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New Product Introductions

Keeping up on the latest bead working trends is much easier when you know about new products the second they’re released. Here you’ll find the latest news on products to be launched on

Learn About Dakota Stones

September 7th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Have you seen our new collection of gemstones from Dakota Stones? These beautiful, high-quality beads are carefully selected through visits to the mines and extensive fashion trend research. We’re excited to be carrying these incredible new stones, and we know you’ll love using them to create unique jewelry. Read our Spotlight on Dakota Stones and then shop our vast collection today!


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New Swarovski Innovations for Fall/Winter 2013/2014

September 4th, 2012 · 4 Comments

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the newest Innovations from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for Fall 2013 and Winter 2014! This season is all about what Swarovski calls glocalization—an embracement of one’s national heritage and local traditions (possibly in response to the Olympic Games). For Austrian-based Swarovski, this meant delving in to the folkloric charm of their country with new colors and shapes.


Crystal Blue Shade
This universally unique new color displays a smoky blue whisper that is both romantic and strong, creating a fresh and sophisticated feel. With just a shimmer of silver streaking through its slate blue hue, Crystal Blue Shade is like the still, moonlit water.

Light Turquoise
This is a color that has to been seen to truly appreciate its beauty! It’s a new kind of blue, but still has a familiar feel—a perfect blend of Aquamarine and Blue Zircon. Light Turquoise is meant to reflect the blue skies of Alpine treks, along with cool arctic winters and Caribbean summers. Pair it with earth tones for lovely contrast or a black and white pattern.

Neon Green
Part of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, this pre-launch color comes off of the successful neon pearl colors from earlier this year. Now you can add this deep, vibrant green to your collection of crystal pearls when your designs need a real color pop!

Neon Red
Neon Red is another spring/summer 2015 Innovations launch. This pumpkin-red pearl further demonstrates the power of neon pearls.

The timeless pearl is getting a boost of elegance with the very sophisticated Grey shade. With Light Grey and Dark Grey already on the market, you can now create a cascading effect of grey pearls in your jewelry.


This brilliant cut puts Swarovski chatons closer to the look and feel of real diamonds. With complex faceting and durability, this evolution from the 1028 Chaton is the new definition of excellence.

The powerful symbol of the key is now captured in crystal form. This traditional shape outlined in precise facets makes the ultimate focal point for a design. Its avant-garde charm and luxurious feel comes in neutral shades to give it a more natural look.

Pure Leaf
This organic and playful shape is perfect for complementing any look you’re going for, whether it be a fun floral fall design or a nod to vintage subtlety. Bring the beauty of nature into any jewelry or accessory with this shape, available in a variety of components.

Victory Pendant
The Victory pendant features a familiar donut design but kicks up the contemporary feel with asymmetric faceting. Designed to resemble a medallion, the symbol of aesthetic triumph, the lightweight Victory shape appeals to mod-inspired pieces and modern fashion statements.

BeCharmed Pearl
Much like their BeCharmed beads, the pearl presents an elegant look for large-hole jewelry. Finished with stainless steel grommets for a durable look, you can mix and match them with other large-hole components to tell a story with your jewelry.

Mini Shapes
These small yet precise geometric components are the perfect addition to any jewelry idea. Their flat, faceted design is what makes them exact—but their small size is what makes them perfect. The new mini shapes are available in square, round and oval cuts.

Square Mini

Round Mini

Oval Mini

Be sure to check out our New Swarovski Innovations page frequently to find out when you can place an order for these new lovelies!


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Artist Spotlight – C-Koop Beads

June 13th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Artbeads has always believed in providing only the best quality products for jewelry and craft designs. Even if our selection is not as vast as others, it’s only because we want to keep our collection special. We understand the intimacy of an artist, how an artist likes to ensure that their designs are unique. This is why Artbeads prides itself of valuing quality instead of quantity. C-Koop Beads shares this idea with us, that designers are the best source for other designers. Sara Lukkonen, owner and artist for C-Koop Beads, started her business in 1999 with just two differently sized beads but has turned it into a successful business. Her enameled copper pieces demonstrate the raw, real beauty that pours out from an artist’s hands.

