Softball Team

Back row from left to right: Joe, Jesse, Charles, Valerie, Serina, Teresa, Sean, Tim and Rhonda. Front row from left to right: Kayley, Kristina, Valla, Vince and Alex.

What do fourteen people, purple shirts and a bat have in common? The Artbeads softball team, of course! The Artbeads team started as an inkling of an idea, when several employees realized that they had played softball the previous year for different recreational teams. They decided it would be more fun to play together on a team, and after a some of careful planning their idea became a reality. A bit of practice every couple of days before the Key Peninsula Parks Summer Softball season officially started helped them to get fired up and bond as a group. Now, while the players started with different levels of experience, everyone has come to enjoy the time they spend together for a bit of friendly competition. The Artbeads team has games every Monday and Tuesday and gets together on Friday to practice. So far they have played four games and had fun during every one. If you live nearby and feel like cheering them on, be sure to check out their playing schedule for times and locations. Go team!

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    • Regina
    • July 21, 2010

    Go Team!
    give me an A, give me a R, give me a T, give me a B, give me a E, give me an A, give me a D, give me a S ….yeeeeaaaahhhh….Artbeads!

    • stacy
    • July 23, 2010

    You guys ROCK!!! Kick some butt!!!

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