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Designed by customer Dini @ Beadazzled of Oregon
Designed by customer Dini @ Beadazzled of Oregon

Meet: “Mr. Bad Hair Day” by Dini @ Beadazzled of Oregon

My inspiration for this crazy Dude started with the wonderful poly lion’s head I finally talked Amee of “Ameerunswithscissors” into making for me along with 3 others of different colors. She gets the most wonderful expressions into these characters! He is made mostly of seed beads of all finishes and sizes and accented with an array of ceramic and glass beads. I first glued the ceramic onto a stiff backing and then bead embroidered his mane. Both straps were engineered individually and then attached to the centerpiece. I create my own “bead soup” mixtures and much of the products in this piece came from those.

To see more of Dini’s work, visit her Etsy Shop.

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  1. Reply

    I told you he was wonderful. That is why I featured him on my blog. You are getting better and better. Way to go, cuz!

    • Connie E. Carey
    • August 14, 2009

    This is AWESOME! Great job!

  2. Reply

    Polymer clay and BEADS!!! Yippeeee!!
    And what a magnificient design!

  3. Reply

    Wonderful combination of freeform design and polymer clay! Whimsical, too! Well done!

    • jenn
    • December 23, 2009

    Absolutely adorable!!!!

  4. Reply

    WOW!! Great work!

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