Why do my crimp tubes slide off?

Q: Why do my crimp tubes slide off?

A: It’s important to use the right tool and the right crimps. We recommend the sterling silver and the gold-filled crimp tubes for the best results. You can use a flat-nose pliers to squeeze your crimp tubes, but a specialized bead crimping tool is the best to use. Remember, it is not necessary to squeeze too hard on the crimp tube when attaching it to the wire. The crimp tube is secured when there is no space between the wire and the inside of the tube. Squeezing too hard weakens the crimp. You can find more detailed information on crimping and the use of tools on the back of the package of our tools. Find them in our Tools and Supplies section of our web site.

For detailed instructions on the proper use of a crimp tube, please visit the Handy Tips section of the Learning Center and click on how to use a crimp tool

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    • Amy
    • May 28, 2009

    what is the best wire/stringing material for making swarovski bracelets? something sturdy yet flexible.

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