Can I use a bead reamer on Swarovski pearl beads?

Q: Hi, I have an idea for using Swarovski pearl beads which requires about a 20
gauge wire.  I know the beads come in a version with a larger than normal
hole but I may still need to enlarge it a bit.  Do you know if a bead reamer
can do this?  I know the bead is made of leaded glass and I don’t have any
experience using a reamer on this material.

Thanks for your answer.


A:  Hello Patricia, After receiving your question I tested the bead reamer on a Swarovski pearl. While the hole did enlarge, the pearl coating around the hole became rough and unsightly. Because of this, I would hesitate using the bead reamer on Swarovski pearls.

Bailey Beader

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    What about a pearl reamer? It’s much more delicate and I’ve used one on freshwater pearls extensively with no damage to the pearl.

    • Diana
    • January 25, 2009

    I am new at jewelry making. I purchased some potatoe shaped and rice shaped freshwater pearls for a bracelet. Do I need to use 00 silk thread? The holes are so small I can’t get my needles through.

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