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Both experienced and beginning jewelry makers need help sometimes coming up with creative and innovative ideas. Whether you need to entertain the kids on a rainy day or need to create a piece of jewelry for a special occasion, this section is sure to help!

Dried Out Gilders Paste? No Problem!

October 17th, 2014 · No Comments

Gilders Paste is a great way to add new color to metal, wood, polymer clay, ceramic, wax and resin surfaces. It comes in lots colors and each container provides enough paste for many, many projects. We’ve used Gilders Paste in some of our Learning Center ideas and they all turned out fabulous!

A little Gilders Paste goes a long way in projects like these, so you’ll have your Gilders Paste on hand for a long time. After a while, you might notice it start to dry out. Don’t worry, you don’t have to throw it out! You can refresh dried out Gilders Paste so it is as good as new and ready to use on any project!

How to Refresh Dried Gilders Paste

Take a look at our How to Refresh Dried Out Gilders Paste Handy Tip to learn the techniques for rejuvenating this amazing paste. Or, if you’re new to using Gilders Paste, learn the basics with our How to Use Gilders Paste Handy Tip.

Now that you know all the tricks to using Gilders Paste, we want to know: What will you make? Leave us a comment below with your plans, or share a picture of your Gilders Paste creations on our Facebook Page!

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Hot Chocolate Fashion

May 14th, 2013 · 2 Comments

So many ooey, gooey, delicious things come in brown, and today we want to celebrate the tasty power of this color in fashion. The perfect shade of chocolate brown is a cool complement to other shades and even looks good on its own. Learn how you can add a taste of brown to your jewelry box as either the backbone of a design or in a supporting role.

A Neutral Foundation

Iris Necklace

Neutrals are appropriate for any occasion, although most people immediately opt for black, grey or white. Brown is a fun twist on the traditional neutral hue, and it enriches any other color it’s paired with. Let it guide the feel of your design, helping build the overall look. This could be in the form of antique brass findings or an awesome chocolate focal. Next, layer on your colors! Beads in robin egg blue or pale pink are just a couple of ideas. In our Iris necklace design, we used a combination of brown and purple for a sweet and simple look. Mint green is another refreshing accent. Try a silk ribbon in this shade to complement a choco-pendant. Gold always looks nice with deep browns, too.

A Sugary Accessory

Cosmopolitan Earrings

If your style is more colorful, use a soothing brown to help tie different elements together. Dangle some chocolate drops from your ears (like our chocolate glaze pavé beads) to complete a blue and white polka dot dress. Or, recreate the beauty in our Cosmopolitan Earrings for jewelry with just a lick of chocolate brown goodness. Wherever your imagination takes your fashion, add some tasteful brown tones for a truly sweet look!

Just for fun, we’ll leave you with some extreme chocolate fashion. These are from the NYC Chocolate Fashion Show, where models ruled the runway in chocolate couture…yes, it’s real chocolate. Enjoy!

Chocolate Mermaid Fairy

Double Chocolate Couture

Bon Bon Necklace

Galactic Chocolate Skirt

Photo Source:

What’s your favorite way to wear chocolate?


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Smashing Summer Jewelry Fashion from Downton Abbey

May 7th, 2013 · 7 Comments

Downton Abbey Regal Colors

We’re excited that the American 1920s lavish fashion is sweeping the runways and fashion mags due to the release of the new Great Gatsby film, but this film isn’t creating the trend all on its own. We’re tickled that another on-screen powerhouse from across the pond has been making headway as well. The British television series Downton Abbey, set in the Yorkshire country estate of Downton Abbey during the Post-Edwardian era, is influencing fashion for 2013 too. This show follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants, and depicts how historical events affect their lives and the British hierarchy. In fact, the show begins after the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, and the tragic loss of the family heir aboard the fateful ship impacts the rest of the members.

Rose MacClare

Just like the popular flapper flair of Gatsby, the luxurious wardrobe from this show is captivating fashion designers, and has been this whole year. The vintage colors, cuts and accessories have just the right amount of excessiveness to be appealing for modern looks. Bold colors like regal red and rich finishes like gold are a reflection of the popular Art Deco style, but can be a nostalgic nod if worn in clothing or a trendy twist when used in jewelry designs.


