The Strangest Places!

The other day the ladies here at were sharing funny stories about the strangest places they find beads laying around the house. I had to share a couple of stories with everyone!

“The other day I was running late for work and put my shoes on and felt something. I was just sure it was a bug – so I pulled it off as I got in the car and ferociously shook it out – crystal. In the mud room. Where nothing but the cat food and laundry live. Go figure!”

“There was a bead missing at work and I looked everywhere I could think for it. Later that day I went home and cleaned out my lunch box to my surprise I found a bead mingled in with the scraps from my sandwich leftovers. It must have gotten there when I ate my lunch and scooped up my leftovers to bring home. At least I didn’t bite into it!”

Now that we’ve shared a couple of our stories We’d love to hear yours!

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    • Ann
    • December 30, 2009

    I hopped in the shower the other day only to find a small bag of beads sitting in the corner. My cat depoits her teasures there.

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