What’s up with Silver?

Those of us that deal with silver on a daily basis have been watching in amazement as the price just keeps going up and up. The last couple of months have been particularly dramatic with prices having gone up from roughly the $18 per troy ounce range to well over $23 per troy ounce!

The Rising Price of Silver

Compare that to the low $5 range, which is where silver traded when Artbeads started just 10 years ago, and it can make your head spin. Times certainly have changed.

While we’ve tried to shelter our customers as much as possible from the volatility of the silver market price, with changes like this we find ourselves with little choice but to adjust our prices accordingly. As a result we have rolled out new prices a couple of times in the last month just to keep up. We want all of our customers to understand that there are certain factors that affect our prices that are beyond our control. (The value of the US dollar is another one.) At the same time we want to make sure that everyone knows that as the cost of silver drops, our prices will also come down accordingly. In the meantime keep an eye out for our sales, many of which are applicable on our sterling silver products, because there’s no telling when the price of sterling silver will stop climbing. There are some in the industry predicting that it will go past $30 per troy ounce!

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