Floral and Beaded Accents

Headpieces, floral accents and beaded embellishments are just a few of the ways the costumes of Downton Abbey have helped sway the runway—and we absolutely love it! To recreate some of these luxurious necklaces, check out our Swarovski cuplink chain and our fire-polished linked chain. Long, dangling earrings are a breeze to make using Swarovski Column Pendants or Ellipse Pendants.

Downton Abbey Floral Lace and Pearls

If you want to replicate the richness of the era, simple touches like long pearls or feminine lace are a great way to get started. Filigree components in vintage finishes like antique brass would be perfect in jewelry designs as well. Here are some fun Learning Center ideas that showcase the decadence of Downton Abbey:

Syncopated Rhytm Necklace
Syncopated Rhythm

Chicago Loop Necklace
Chicago Loop

Vintage Romance Necklace
Vintage Romance

What are some of your ideas for bringing a little British charm to your designs?


Downton Abbey Photo Credits:, and Booktalk and More Blog.

Fashion Photo Credits:

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Great Gatsby and the Real Flapper Girl

May 2nd, 2013 · 3 Comments

The Great Gtasby

This year’s hottest fashion craze is all about 1920s fashion, thanks in large part to the highly anticipated 2013 release of the film, The Great Gatsby. This variation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel has been getting a lot of buzz since the start of its filming, which in turn has influenced the fashion world to go Gatsby. Although we expect the movie to have a modern twist on the fashion from the era, we wondered just how accurate the film was. And, moreover, was the 1974 film version just as accurate? Who nailed the flapper look the best? We’ll break down the flapper fashion first, and then move through each film.

Real Flapper Style

1920s Flapper Fashion

This shocking new look for the times evolved from the rise of the jazz age, music that required dancers to move freely. This meant that women needed to hem their skits and dress in lightweight material. The term Flapper originally referred to the mindset of these women, or young girls rather, who were just learning to make their way into the world—in a sense, first starting to “flap” their wings after leaving the home nest. Later, the term would associate with their fringe-style clothing. Flappers celebrated decadence and indulgence with flashy jewelry and short hairstyles. CoCo Chanel instigated the boyish look of the flapper by dropping the waistline to the hips and ditching the figure-defining corsets. Long strands of pearls allowed the women to sway to the jazzy rhythm, and vibrant colors reflected its exotic melodies. This type of jewelry also worked to accent the straight, defined lines of their dresses.

1920s Flapper Fashion

The Great Gatsby, 1974

1974 Great Gatsby

It seems that the female characters in this movie wanted to live a lavish flapper lifestyle without leaving their femininity behind. Mia Farrow is delightful as Daisy Buchannan, with long layers of pearls, but that seemed to be where the 1920s nod stopped. The cut of her dresses didn’t angle sharply for the Art Deco feel, and their flowy fit didn’t reflect the curve-hugging, boyish trend of the time. Her large sun hat didn’t fit into the flapper look, either. Maybe if she had kept the haircut from Rosemary’s Baby, it would have helped. Overall, the 1974 rendition kept close to the book in terms of storyline (though critics feel this made it lose the spirit of the novel), but lacked in fully capturing the jazz-age feel in its wardrobe choices. It paid homage to the era, but chose to command with popular fashion of the current time.

1974 Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, 2013

2013 Great Gatsby

From the cut of Carey Mulligan’s dress to her pixie bob hair, the 2013 version appears to pay more attention at getting the style from the time right. The “new” Daisy Buchannan dresses in clothing cut to fit her thin frame. Her hair accessories kept it vintage with sharp, angled lines with bursts of color and sparkle as well. Though she wears her pearls tightly around her wrist rather than loosely around her neck, Carey’s version of Daisy is still immersed in an over-the-top lifestyle in true flapper fashion. We’ll have to wait and see what more is revealed when the film is released May 10th, 2013. From what we’ve seen so far, though, it seems like the 1920s fashion was not forgotten.

2013 Great Gatsby

Flip through the pages of any fashion magazine for 2013 and you’ll spot some sort of 1920s influence. Whether it’s finger waves, drop waistlines or the addition of fringe, the Roaring Twenties era is one of the hottest trends. Things are heating up even more for summer, with the movie’s release sure to inspire more designers soon. You can get a head start on what to make by checking out our Platinum Flapper fashion trend here in the Learning Center or browsing through or Pinterest board by the same name. We’re crazy about this style!


