Elegant Elephant Tea Cosie

Designed by Artbeads.com customer
Designed by Artbeads.com customer Kathleen Gray

I have an unusual design, a tea cosie made from silk, in the shape of an elephant with beads adorning it. The beads help to create the illusion of the elephant. I brought the beads with me from artbeads, using mostly Tohos. druks, and lapis lazuli for the eyes. I am currently in India traveling and was inspired by the Kudamattom ritual in Southern India. The ritual celebrates the local goddesses with spectacular processions of finely decorated elephants. The elephants are painted, bejeweled, and given a beautiful satin robe. I have named this piece “Elegant Elephant Tea Cosie” in celebration of the goddess at tea time!

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    i love this – i love the bold and bright color used in in. I am not a tea drinker – but i htink i may take it up just to have one. 🙂

    i just keep looking at it. i can’t help myself

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