Recycle Your Chain into Beautiful Jewelry

Recycled Chain Necklace

January is the month to make, and break, resolutions. Don’t let that happen to you! If one of your resolutions includes cleaning up your design space and using some of those scraps you’ve had sitting around for a while, we’ve got a great idea for you.

We all have bits of chain lying around from times when we bought a foot, but only used five inches. Those end up stuffed in drawers or sitting around our craft spaces. Instead of hiding it away, or throwing it away, why not create a set of earrings, a beautiful necklace or a bracelet out of those pieces. For longer scraps, the necklace design is a perfect way to recycle those mismatched pieces of chain, while the earring design can accommodate smaller pieces and the bracelet is the perfect way to use up those midsized pieces. Combine different textures, colors and sizes for a truly unique piece.

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    Great example of a great idea! love the necklace!

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