Information Source:
Actual 1920s Photo Credit:
1974 Film Photo Credit:
2013 Film Photo Credit: WarnerBrothers.

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Legendary Giveaway

April 24th, 2013 · 6 Comments

Legendary Giveaway

Once upon a time, mythical creatures roamed the land. In the days of unicorns, fairies and dragons, magic was easy to come by. Now all that exists of these creatures and others like them are legends and myth. You can bring them back to life on Pinterest with our Legendary Giveaway. is currently featuring a fantastic sale on lampwork beads, including Unicorne Beads. Unicorne Beads offers spectacular beads, many of which are inspired by mythical creatures. We want you to create a Pinterest board for your favorite mythical being and pin pictures inspired by that creature. The things you pin can be fashion inspired by your favorite mythical being, color palettes or something else!


  • Follow us on Pinterest
  • Pin this image to the board you will use for your legendary creature inspirations
  • Find one product from Unicorne Beads that inspires you and pin that item first.
  • You must pin at least ten (10) products from The rest of your board is up to you. Fill it with fashion, colors, places – anything inspired by your legendary creature. Use the hashtag #legendaryinspiration in the description for each item you pin.
  • Once you have created your board, email a link to your Pinterest board to with “Legendary Style Giveaway” as the subject line in order to be entered into the contest.

The winner will receive magical Unicorne Beads including a strand of round beads and a colorful owl, along with a $25 gift certificate to! Enter by Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 11:59pm PST for your chance to win! Check out our official contest rules for more details.

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High School Stories

April 23rd, 2013 · 1 Comment

High school was a time when we believed friendships would last forever and prom was the most anticipated event of the year. If you have a graduate this year, remind them that one day they’ll be able to look back at their time in school and smile—even if they don’t enjoy it right now. They’ll be able to pull out old photos, relive the moment in their minds and smile. To celebrate the graduation (and prom) season coming soon, here are some Artbeads employee high school stories!


“This was my senior year; I was a homecoming “princess.” For seniors, there were princesses and princes and a king and queen. During the homecoming game we got to ride in convertibles around the track and wave to the crowd! It was the only day that it was acceptable for me to wear a sparkly tiara everywhere I went.” – Becky, Copywriter


Cortney, Vice President, wore this gorgeous, handmade green dress to her prom. Her husband was her date back then!


Sherri, our New Product Coordinator, was 17 when she graduated from high school…and is glad that the feathered hair style has passed.


Jewelry Designer Teri McCamish back in the day, sporting her “preppy LL Bean oxford cloth shirt and ribbon head band.”


Brittany, our Web Content Publisher on the right, kept it real with her besties in high school and even after graduation. All three still keep in touch and reminisce about when they were teens when they get together.


Read about my prom story in a previous post—Swarovski crystals make an appearance!

Help your graduate remember this year with a memorable jewelry design, or create a customizable memento. Here are a few ideas from our Learning Center to inspire you.

Dream First Grad Cap

Dream First LC Idea

Unlock Your Future Necklace

Unlock Your Future LC Idea

Wherever You Go Necklace

Wherever You Go LC Idea

Happy memories!


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High School Fashion

April 19th, 2013 · 1 Comment

The Breakfast Club
Photo Source: Windsore-Store Blog.

Preppy, Athletic, Goth—our style in school often defined who we were as teenagers. High school cliques may have changed over generations, but continue to be part of the public high school experience. The click-clacking of high heels, the jingling of chain wallets, and the screeching of sneakers were the soundtrack to a typical day of school, featuring all of your favorite (and not so favorite) cliques. Graduations are right around the corner and as we move closer to summer vacation (anybody remember that?!?), dorm room shopping and packing up your graduate for college, we thought we’d lean up against a locker and pay homage to these cliques. We’ll break down some of the most common cliques and show you ways to add a little of their flair into your designs. When you walked down the halls to your next class, or meandered about the cafeteria for a place to sit, could you tell who ran with who?

The Preps and the Rich Kids

Prep-Bubble Pearls Necklace

This clique had a lot of names (prep, soc, mean girl) but it all represented the chic, stylish popular people in school. They had money and class and threw the best house parties—but you’d only know that if you were invited. The preppy uniform included flirty skirts and fitted sweaters, as long as it was name brand. It was a safe but stylish look, which is why it continues to make appearances in magazines. Pull off preppy with a strand of pearls in safe neutral colors. Our Bubble Pearls necklace idea is a nice example.

