Standard Necklace Sizes

Q: This might seem really silly, but when i measure out wire, i always measure too much. Are there standard sizes for necklaces that with an extender could be used for everyone? Are there standard sizes as well if I wanted to use a clasp? How much wire do I actually cut to accommodate that actual size? As I have a short neck, it’s hard for me to imagine the size on someone.

As well, is there a particular length for a necklace with a pendant.


A: There are standard necklace sizes. They are 16 inches which is considered a choker, 18 inches which falls near the collar bone, 20 inches which falls a few inches below the collar bone, 22 inches falls at or above the neckline, 24 inches falls below the neckline and 30 inches or opera length. Always include the clasp (measure the clasp closed) in the overall length. There are a variety of ways to make a necklace length adjustable. One way is to attach a spring ring or lobster style clasp to one end of the beaded strand and a section of chain to the the other end. Then you can hook the clasp anywhere along the length of the chain. I always add 1 1/2 to 2 inches of length to each end of my necklace or bracelet when I cut my jewelry wire. This allows plenty of length for crimping. If you are knotting, you may want to add more. You can put a pendant on any length necklace.

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