Interview with an Designer

  1. How long have you been designing jewelry and how long have you been a designer for
    I’ve been designing (well, stringing, poorly at first) since 2001. I started working with Cynthia on the Learning Center in 2006.
  2. Where do you find your inspiration for your design ideas?
    Everywhere! I can find things at a flea market and get inspired. Music helps, people watching is the best! Especially at bead shows. Ultimately the beads have to speak to me. If I find a texture or color I love I go wild.
  3. Could you tell us a little bit about your creative process?
    I’m not much of a planner. I am more of the school of crimp a wire to a clasp and go! It leads to some reworking from time to time, but usually works out great. Impulsiveness pays off!
  4. What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on for the Learning Center?
    Maggie’s wedding! I got to work on Alyssa, Sophie and Diana’s jewelry, but the components were already chosen for me! I just loved the challenge of working with items I might not normally choose and expressing different personalities through each set.
  5. As an designer what is it like to have access to every bead imaginable?
    It’s truly amazing. I sometimes get stuck at home, and work mostly with pearls or stones, but in the office, there are little treasures I forget about that I get to incorporate into designs to inspire others. How fun is that?
  6. Is there an item that you haven’t yet had the chance to work with but would like to soon?
    I’m getting more and more into altered art, so I am really excited to play with some of the Artgirlz rubber stamps and funky pewter pieces like the arms and legs, crowns and wings. I just know something crazy will come out of that!
  7. What is your favorite beading material to work with?
    Trick question. I love EVERYTHING! I think the inspiration for many of my pieces are pendants. I love a wonderful focal piece that is the prelude to a great story.
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