The Jocks

Jock-Alma Mater Bracelet

The jock (or cheerleader) had school spirit and preferred comfort over style. You could find a jock walking the halls in a team jersey, lettermen’s jacket or just in sweats and a ponytail. Running shoes won over heels most often and minimal accessory was key —you can’t wear a lot of jewelry when you’re running around the field! If you want to add a touch of sporty style, rock your school colors or opt for simple post earrings. To show their school pride, we can picture a high school jock sporting our Alma Mater bracelet at the pep rally.

Surfer and Skater Dudes

Hippie-Catch a Wave Necklace

Hey bud! The laid-back style of the surfer, or skater in later generations, continues to reflect a goal to live effortlessly. Long hair and tattered clothes were common. Beach wave curls and a slight Rastafarian flair would make up the typical surfer girl style too. To bring this look to your style, try incorporating a blend of earth tones with bright colors. Our Catch a Wave necklace captures this feel nicely.

The Hippies and The Hipsters

Hipster-Metamorphosis Necklace

The predecessor to hippies, hipsters have emerged to form one of the newest cliques for high school. Their style expresses a carefree attitude, though every detail of their outfit has been carefully planned. Taking influences from the Beatnik generation, both hippies and hipsters valued fashion and fighting for a cause. They could harmoniously pair mismatched elements (i.e. flannel shirts with tight, fashionable jeans and thick framed glasses) with ease, all the while sharing their opinions on world hunger or global warming. If you want to get the hipster style, incorporate vintage components like our retro coins. See them in use in our Metamorphosis necklace idea.

The Nerds and AP Kids

Nerd-Matrix Necklace

The nerds were the smart kids in class, most of the time sitting front and center to answer every question before anyone else had a chance to. Time Magazine stated that one day that geeks would inherit the earth, and it seems that time has come. Although fashionable style was not a concern for the nerd/super smart kid, their love of comics and math is gaining appeal in the fashion world now. Video game paraphernalia or sci-fi accessories, once thought of as lame, are now mainstream. Channel your inner nerd by creating something dedicated to your obsession, no matter what it is. Our Matrix necklace idea embodies the complete nerdiness of both the math and film interpretation of this word, with a mesmerizing pendant and precise symmetry throughout the design.

The Drama Kids

Drama-Forbidden Romance

They lived for the theater. In fact, they may have moved on to become one of your favorite stars on screen or on stage! The drama kid’s passion for theatrical costumes and makeup meant their clique uniform was bold but comfy (in order to move about the stage during performance practice, of course). You could have spotted a drama club member roaming around in jeans paired with a top depicting their favorite play or film. Add more drama to your life with eye-catching accessories, like a bold statement pendant or a mixture of colors and materials, like our Forbidden Romance necklace idea does.

The Band Geeks

Band-Tanagers Song

While drama kids lived for theater, band geeks lived for the music. If they weren’t wearing their marching band uniform, you may have seen the band geek representing their favorite band via t-shirt. Fashion wasn’t a priority for band geeks, but as long as they could play their hearts out it didn’t matter how they dressed. Show your appreciation for music with little elements in your jewelry by capturing old band paraphernalia in a bezel setting for a customized pendant, or add just a touch with a simple treble cleft charm. Our Tanager’s Song necklace idea is simple and sweet, like the little song bird that shares its name.

The Goths

Goth-Gothic Collar

Dark clothes, dark makeup and a dark attitude were common for the Goths. This clique is typically easy to spot in the halls. Black was the staple color, but could be mixed with dramatic reds or white for a monochromatic design. Their slightly morbid outlook on fashion was an eclectic mixture of Victorian, Elizabethan and punk. Our Gothic Collar idea is the epitome of gothic style.

The Punks

Punk-Miss Magma

Their rise against mainstream and refusal to be controlled was expressed partially through what punks wore to school. Their fashion was an expression of attitude, so it wasn’t so much about being on trend as it was about being an individual. The punk kids experimented with colorful hair, safety pins in clothes and just about anything else out of the ordinary. Get some punk rock influence with metallic elements, black accessories or anything that rebels against the norm. The wild colors and crazy patterns in our Miss Magma bracelet express this style well.

