How I Was Inspired to Make Scarves


I was driving in downtown Seattle to do some Christmas shopping. At a stop signal, I saw a woman with her daughter moving toward a homeless woman and giving her a scarf along with a pair of socks. This very simple gesture was so touching! Knitting is a passion, especially scarves because they are easy and fast, so I thought to do the same. Back at home I remember having a box of leftover yarn mixed with some balls of yarn that I purchased a long time ago when my kids were small. So I came up with a summer project: making as many scarves as I can for adults and children. Then in winter I plan to give them away to people in need. I’ve been asking some of my friends if they would like to participate in this project, adding that crochet is also welcome! I was really happy to see that one of my friend’s daughters, who is twelve, wanted to knit some scarves, too. To add a touch of fun on the scarves, I used some of my leftover beads for adornment. It doesn’t matter which ones; beads are always beautiful to look at. I hope that this project will inspire some of you, just as I was inspired in Seattle by a mom and her daughter.

– Cynthia Kimura, Co-owner and President

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  1. What a touching post. We could all use our hobbies as an outlet for greater good in this world, if we put our minds to it as you have!

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    What a great idea! It’s so wonderful how our love for creating things can be used to help others.

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