The first time Sara tried to make a bead was over 35 years ago. Sara recalls, “It was exciting! I still remember the excitement of instant gratification. This excitement still happens today with many of the pieces.” She started enameling with a hobby kiln, discovering that she could fuse glass to copper and produce gorgeous results. In fact, no two pieces look exactly alike—making them even more special for a designer! C-Koop Beads gets its name from the studio Sara set up for herself in the ‘chicken koop’ at her home.

Although she doesn’t have a favorite piece, Sara does keep many of her favorite pieces in front of the torch so they can inspire her. Sara admits, ““I do like when I have to re-fire a piece, because it can change completely. Most of the time the ‘redo’ is so much better than the first time.”

Her love for designing is what she wants people to know first and foremost. “I really like what I do. I like to try to make things for people that they don’t know they want until they see it.” Her passion for staying ahead of fashion trends (and other designers) is what keeps Sara’s designs special.

We love C-Koop Beads just for this reason, too! You can view our collection of C-Koop Beads to add to your collection today.


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Artist Spotlight – Old World Bronze

June 1st, 2012 · 2 Comments

Artbeads has always believed in providing only the best quality products for jewelry and craft designs. Even if our selection is not as vast as others, it’s only because we want to keep our collection special. We search the world for quality artists and designers because we are designers. Old World Bronze is part of a family-owned and operated establishment that believes in this same purpose. Mike Charveaux learned from his goldsmith father what it takes to turn passion into a lifestyle.

“My father, Andrew, is a goldsmith and had one of the first open workshop studios on 5th avenue in Scottsdale in the 60’s. My brother, Steve, and I learned from our dad the love and excitement of design and metalsmithing. When we create pieces we often times cast our working models in alternative metals to work out all the design elements and details,” Mike told us. ” We really wanted our bronze line to be something special and be the standard in the bronze world so we take meticulous care in creating the bronze alloy which is a long held family secret recipe.”

The first step to creating their masterful works is to find inspiration. Living in the Arizona desert provides plenty of new ideas, including the changing colors from seasons and the organic shapes in the landscape. Each design begins on paper and then is carved into wax and checked for construction issues. The design gets its own rubber mold, which will be used for future castings. Mike describes the rest of the process:

“Each bead or component is individually pulled and inspected for uniformity. Then all the waxes are sprued, meaning placed on a casting cylinder in a pinecone like formation. This is then covered with investment which is a plaster like substance and then the wax is burned out in an electric kiln for a minimum of 6 hours. This is known as the lost wax process. This is to ensure that once the molten bronze is added the centrifugal force of the casting machine will pull the bronze into the cylinder leaving a perfect bronze bead. Once this casting is complete it is off to the finishing stage where each bead is clipped off, finished, hand polished and then it’s ready to be used in whatever way you can imagine.”

Mike says his favorite part of the process is working with texture. ” I love working and experimenting with texture because there are so many possibilities and endless opportunity to create fascinating visual and tactile components.” With a variety of new generations coming up with new designs, the beads and components they make all have signature styles but are well blended together for harmonious collections.

Although Old World Bronze is many things, the one thing they would like everyone to know is how much of a role family plays in their business. For over 20 years this company has operated within the family, and each day still brings new challenges and rewards. With everyone taking pride in their hard work, this business is sure to inspire the next generation of jewelry designers. Being fortunate enough to love going to work is what helps Old World Bronze produce such incredible works of art. If you want to view some of their creations, check out our Old World Bronze beads and components to add to your collection!


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Fun With Jewelry Kits

May 4th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Looking for a fun, last-minute gift you can give to Mom? Our jewelry making kits are an excellent way to let your mom discover her creative side and maybe learn a new technique. You could even make the idea yourself and then present the finished product to her for Mother’s Day! Browse our collection, including some recently added seed bead kit ideas, to find the perfect one to match her personality.


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Swarovski annouces new summer launch

April 20th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Normally, Swarovski launches its products twice a year, once around February and once around September.  This year, however, following up on the success of the new Gemcolor pearls recently released, Swarovski just announced a new summer launch.  In it will be three new neon color pearls (pink, orange and yellow) as well as a line extension across many existing items of the very beautiful Crystal Astral Pink color, currently only available in a few heart shapes and select other articles.  Stay tuned next week as we get more information to you on this exciting surprise release!

