Stringing Heavier Gemstones

Q: Hi Bailey

I am starting to work with larger, heavier gemstones. However the last 2 necklaces I created fell apart! The stringing wire slipped out of the crimp! Is there a technique or material you could suggest to correct this?


A: Hi Paula,

Thank you for your inquiry. When wire slips out of a crimp it is usually because it was not crimped properly or because the crimp is too big for the wire. I have included a link below to our handy tips video on how to crimp. I also recommend doing a tug test after you crimp to make sure it is secure. You can do this by pulling on the wire on each side of the crimp. If the wire stays in place then you know it is secure.

Bailey Beader

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    I would suggest using a small dab of hypo-cement on your crimp tube AFTER you’ve crimped it and before you put your cover on it. This was suggested to me years ago when I took my first basic beading class at a local craft store. Since then, in 7 years of stringing, using crimp beads and covers, I’ve never had a piece break or come apart. Hope this helps!

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