New Instructor Directory

Instructory Directory

We’ve added a fun new section to our Beader’s Loft. Our Instructor Directory is a list of beading instructors and jewelry makers that know all about the business. Including Lilian Chen, Jean Campbell and several more, these designers are great resources for beginning jewelry makers and professionals alike. You can see a photo, short biography and contact information for each instructor, making it easy to find someone with a particular specialty. If you’re looking to learn more about beading and jewelry making, this directory of instructors is a great place to start your search. We’ll be adding more instructors to our list, so continue to check this page and find the instructor that is perfect for you!

Along with the Instructor Directory, you’ll find an Inspirational Gallery of Designs that features gorgeous designs created by our featured beading instructors. These designs can help you to gather inspiration and incorporate new styles. They will provide you with valuable insight as you learn new skills and develop your beading and jewelry abilities. The broad range of styles and techniques that these instructors employ will help strengthen your jewelry-making potential. This gallery will continue to be expanded as our instructors send us more of their favorite pieces, so make sure to visit regularly.

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