Fun Facts: Bead Trivia

Fun Facts

Did you know that King Tut had elaborate beadwork in his tomb, including a pair of slippers and a hassock showing captive nations? Or that peridot is the only gemstone found in meteorites? Did you know the word bead comes from the Anglo-Saxon words bidden (to pray) and bede (prayer), and the the largest diamond ever found was the The Cullinan; it weighed 3,106 carats, or about one and a third pounds? has these bits of trivia and many other entertaining pieces of information included in our newly updated Fun Facts section. From the history of beads and jewelry to the science and composition of gemstones, these interesting tidbits provide an interesting and entertaining look at the world of beads!

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    Great facts!! I love this kind of stuff!! Thanks for sharing

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    Look JustATish, this is not a good source of a product of beads. Look, I have a 4h project due and I need some facts now!! Also, I suggest to delete this okay. Not to be mean but, I love it but…NO THANK YOU!!! Not a good useful thing just try to write one back I dare you.

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    Also, you wrote that on my birthday!!

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