Mrs. Kensington’s Mod Summer Cat Collar

Mrs. Kensington is my son’s cat. Her favorite things are watching the sparrows fly back and forth to their new nest on the back porch, eating, hiding under the bed waiting to strike at the unsuspecting dog, eating, nipping at the heals of our other two cats and did I say eating? Her collar was worn out, so I purchased a cute orange cat collar at our local pet store. The collar has a daisy pattern on it so I highlighted the centers of the daisies with CRYSTALLIZED™ hotfix flatbacks in sun and light topaz and covered the clasp for some real sparkle. I added a cute lady bug bell, so now the birds, dog and other cats will have a heads up when she is feeling mischievous.

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  1. OMG that was tooo cute! Would love to see how the photos turned out. There is no way our cat would do that. As soon as the lights went on, she’d be outta there!

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