On the Bayou Bracelet


This eclectic bracelet is perfect for spring with its bright green and blue colors and fun nature-inspired charms and beads. With its bold look, this bracelet will spruce up any outfit. When creating this bracelet, you can simply place each dangle where you think it will look best, no particular order is better than another.

This new addition to our Learning Center comes complete with step-by-step instructions and a component list for easy recreation. Follow our instructions exactly, or simply use them for inspiration for your own spring bracelet design. For other fun designs, see all of our jewelry design ideas.

If you’re considering making this bracelet, now is the perfect time, because all charms and pendants are currently 20% off! Enter coupon code ZZW20P-CPS at checkout to take advantage of this sale.

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    I like this bracelet, the colors really make it pop

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    Great use of charms.

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