Swarovski DIY Design Guides

This spring, Swarovski has come out with two great earring design ideas that are full of pastel colors and fun shapes. These instructional guides from Swarovski feature tips and techniques to help you as you incorporate Swarovski Crystal into your designs. Complete with detailed illustrations and gorgeous images, these guides will help you develop beading techniques that will give your designs a professional and unique touch.

Click on the design titles to see the full set of instructions, or click on the image to find these, and other fun Swarovski design ideas at Artbeads.com.

Flower-Themed Earrings
Learn how to create beautiful flower-themed earrings in a few simple steps for your spring wardrobe.
Swarovski--Flower Earrings

Easter Egg Earrings
These stunning earrings are a fun interpretation on an Easter Egg, but since they don’t take the concept too literally, you can use them throughout the year.
Swarovski--Easter Egg Earrings

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    Thanks for posting these great idea guides. When I am in a slump and just can’t seem to find my creativity – it is nice to browse these DIY posts and get inspired!

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