Earth Day Jewelry Design Ideas

Next Thursday, April 22 is Earth Day. Consider creating some of these jewelry designs from our Learning Center that celebrate our beautiful planet. Each design comes with a complete component list and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Home Necklace

Celebrate the planet we call home by creating this stunning necklace that features a complementary green and blue color palette alongside an artful depiction of our world.

Nature’s Essence Necklace

The golden tones of this beautiful necklace are reminiscent of a glowing sunset. Combine that with the nature-inspired pieces of this necklace, and you’ve got an accessory perfect for Earth Day or any day that you want to feel a little more free spirited.

Recycled Chain Necklace

Have you ever bought a foot of chain for a bracelet and had five inches left over? Or made a 16-inch necklace and had eight extra inches of chain that you weren’t sure what to do with? We all do this, and end up with drawers full of bits of chain. This necklace is a perfect way to recycle those mismatched pieces of chain in a beautiful necklace. Make every day Earth Day when you wear this beautiful piece made from your recycled leftovers!

As an added incentive to create this fun and environmentally aware pieces, you can currently save storewide during our Tax Relief Sale.

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