Spring/Summer Fashion Trend Design Ideas

Two trends are dominating jewelry designs for Spring and Summer. Those trends are Global Fusion and Midsummer’s Night. Here you’ll find a few examples that embrace these trends, and utilize many of their key themes. Feel free to follow the instructions for these pieces to recreate them exactly as they are, or simply use them as inspiration for your own trendy pieces.

Global Fusion
Inspired by the cultures and landscapes of Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, Global Fusion reflects the merging of creative influences throughout the world. Vibrant colors like bright red, violet and green combine with subdued earth tones such as ochre, beige and clay red, evoking the contrast of culture and nature.

Walking through a bazaar is a delight to the senses, with bold colors, smells and sounds coming from every corner. This bracelet attempts to capture that spirit with brightly colored glass, bold shapes and unique patterns.

This eclectic piece fuses the best jewelry components from several categories, using silver, crystal, porcelain and even seed beads to create a diverse, yet cohesive piece.

Midsummer’s Night
Reflecting the magic and romanticism of fairy tales, Midsummer’s Night is bursting with spiritual mysticism and poetic beauty. The soft, angelic splendor of light powder colors combines with taupe and mauve to create a foundation that is accented by gorgeous spring pastels. Clothing is soft and feminine, using lacy fabrics such as cotton voile.

This necklace pays homage to natural beauty with its blackberry pendant, floral motifs, leaf chain and even an ivy clasp. With pastel colors and olivine accents, it features all the beauty of springtime in Big Sky Country.

These earrings hold all the beauty of a sliver of moonlight falling upon the forest floor.

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    These are fantastic ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    All of this is gorgeous, but I particularly like the first one — I can totally see it as a necklace!

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