Moki the Magnificent

Moki Pattern

We purchased a doggie t-shirt at our local pet store and made it magnificent for Moki, a sweet and always happy Goldendoodle. Moki loves to romp at the park with his friend Justy, and he can’t pass up a good mud puddle without diving in. Shirt off first please, Moki! To wind down, he likes to sit with his favorite ball and watch Family Guy. We used CRYSTALLIZED™ hotfix rhinestones in a variety of bright colors and sizes. Laying out the rhinestones can be tricky. Sometimes it is just easier to lay the rhinestones right on the fabric without a pattern and move them around until you are happy with the placement. For this idea I decided to draw it out on paper first. I placed all the rhinestones on the paper until I had them just the way I wanted. Then to be safe, I took a picture of it with a digital camera. I printed this image and used it as a reference as I moved the rhinestones to the fabric.

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