Preparing for Thanksgiving and Fall

My grandmother and aunt are always wearing something fun and unique when they show up at our house for Thanksgiving dinner. I love asking them about where they found their newest piece of jewelry, and if there is a story behind it’s creation.

Since all of us like jewelry so much, last year the women in our family decided to have a jewelry making party after the Thanksgiving meal. The pieces that we made were simple, so that even beginners could participate, and it was nice to have something to do with our hands while we chatted about the family news.

If you’d like to plan a similar activity, or if you want to wear something special to a Thanksgiving gathering, now is the time to plan. You’ll need to decide exactly what you want to create, whether it’s a simple bracelet that features colorful fire-polished beads or a showcase piece that will complete the look of a favorite outfit.

For some traditional charms and shapes that represent fall, be sure to check out’s Thanksgiving section. You can also browse the wide variety of Fall Learning Center Ideas available to get in the mood for creating a fall-themed design.

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