Securing beads without a crimp

Q: Dear Bailey,
Isn’t there a way to secure beads on the wire without a crimp bead?Â
Thanks, Jerry

A: Hi Jerry,
Thanks so much for your question. Crimp beads and tubes are really the best way to secure beads when working with jewelry wire. Crimping is so quick and easier than knotting and using glues. A well done crimp allows you to cut the tail of the wire strand right up to the crimp, you can use crimp covers over the bead or tube or you can hide the crimp in a larger bead or cone. A basic pair of crimping pliers such as TOOL-100 is a worthwhile investment.

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    • Amy
    • November 6, 2008

    The wire on one of my necklaces broke right in the middle of the necklace. Am I making necklaces too heavy?

    Also, on a different necklace I made, the wire slipped out of the crimp and the beads went flying. I thought I squeezed the crimp pretty tight. How can I sell jewelry if I don’t have a sense if it’s going to break?

    Thank you.

  1. Reply

    Thank you for your inquiry. If the wire breaks in the middle of a necklace it is usually due to the necklace being too heavy. So you may need to use a heavier wire. Most stringing materials show the breaking point on the outside of the package. If you let us know approximately how heavy your beads are as well as the hole size we could help you find a stringing material that is suitable.

    When crimping you do not want to squeeze to hard as this can actually weaken the crimp and cause it to break later. You should squeeze it as hard as you would shake someone’s hand. Visit our learning center for directions on how to crimp.

    • Mel Chavez
    • December 14, 2020

    so I am making jewelry but I don’t have any crimp beads is there something else I could to replace the crimp beads?

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      If you are stringing beads onto wire, you need crimp tubes or beads. But, there are alternative techniques that don’t require crimp beads. You could try pearl knotting on silk thread, memory wire, which is finished with simple loops, or stretch cord which is just knotted.

    • Karen Witte
    • December 3, 2021

    I have been using no crimp beading cable from Golden Tiger Imports for years. No crimp beads, no crimp covers! It is now unavailable. Do you know of anyplace I can order it? It’s so easy to use – the wire twists. There is a tutorial online. Thanks!

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