Summer Designs

Summer days are meant to be enjoyed, whether they’re spent on a sunny beach near the water or out on the back lawn with a cool glass of iced tea, watching the occasional butterfly or honeybee flit from flower to flower. These free new Learning Center ideas use soft blue and gold tones to capture the feelings of warmth and tranquility found in those simple moments. Save 20% on all of the items in these Learning Center ideas when you purchase $60 dollars or more during our Summer Spectacular Sale, which lasts until 9am (PT) on Thursday, July 29, 2010.

Attina Necklace
The Attina Necklace

This ocean-themed necklace features a contemplative mermaid paired with Mediterranean lintel beads.

Gossamer Butterfly Earrings
Gossamer Butterfly Earrings Design Instructions

The combination of pastel colors, whimsy and airiness makes these earrings the perfect accessory on a warm, sunny day.

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