stitch. Just look at some of the creations she’s made!

Berry Bunches

Cynthia used seed beads and Swarovski pearls in the spiral stitch to create these Berry Bunches bracelets. The larger pearls stand out among the colorful seed beads. Of course, Artbeads Designer Seed Bead Blends are a great option for this stitch. They give you the perfect color palettes to work with, so you can focus on the fun stitch.


These Corsica bracelets feature the same spiral stitch with smaller seed beads. That’s the cool part about this stitch: changing up the beads completely transforms the look of your designs! No wonder Cynthia is having a blast with this technique. Here’s what the stitch looks like with crystal bicones in her Grape Trellis bracelet:

Grape Trellis

Cynthia used an Artbeads Designer Blend featuring Swarovski bicones in the perfect colors to match her seed beads. The beads and look may change, but the stitch stays the same and it couldn’t be easier. Check out our Artbeads Mini Tutorial video and Cynthia will teach you the technique:

Now that you’ve learned this fun and simple stitch, it’s time to check out the variation on this technique: the flat spiral stitch.

Marceline Bracelets

This stitch is quick to complete and looks stunning! As with the spiral stitch, switching up the beads really changes the look. These three Marceline bracelets are so distinct thanks to the different colors and beads used. You can create two rows of flat spiral stitch for an even more astounding look. Cynthia shows off this technique in her Cora bracelet:


The seed beads framing the pearls create a regal look we love. You can see the flat spiral stitch technique in action in the Mini Tutorial video below:

After Cynthia made all of these fantastic jewelry pieces, she was ready to teach a bunch of us here at Artbeads just how easy it is to make spiral stitch designs!


We gathered in the craft room and Cynthia helped us out with our own spiral stitch creations. We all had fun choosing different combinations of beads. Check out how the double flat spiral stitch changes when you use Miyuki baroque pearl beads:


You can also use fire-polished beads to great effect in this stitch, as well. These economical options are available in a variety of colors, so you’re sure to find something to suit your style. We used golden fire-polished beads with coppery seed beads for a modern look:


We had fun learning this technique from Cynthia and with the Mini Tutorials above, you will too! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced beader, you’re sure to fall in love with this addicting stitch. We haven’t stopped making new designs. Make sure to share your spiral stitch creations with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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The Beauty of Spring

March 7th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Spring Jewelry at

It seems like everyone is just about ready for spring to arrive! Whether you’re planning gardens, updating your fall wardrobe, getting ready for spring cleaning, starting new jewelry projects, or just wanting to shake the cold weather, spring is a season everyone looks forward to. This season, pastels and florals are making a modern comeback and we have some fabulous ideas for spring jewelry-making to get you inspired!

Pocket Full of Posies Bracelet

Pocket Full of Posies Bracelet

It’s always exciting to see flowers poke up out of the ground when spring arrives. This Pocket Full of Posies bracelet celebrates the excitement and colorful beauty of fresh spring flowers. Acrylic flowers paired with Swarovski crystal beads make a can’t-miss statement in this design. You could easily make matching earrings to go along with this bracelet.

First Bloom Bracelet

First Bloom Bracelet

A softer take on the celebration of fresh flowers, our First Bloom bracelet showcases a Grace Lampwork bead decorated with pink and blue flowers. It’s a perfect representation of the first spring flowers opening up on a crisp and sunny day. The spring look is so subtle, you could wear this design year round!

Spring Lotus Ring

Spring Lotus Ring

Our Spring Lotus ring is another subtle spring look. This simple design uses wire-wrapping to create the highly professional look. Because the ring is made from wrapped wire, you can easily adjust the design to fit your finger. Switch out the crystals for Pacific Opal and Rose Water Opal colors for a pastel version of this ring.

Sugar Bowl Bracelet

Sugar Bowl Bracelet

Let’s not forget that spring is a bright and colorful season, just like this bracelet! Furnace glass dangles create pops of juicy color in this playful Sugar Bowl design. It’s just like a fresh bouquet of picked flowers: thoughtful, vibrant and sweet!

Our customers have also created some fabulous spring jewelry! Check out Artbeader Linda’s bracelet design:

Linda's Spring Bracelet

Linda’s Spring Bracelet

Linda used some of our grass green TOHO seed beads in this sweet beaded bracelet. They make a beautiful accent of color to the pastel tones. Linda liked the fact that she was able to go through these beads several times with her beading thread.

You’ve seen some fabulous jewelry designs to get you inspired, and now it’s time to take a look at some beads you could use in your very own spring designs! Beautiful beads are the foundation for any design and these spring-themed treasures are sure to spark your imagination.

Pastel Beads!

Pastel Beads!

Spring is always a good time to incorporate pastels into your designs and Swarovski has created beautiful pearls and crystals featuring Crystal Powder effects in pastel colors. These delicious pastels are a more contemporary version of the classic take on pastel color. The trendy powder colors offer a softer, subtle elegance with a hint of nostalgia in a modern interpretation. To go along with new Swarovski pastel colors, our designers have created some pastel Artbeads Designer Seed Bead Blends. Use the seed beads and crystals together for unforgettable spring style!

Floral Lampwork Beads

Floral Lampwork Beads

Finally, these lampwork beads are a great way to kick off any spring design. You can use them together in a jewelry set or try them in different ideas for a pop of fresh color. We love the floral details on each one.

After all of these beads and jewelry designs, spring has definitely sprung on the Artbeads Blog for Beaders. Now the weather just needs to catch up! While we wait for the arrival of spring, let us know what you’re planning for the season. Share your jewelry ideas in the comments below, or post a picture on our Facebook page. Then, make sure to take a look at all of our spring jewelry ideas right here.

