Introducing Gold Metallite™

New Gold Metallite is proud to introduce gold Metallite™ by ZambaPro™, the latest addition to the popular line of Metallite™ beads, links and charms made from metalized plastic. These lightweight components are an inexpensive alternative to pricier gold items and are perfect for a wide variety of jewelry design and craft projects. If you loved our silver Metallite™ products, you’re sure to enjoy these gold items as well.

These beads, links and charms are made of metalized plastic, resulting in components that are lightweight, inexpensive and perfect for a wide variety of jewelry designs and craft projects. Kids can have fun creating unique jewelry designs, and beginning jewelry designers won’t have to worry about making a costly mistake. The stunning gold coloring of these beads makes them ideal for almost any color palette. Shop now! With more than 200 different shapes and sizes, Metallite™ by ZambaPro™ has something for everyone.

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    I love this material! Great to work with!

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