Do you remember which clique you fit into when you were in high school? Reminisce about what you rocked in high school with familiar elements in your fashion today!


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Gifts for Teacher

April 18th, 2013 · 4 Comments

With the school year winding down, don’t forget to say thank you to the teacher! It takes a lot of energy to teach—and it takes a lot more to teach well. Show your appreciation with a handmade gift that they can enjoy in the summer, and let your little ones help pick the gift. Here are some fun ideas to do that you can start on now before June arrives.

Gift Basket
Teachers get summers off from the classroom, but more often than not they’re still working on school projects for part of their vacation. You and your kid can think of a creative care package that the teacher would enjoy in the summer, whenever they get a moment to take a break. Find out what the teacher likes and play off that.

Emma's Garden Gift Basket

Is your kid’s teacher an avid gardener? If she has helped your student grow, put together this cute planter box gift basket! You can use a variety of beads, chain and other components to personalize it for her. Decorate a watering can, flower pot and planter box with beads to fit the teacher’s style, and put together a nice bracelet for her to wear on summer vacation. See what we put in our garden gift basket for inspiration.

Treasure Chest
Photo Source: Lizard and Ladybug Blog.

If you’re not sure of teacher’s hobbies, you can always give her a sweet treat. Find some chocolate wrapped in gold and silver (you could even use gold and silver chocolate coins!) and place them inside a cutout treasure chest. It’s fun, fast and thoughtful. You could even add a simple necklace with a sterling silver charm that she could wear every day—like an apple strung on some thin chain. Add a fancy touch with a handmade jewelry design using school colors, mascot charms or letter charms to spell out her name. This would be a nice surprise to top off a box of chocolate!

Gifts that send a message

Theachers Thank You Bookmark

The simplest gestures can also be some of the most kind. Have your child write a letter to the teacher, thanking him for a wonderful year and expressing how much your kid learned. The best recognition for being a teacher comes from the student, so make an extra copy to put in the principal’s file, too. Use cardstock for the letter and add some colorful flatbacks so it can catch everyone’s eye when he posts it on his wall. The bookmark idea featured above would be a sweet and simple gift idea as well. Find your favorite pattern to follow or use a transfer sheet like we did.

US Humane Society Logo
Photo Source: The Humane Society of the United States.

Make a donation in the teacher’s name related to their subject or to reflect an interest or hobby. If he has a pet, give to the local shelter or adopt-a-pet program. If she teaches science, donate to an environmental study. Name a star after her, too! You could even donate to her—give her a gift card to an office supply store so she’s ready for next year. Let your child help you determine where to make a donation so they feel like part of the project, and teach them how to think about others.

Even though their students are a little older, middle school and high school teachers appreciate a thank-you too. Have your teen (or pre-teen) sit down with you to complete any of these projects. Think of it as an opportunity to spend some time with your teen, a chance to talk and find out what’s going on before they cruise off with friends. Any teacher, and any student, at any grade level, deserves a small thanks. Take the time you have before school ends to try one of these ideas at home, and thank the person who’s helping to mold the minds of our future.

As the wife of a high school teacher, I have observed the power behind a simple token of appreciation. My go-getter guy thought for sure he would get the rookie teacher of the year award in his district, but it ended up going to someone else. He was pretty bummed. A few days later he found a note in the trash can in his classroom. It was a crumpled up piece of notebook paper written by one of his students, addressed to the principal. The student wrote about how my husband was one of the best teachers at the school, and how he was always there to stay after and listen to their problems. This student thought my husband was getting fired since he didn’t get the award, and had attempted to write a letter to prevent it. Reading this made my husband feel so good that he forgot all about losing out on the award. That letter is now on our fridge, and it means more to him than any plaque or certificate ever could.


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Our Favorite TV Moms

April 11th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Remember coming home and planting yourself in front of the TV to watch your favorite characters get into crazy situations, all which could be solved in 30 minutes? (If only all our problems took 30 minutes or less to solve—it’d be easier than ordering a pizza!) The main characters could always depend on their mom to be there at the end of the day, to help pry them out of their predicaments. We grew up watching TV moms dispense a mother load of advice to their kids, and we listened contently from the other side of the tube. They played such a big role on the small screen that we decided that if they were real, they deserve a gift for Mother’s Day too. Moms always like homemade gifts the most, so the best way Artbeads could show its appreciation to these moms was to make them jewelry—and not just the macaroni kind! We’ll spotlight our top ten television moms and which of our Learning Center ideas we would make for them this Mother’s Day.

