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My name is Rebecca Gilbert and I am the Vice President of Product Marketing at I get to see all of the new items long before they hit the website and simply love each and every one of them. So when I was asked to produce a top ten list I cringed. Top 10,000 I may be able to handle. This week I am all about focal pieces so I narrowed it down to some of my favorite pendants. In any case, here are a few of my personal favorites this week, but remember, I am a Gemini and a woman so I reserve the right to pick a whole new set of favorites tomorrow!

1. Light Olive Blossoms – I just love anything by Lillypilly Designs! I could never possibly choose just one, but I believe this bold piece gets me the most compliments when I wear it out. It is simultaneously bold and delicate. The large size gets attention every time, and the intricate design just can’t be beat. I simply strung this gorgeous pendant on a silk ribbon, and let it speak for itself.

2. Dichroic Filigree Heart Pendant – This striking dichroic heart pendant is another that I can’t get enough of. I love to give it as gifts for my beader friends or wear it with Swarovski crystals for a night out on the town.

3. Lime with Fir Tree – Taina Hartman pendants are another I just can’t keep to myself. I buy one and make something then have to give it away. These beautiful handmade designs are meant to be shared with friends! But to pick a favorite, oh this is hard. . . let’s go with. . . it reminds me of a tree on the farm I grew up on in Vermont that we called “the old crooked tree”. I love the unique shape and size of this delicate pendant as well. It really lends itself to our leather and rubber necklaces.

4. Lime Green/Red with Gold Bamboo – I call this one my yin yang or Gemini pendant: the two sides make for double the jewelry and when strung with complimentary beads bring a lot of comments on the bold color combination! Some days I can’t go an entire day with flipping the pendant around for a change!

5. Handpainted Porcelain and Sterling Pendant 3D Peek-a-Boo – Do you ever find yourself making the jewelry then buying the clothes to go with it? THIS was the pendant that inspired that. The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. Not only is the pattern and color mesmerizing, but it actually has texture and there is nothing I love more than mixing textures in my jewelry designs.

6. Garden and Snail – Are you kidding me with this?! These pendant make me feel like I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. These are so unbelievably modern retro-cool I want them ALL! Calling all children of the 70’s and 80’s (uh oh I am officially a 30-something) you have to have these! You know you had the t-shirt when you were a kid!

7. Black Onyx Mucha Portrait – Another nearly impossible category for me to choose from is the hand-painted Russian artist pendants. I think this one is my favorite simply due to the breathtaking replication of the Mucha portrait. You can almost hear her thoughts in the detail of that far-off look. I want to make a necklace with one of these pendants for my mom for Christmas, but how do you choose. Seriously, if you know my mom, help me out here.

8. Copper Oak Leaf Pendant – Wow – I must be homesick because I am writing this in autumn, but here is another that reminds me of home. I just can’t get enough copper and other base metals into my jewelry designs these days and these pieces are always my focal points.

9. Large Thai Silver Picture Pendant – I certainly love my Hill Tribe silver. I have used Thai silver for over 7 years as a designer. The perfection of the handmade imperfections is just amazing. I have now had the opportunity to visit the artists and I am even more awed. They work with basic tools and produce amazing work. I am happy to report that all of the workers are happy and proud of their art! The picture pendants are definitely my favorite of the line, but this one always stands out to me.

10. Northern Lights Swirl Heart Pendant, Shamrock, Large Oval Fish Pendant – Oh no – I am down to one more choice – well I pick for my last pick the for it’s inner glow and stunning use of color, the for my Irish ancestry (and makes great jewelry for men or women alike), and the for the color and exquisite detail – oh and did I forget to mention the sterling dragon slider and Swarovski. . .

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    Like you, I can’t imagine being able to pick a top 10!

    I really like the choices you made. Among your choices I think the heart pendant would be my favorite.

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