Michael H.

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Hooray for Crystal Clay!

March 16th, 2012 · No Comments

Discover new ways to play with Crystal Clay! This epoxy clay is a two-part clay that will adhere to almost any surface and requires no heat to cure. Each kit comes in convenient packing and holds 50g of clay, one pair of vinyl gloves, one beeswax applicator and 36 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS chatons.

Use these kits to create unique jewelry designs that reflect your personal style. Mix and match them with other mixed media components like Swarovski crystals or base metal embellishments for whatever look you’re looking to capture.

If you need more help learning how to use this clay, visit our Crystal Clay resources page for helpful hints.


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New Swarovski Innovations are Here!

March 1st, 2012 · 2 Comments

We are super excited to launch new Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2013 today and want you to know! Check out our selection, including new colors like Rose Peach and Crystal Luminous Green and creative new shapes like the trendy Ellipse pendant. We will be adding to our collection soon so be sure to check back often. Just go to our Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 Innovations page to view the latest colors and shapes and stock up on your favorites now!


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The Princess and the Bead Winners

February 8th, 2012 · 4 Comments

Congratulations to Carole D., Jennifer I. and Dale D. for winning Metal Complex Presents The Princess and the Bead Giveaway! They have each won an amazing metal working prize package worth over $350. Have fun with your new components!

We’d also like to congratulate Yvette F. for having the best happy ending for Princess Beadella. For her fun story she has won a $50 Artbeads gift certificate. You can read her story below.

Thank you all for participating in our contest. Stay tuned for our next contest that we’re sure you will love.

Don’t’ forget, you may still win the Artbeads goody jar! The winner will be announced tomorrow so stay tuned…

Yvette F // Jan 26, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Princess Beadella loved King Steampunk very much, so she gathered up her courage and her Metal Complex stamping kit and she and Jasper set out for the Seed Bead Forest. She was determined to find the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear and save her father’s life.

As they drew close to the Seed Bead Forest, she noticed that it was getting darker. The trees were covered in matte brown beads and had no leaves. The ground was a darker shade of brown, no grass in sight. It was dark and eerie. She heard a noise behind her and turned to face a dragon made of every shade of green seed bead she had ever seen. He blew fire of orange and red and yellow seed beads at her and asked, “Who goes there?”

“It is I, Princes Beadella. I am trying to find the lost Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear so that I can cure my father, King Steampunk.”

The dragon said, “I am the great Dragon of the Seed Bead Forest, and no one leaves the forest!”

She quickly set to work stamping letters on blanks from her stamping kit. The dragon watched her hammering away and asked what she was doing. “I am writing a riddle.” She said that if he couldn’t figure out the answer to her riddle, he would have to let her go. He agreed and started reading her words.

“What is as big as a dragon, but weighs nothing?” The dragon thought, and he thought, but he could think of nothing that was as big as he and yet weighed nothing. He said, “Okay, you win. You may safely pass through the Seed Bead Forest. But first, you must tell me the answer to your riddle.”

She said, “Easy…a dragon’s shadow.” And she passed through the Seed Bead Forest, found the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear, and brought it back to Caspia. When she got there, they immediately treated King Steampunk with the Crystal and he returned to health. Queen Metallite and King Steampunk threw a huge party for her and they lived happily ever after.

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Today is Chocolate Cake Day!

January 27th, 2012 · 10 Comments

Happy Chocolate Cake Day to every lover of all things cocoa. Today we should all take time out our schedule to sit, relax, and indulge in some instant and yummy gratification. Pure chocolate cake should be on the menu today—no white, yellow or carrot! Pitch in at the office or whip one up at home and share in the joy of chocolate cake with friends and family.

You can even give your looks a tasty treat with our collection of chocolate jewelry supplies, including chocolate glaze Beadelle beads! These dazzling pavé style rounds feature a dark brown surface that’s then drizzled with sparkling crystals across its shape. Happy Chocolate Cake Day to all and happy Friday!


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