June Cleaver—Leave it to Beaver

June Cleaver-Kissing Birds Necklace

The “All American” mom of the late 1950s and 1960s was a caring stay-at-home mom, who was always there to greet her husband at the front door and always ready to dispense words of wisdom to her two sons. While we might scoff now at her pristine image of high heels and pearls, this mom knew how to keep her kids in line. With one stern look, that unforgettable ‘mom glare’, and a few carefully chosen words, Wally and Beaver straightened up quickly. We would like to present June Cleaver with our Kissing Birds necklace idea. Its fresh white pearls and romantic rose touches will complement her signature style of dresses and aprons.

Laura Petrie—The Dick Van Dyke Show

Laura Petrie-Miriam Necklace

This suburban housewife showed viewers that it was okay to be feminine and strong at the same time. With her Capri pants and sweet disposition, Laura faced the challenges most American mothers could relate to—mostly how to discipline the kids and getting along with the in-laws. While she was viewed as a very feminine character, Laura was very much articulate and wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion. For Laura Petrie, we would make our Miriam necklace. It’s bold but still feminine, and we think she would like it.

Marion Cunningham—Happy Days

Marion Cunningham-Lisas Gift Bracelet

Mrs. C. was everybody’s mom. She kept an eye on her two kids, and bad boy ‘The Fonz’ while maintaining a clean house. Her witty comments kept the kids of the show out of trouble and kept her husband in check, too. She was a devoted mother and loving wife, and lived in the house everyone wanted to hang at. We would make Lisa’s Gift Bracelet for Marion Cunningham because it’s got a classic look with just the right amount of flavor.

Joan Harris/Holloway—Mad Men

Joan Harris-Syncopated Rhythm Necklace

A fairly new TV mom, Joan is another icon for the 1960s. She knows how to use her beauty and wit to get what she wants. Joan enjoys working hard and maintains a strong presence in the advertising agency she works for, progressively gaining power with a femme fatale attitude. As a mother, though, Joan is devoted to ensuring security for the well being of her son. For this new mom, we would make our Syncopated Rhythm necklace to match her unconventional charisma and stunning beauty.

Carol Brady—The Brady Bunch

Carol Brady-Blossom Necklace

Carol Brady really was an untraditional mom for the times. She headed a blended family (a big one at that!) and managed to keep it all under control. Not only did this show help influence how society viewed blended families, but mom Carol had a big job spearheading the effort. She had to be in control of her children and her stepchildren and emphasize the importance of support and love. For Carol Brady we’d make our Blossom necklace. This sweet design symbolizes the blossoming future of a new beginning, like her new family.

Mabel Thomas—What’s Happening

Mabel Thomas-Cameot Chains Necklace

Mama Mabel was another one of those mothers who watched over all the kids in the neighborhood. With her big heart and sharp tongue, she executed the perfect blend of discipline and affection. Her words were always wise and should always be heard. For this superstar single mom, we’d make Mabel our Camelot Chains necklace design. This beautiful balance of bold, gunmetal chain and elegant Swarovski crystal is ideal for her.

Elyse Keaton—Family Ties

Elyse Keaton-Bead Orbit Earrings

The role of working mom was on the rise, and Elyse Keaton helped bring to life the challenges and joys of this double role. Though she made it look effortless, we looked up to her for being able to support her family both financially and emotionally. Lest we not forget: she had a heck of a time raising a young yuppie son when she herself was a bohemian babe turned white collar mom. Elyse managed to stay on top of domestic duties and played teammate to her husband in taking care of their kids..all on top of being self employed. To capture her hippie spirit and working mom style, we would make Elyse Keaton our Bead Orbit earrings.

Clair Huxtable—The Cosby Show

Clair Huxtable-The Huxtables Bracelet

This was another mom who seemed to be able to do it all. Clair Huxtable was a beautiful mother, lawyer—and nutritionist for her husband. It’s been said that behind every strong man is even stronger woman, and this is no more true than for the Huxtable family. While Cliff could lay down the law with the kids, it was clear that Clair had a firm and tender hold on everyone in the household. For being able to hold down a powerful career and keep her kids (and husband) in line, all the while with a patient and kind spirit, we actually made Clair her own bracelet—The Huxtables bracelet.

