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Fishing was always an important part of my life growing up in Alaska, but it wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that I discovered a passion for fly fishing. Perhaps it’s the closeness to nature, the required knowledge of local entomology (science of bugs), or the enjoyment I find in tying flies, which reminds me of the days when I used to create lampwork beads, bar the molten glass.

Or perhaps it is because there are similarities with another passion of mine: doing business on the worldwide web. Think about it. With fly fishing, you approach water that holds fish with great care and delicately cast and present your fly in a way that is attractive to those lurking below. A poor presentation will yield nothing more than casting practice, as will a fly that is not appropriate for the water type, the season, and even the time of day. On the web, we have a good idea who our potential customers are, but to engage these customers we must present them with images and descriptions that bring a nearly tactile experience to their monitors. But it doesn’t end here. It is important that customers feel confident that  they are making the right choice and that making a purchase entails very little risk. And lastly, we must present products that are seasonally appropriate within the context of current fashion and are, simply put, DELICIOUS.

For a fish: looks like a bug, swims like a bug, is the right bug for this time of year. BITE!

Featured above is a fly that I tied last night that I will call the “Sterling John.” This is a size 14 Copper John fly designed by John Barr, but tied up with one of’s 3mm sterling round beads (SS-RND3) and 28 gauge sterling silver wire (SSWR28HH1). I also used feathers from one of neighbor Dave’s chickens. I will try this fly out on a small river in Washington tomorrow and will report back with results.

Devin Kimura, CEO

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    How VERY interesting. Who would have thought!!! Now maybe I can get my husband into beading!!!!!
    PS: if you get a chance check out my site, I just launched it and I’m really very nervous. I would like your input, both good and bad. Seriously good & BAD!!!
    Thanks, Janis

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