Create Your Own Pendants!

As you search for new and exciting ways to create jewelry, be sure to explore our new Make Your Own Pendant section in the Learning Center. You’ll find beautiful ideas created to inspire and guide you as you design your own focal pieces. Making a pendant can be as easy as sliding a few beads onto a headpin, or as complex as a multi-layer resin creation. Be sure to keep checking the Make Your Own Pendant section, as we plan to continue expanding it with more ideas.

Here are just two examples of what you’ll find:

Opportunity Pendant
Create Your Own Pendant - Opportunity Design
This pendant shows what you can do with a printed piece of paper and a few charms. It uses the image of a cage with a free bird in the foreground, portraying a powerful message of hope and aspiration.

Canyon Flower Pendant
Canyon Flower Design Instructions
This pendant offers an idea of what you can do with a piece of chic fabric, some balsa wood and a few sparkling rhinestones.

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