Sunflower Necklace

Necklace designed by customer Kat Aggers

I’m sending these photos of a recently commissioned necklace that I crafted out of Toho seed beads, Miyuki delicas, Swarovski crystals and rivoli. The necklace was requested as a daughter’s way to honor a beloved mother gone too soon, who loved sunflowers. When my client requested the piece I saw it fully realized in my mind. I rushed home and began ordering the items I knew I needed from Artbeads. I knew you folks would have my order to me in days, so I could order a few times as things were needed, especially running out of a specific color Toho seed bead, which happened as the design took off of it’s own accord flowing off the needle and into the thread and wire bound beauty you see here. My client requested sparkle and against my artistic nature I had to struggle to combine her request with my vision, so there were moments when the pattern refused to come together, not the sunflower itself, that was co-operative. The clasp, and the pattern of the crystals and beads were reworked into the wee hours of the morning, until exhausted, a compromise was reached and the beads settled into what you see now. I have ordered frequently for other projects, my own and commissioned, from Artbeads, and have recommended you to people who are just beginning to bead and even to those who I’ve known as beaders for years. I’ll continue to order from Artbeads, because even when a mix up happens the customer service is friendly, quick to understand and to resolve it right away, always with a laugh and a smile in their voice as we ruefully acknowledge human errors.

Thank you very much for being one of the best online jewelry suppliers around, and I’ve used a few prior to finding Artbeads.  Here’s beading with you, kids!

– customer Kat Aggers

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