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Swarovski Rivolis

January 9th, 2015 · 5 Comments


Swarovski rivoli crystals are beautiful stones that make a sparkling impact on any design. Their unique facets refract light in a dazzling display. These stones don’t have stringing holes, so they work best as embellishments in bead embroidery or even in beaded bezels. Artbeader Linda made some very cool bezels for her rivolis. Linda's Bezels for Rivolis

Linda made a black cat bezel and a peppermint candy bezel for her rivoli components. By modifying the same technique to suit different styles, she created two very different looks!

Rivoli Bezels

You can learn to make an open back bezel for your rivolis with this Handy Tip. Tubular peyote stitch helps seed beads fit snugly around these circular stones. The completed bezels are easy to incorporate into designs, too.

Blooming Stars’s chief jewelry designer Cynthia Kimura embellished her beaded bezels with bicones in her Blooming Stars necklace. Then, she attached them to each other using links she made with an Artbeads Designer Wire Blend in perfectly coordinated colors.

If you’re pressed for time when designing, there are quick ways to use rivolis, too!

Ring Around the Rivoli

These Ring Around the Rivoli rings come together in minutes! All you have to do is glue the rivoli into the ring setting and allow to dry. The result is a fabulous ring with professional style.

Luminous Gypsy

TierraCast also offers rivoli settings you can use to display some sparkle in your projects! Earring chandeliers, like the ones featured in this Luminous Gypsy design, charms and links are all available in a variety of finishes. Once again, just glue the rivoli in place and allow to dry.

As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate the magic of rivoli crystals into your designs. What are some ways you have used them in your projects? We would love to see your designs. Share with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Remember, you can also add pictures of your designs when leaving product reviews on our website, like Linda did. You just might be featured on a future blog post, Facebook or Pinterest!

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Using Large-Hole Beads in New Ways

November 22nd, 2014 · 4 Comments

Large-Hole Bead Ideas

We love the way large-hole beads add character to designs. These fun components are easy to add to lots of designs and come in a variety of styles. The example above, our Royal Vanguard necklace, shows Swarovski BeCharmed beads and large-hole TierraCast spacers strung onto SilverSilk. This is just one of the many ways you can use large-hole beads in your designs. Their wide stringing holes allow you to explore options you may have never thought of before. The Artbeads Learning Center is filled with examples for using these goodies in unique ways.

Blue Note Necklace

Our At the Blue Note necklace is a simple idea to start with. This necklace features beautiful Grace Lampwork beads and large-hole bead caps strung onto silk ribbon. The ends of the necklace are knotted. Large-hole beads are always a great complement to silk ribbon and even simple stringing techniques like this look stunning.


This next silk ribbon idea, one of our Bailee necklaces, incorporates large-hole beads in a completely different way. After stringing a donut pendant onto the center of the ribbon, Artbeads Chief Jewelry Designer Cynthia Kimura strung Swarovski BeCharmed beads onto both ends of the ribbon. The BeCharmed beads act as a bail that keeps the donut pendant in place. A simple knot at the top of the beads makes sure everything stays put!

DIY Shamballa Bracelets

Large-hole beads are also a great option for shamballa style bracelets. These bracelets are fun and easy to make and look great! Use Chinese knotting cord or leather cord to complement the colors of the beads you choose.

Our Learning Center is full of ideas for large-hole beads, but that’s not the only place to find inspiration. Our customers also come up with great ideas! Take a look at what Artbeads user “corvettekat” made with our large-hole JBB dotted spacer bead:

Artbeads Customer Design

This Artbeader used these spacers in a multi-strand fiber necklace and says, “These were perfect for stabilizing and adding some balance to the yarn used in this necklace.” The sliders really do bring the piece together.

Have you used large-hole beads in your designs lately? What’s your favorite way to incorporate them into your designs? We would love to hear from you in the comments below, or share a picture of your projects on our Facebook page. Your designs and ideas might just inspire others to start creating with large-hole beads!


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Beautiful Bicones

November 15th, 2014 · 4 Comments

Ideas for Bicones

Swarovski Bicones can be used in so many ways. They’re excellent accents of sparkle for necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The unique rhombus shape can be paired with pearls, chain and lots of other beads.

Artbeader Lynn P. used her bicones to make a very special necklace:

Lynn P.'s Bicone Necklace

Lynn says, “I wanted to make some bling for a cancer survivor friend in Canada. Her favorite color is blue and I LOVE Swarovski, so this creation was born. Turned out pretty good if I say so myself.”

We have to agree, Lynn! We love the innovative way she wove the bicones together. They fit so nicely together.

Are you looking for more innovative ways to use your bicones?

Shimmering Winds RAW Bracelet

Shimmering Winds’s Chief Jewelry Designer Cynthia Kimura used bicones to create a Right Angle Weave bracelet, Shimmering Winds. Once again, the unique shape of the bicone works perfectly in this technique. Cynthia used one of our Artbeads Swarovski Designer Blends to make this bracelet.

Artbeads Swarovski Designer Blends

These Blends feature Swarovski bicones in perfectly coordinated colors, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right colors – they’re already picked out for you!

Fairy Lanterns

Bicones are also perfect for our Fairy Lantern idea. To make these cute little dangles, you string two bicones onto a head pin or eye pin and wrap bugle beads that have been stitched together around the two bicones. These dangles are great in earrings or as pendants and charms. Choose your favorite colors to customize this look to suit your tastes.

So what’s your favorite way to use bicones? Share with us in the comments below or leave a picture of your best bicone ideas on our Facebook page. We always love seeing what you’ve created with our products!


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