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As a beader I know it’s not always easy to come up with a new design idea for making jewelry. So to help you with your designs I’d like to share with you where I get my inspiration.

I always carry a little note book in my bag. An idea can come suddenly and I don’t want to lose it. I can’t draw very well but I can sketch something quickly. I also like to read a lot of fashion magazines. Well, not really reading but more looking at the pretty pictures! I like to see the jewelry Hollywood stars are wearing and I am always inspired by the colors in the photos. Ideas could come to me from any advertisement, a fashion article or even from a cooking or a gardening magazine. I like to cut out the pictures I find and have them on a wall or at my desk. Quilt books are another great source for finding color combinations.

I come from a French tropical island called New Caledonia, situated east of Australia. I must say that the colors I choose for my projects have been greatly influenced by the brightness of the flowers, the birds, the clothes and the beaches from my home country. A good example of this can be seen in the pieces I made for Maggie’s wedding. The orange and red were for the coral and shell, the green for the coconut trees on the beach, the peach reminds me of the sand. To soften all those bright colors I added some pink and amethyst. A lot of my jewelry has a mixture of colors together, I guess it’s because I was surrounded by a variety of different tones.

Often my inspiration comes directly from a beautiful bead or a pendant I’ve found. The design or the colors in the bead brings an idea or a feeling, like a season or a memory. The porcelain pendant with the green plum blossoms (PB-40PR40) really inspired me for spring. I looked very closely at all the colors in the pendant to help me select the other beads for my design. You can check the piece that I made called Blossom necklace in our Learning Center. When I saw the small glazed washer (CRD-ETC), I thought of a puzzle. So I had to find a way to connect different colors together because I couldn’t choose only one which led to the Fire and Ice necklace.

Part of my inspiration also comes from paying attention to my surroundings. The Hill Tribe Jasper necklace idea came to me when I was watching my kids playing with blocks, I really wanted to work with square beads after that.

Inspiration comes in many different forms. As for me, I am inspired the most by colors that I see in magazines, in nature, in stores and even in the fishing flies that my husband ties.

– Cynthia Kimura, Co-Owner and President

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