Egg-citing Jewelry Storage Idea

Regal Easter Eggs

In honor of the approaching Easter holiday, I have an eggs-citing storage idea for necklaces and other jewelry.

As a crafter, involved in making my own jewelry, focusing specifically on necklaces, I realized I had some fabulous designs and wanted to be involved in some craft fairs to see if I could sell my wares. I was pondering the idea of how to transport my necklaces so they would be protected. I was egg-static when I realized that I could take an old egg carton and lay my necklaces flat. I was able to put a quantity of necklaces in the carton and it provided the protection I was looking for. The cartons also stack nicely in my carrying tote!!

So, after the eggs are colored and an empty carton is left, don’t throw it in the recycling, re-use it!!

–Submitted by Customer Vicki

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