More Excitement in Tucson

The team is still in Tucson. They’re taking classes, meeting with vendors and yesterday they even got to check out some amazing rocks and fossils.

Tucson isn’t just about beads. There is also a large collection of gem, mineral and fossil shows. Yesterday, some of our team decided to check out the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Gem Fair. What they found was a collection of dinosaur eggs, fossils, geodes and even some magic gumballs!

Here are just a few of their fantastic finds:


Overview AGTA--Tucson

Dinasour Eggs -- Tucson

Dinasour Nest -- Tucson

Geodes -- Tucson

Magic Gumballs -- Tucson

Remember to check back for more updates from Tucson as our team continues to visit more shows, meet new artists and, most importantly, find exciting new products for you!

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