Mommy and Me paper dolls

Korba Paper Doll
Korba Paper Doll

I loved to play paper dolls when I was young. Often my dolls were store bought. Betsy McCall and her wardrobe could be found in every issue of McCall’s Magazine. Both would inspire me to create my own paper dolls, my mother would always draw the faces for me. I was lucky to have several friends that shared my enthusiasm, we would spend hours designing clothes and sometimes furniture for them. The actual play time took us across the neighborhood, or should I say the universe, but it rarely equaled the amount of time that we spent creating them. That was the true fun for us.

These Mommy and Me paper dolls are meant to inspire. Yours can be as simple or as ornate as you wish. You can help with the cutting, crimping and using the Hotfix Applicator Tool. Don’t know how to sew? Skip it and glue on some beads and glitter. It is a great project for sharing different crafting skills with your child.�

– Designer, Cheri

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    These are so cute!

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