Marge Simpson—The Simpsons

Marge Simpson-Cosmos Sorbet Earrings

She may only be two-dimensional, but Marge Simpson can hold her own against other incredible moms on TV. Who else could tend to the antics of a dimwitted husband, trouble-making son, super smart daughter and a toddler, all the while maintaining some fabulous blue hair? Although she’s tried her hand at various careers, the best job for her is that of homemaker. Her patience is saint-worthy and her kind personality is recognized through her town of Springfield. She knew just when to wrangle her family in from their antics, but also wasn’t afraid to join them on occasion. To match her ‘animated’ lifestyle, we’d make Marge Simpson our Cosmos Sorbet earrings.

Debra Barone—Everybody Loves Raymond

Debra Barone-Night on the Pier Necklace

Debra Barone endured what most of us dread: living next to your in-laws. She was able to hold her own, though, and wasn’t afraid to tell her overbearing mother-in-law when she stepped out of line. Debra was a devoted wife and whole-heartedly supported her husband. When she’s not playing ringleader to in-laws who show up unannounced, Debra takes care of the couple’s three children. She teaches them important lessons and proves that she can stand toe to toe with the old-school style of mother-in-law Marie. For being able to keep her cool (most of the time) with grace, we present Debra Barone with our Night on the Pier necklace design.

There are a lot of wonderful TV moms that graced our television screens over the years, and we think they all deserve a great gift this year for the holiday. In a way, these mothers helped mold us into who we became. We chose to watch them raise their own children, and we respected their approach to life. So, to all moms real and fictional, we say Happy Mother’s Day!


Photo Sources:
The Poptart Culture
Cartoon Galaxy

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Disco Era Fashion

April 8th, 2013 · No Comments

Disco Mirror Balls

Pavé beads are so sparkly that they can light up and shine at any angle—like a disco ball! No wonder why they’re often referred to as disco beads. In honor of our disco-themed pavé sale this week, we thought it’d be fun to take a funky trip back to the height of the disco era and relive some of the best fashion trends.

The Clothes

The disco dance club was an escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world; it was a chance to get away and just dance. This fantasy feeling was amplified by the elaborate outfits found on the dance floor for both women and men. The shiny, lightweight material was perfect for being seen under the bright lights and busting out moves effortlessly.

Qiana Shirts for Men
Photo Source: Pinterest.

Qiana shirts were a top choice for the disco dude. These slinky polyester tops were casual, comfortable and colorful—a disco trifecta.

Women Fashion
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Disco women flocked to different looks, but they all opted for lightweight material to keep their dance moves fluid. The cosmic appeal of shiny silver played off the other-worldly feel of disco. Sequined tube tops, wrap dresses and high-waist jeans were the way to go. Clothes were form fitting to keep a sensual vibe in the dance studio, but still comfortable so could dance all night long.

The Shoes

Platform Shoes
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Platform shoes were made for disco! These cool kicks elevated the dancer so everyone would take notice and were as varied in style as the dancers who wore them. The heavy center inside the thick heels made for sluggish dancing, so designers started to hollow them out. This is what sparked the idea for some to start filling their shoes with objects—like goldfish—for added flash in their flair.

Candies Shoes
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Candies was the brand of shoe you wanted if you were looking to dance the night away. The high heel style, with one strap in the front, was the best.

The Hair

You musn’t forget about the hair! The way you styled your hair for disco had to emphasize your passion for dancing, so it had to be something that made you to look glamorous as you danced. Some of the most popular looks were the afro and the feathered look.

Afro Hairstyle
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Afros had to be rounded and sit nicely atop the head, and the bigger the afro the better!

Farrah Fawcett Feathered Hair
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The feathered look was made popular for women by stars like Farrah Fawcett, but long, straight hair parted in the middle remained trendy for women in the 1970s as well.

The Jewelry

1970s jewelry
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Gold ruled the 1970s! Large chains and gold pendants were ideal for men because they captured the edgy side of a guy but were just flashy enough for the studio. Women wore thin gold chains layered across their neck and were also fond of big hoop earrings, lucite beads and bangles.

Disco Diva Fashion Trend

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