How do I use Organza ribbon?

Q: How do I use Organza ribbon?

A: Organza Ribbon is a great way to get a very feminine look quickly and easily. To string the beads on, use a piece of strong stringing material. Fold the stringing material in half and pass the ribbon through the loop. String the ends through your bead, and the ribbon will follow. To help keep your ribbon looking nice, work from the center out, using both ends of the ribbon, and don’t use beads with sharp or jagged edges that could cut or damage the ribbon. To finish your necklace you can tie the ends of the ribbon to a clasp, use a beadtip, or simply tie a bow.

For detailed techniques to use this product, please click HERE or visit the Handy Tips section of the Learning Center and click on how to string beads on organza ribbon.

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