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Hello Beaders! My name is Jessica and I am the Photographer at I have always been into wearing jewelry, but only recently become interested in actually making jewelry. I get to handle all of the products that we offer on the website, and often imagine how I would wear them. There are so many more options when you can design your own jewelry! Here are my top ten favs. in no particular order.

1. 6190 23 mm Rock Pendant, Light Sapphire. This is by far my favorite Swarovski Product. It reminds me of ice, and the matte finish adds a unique touch.

2.� Sterling Dolphin Clasp. I was shooting a jewelry idea yesterday for the Learning Center, when I noticed this clasp. At a distance, it looks like a regular clasp. When you take a closer look, the dolphin appears. I love that!

3.� Black Onyx Mucha Neo Classical Portrait. I love all of the Russian Artist Pendants, but this particular design is my favorite. It is a hand-painted portrait of a woman at rest. The craftsmanship is very impressive, the details are amazing.

4. 16x 16mm Multi-Color Matrix Discs. I know as the photographer, I shouldn’t be saying that anything looks better in person, but something should be said for the tactile quality of these glass beads. They’re fun and they’re colorful. They feel great in my hands, and I don’t know why.

5.� Black, White, and Pink Pillow Bead. I love black and white, but sometimes adding one more color makes an incredible impact.

6.� Multi-Oval/Size Single Link Chain. One of the best things about making your own jewelry is being able to use only quality materials. I have to be picky with the metals I wear. I love silver, and this is one of my favorite decorative chain styles, it doesn’t even need any embellishment!

7.� Swarovski Gold-Plated Crystal Filigree Lily. Not only would I wear this on a necklace, but also as a button on a jacket or purse, or attach it to a head band or barrette! These are gorgeous, and look much more expensive than they are.

8.� Cosmopolitan Charm. I know most people try not to wear their drink, but this is one exception that I’m sure we can all agree on!

9.� Borosilicate Glass Toggle Clasp – Blue Latticino. These toggles were a pleasure to shoot and for being glass, felt very durable. I heard that you can drop them and they will not break, which is awesome, because that was my first concern with these. Obviously I try not to drop things, but if it does happen…I just feel better knowing that they can hold up to my clumsiness!

10. 18x 36mm Porcelain Flat Oval Green Plum Blossoms. It’s the middle of the winter here in Seattle, and I find myself dreaming of summer. This bead’s design is described as “Green Plum Blossoms” but all I can see is a watermelon! This bead screams summer to me, and “Get in the pool”!

Would you like to share your top ten products with us? Send us your list with a brief description of yourself to [email protected] and we’ll post it to our blog!

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