Gloria Christmas Ornament & Garland

Gloria Christmas Ornament & Garland Design Instructions

Cheri, one of our designers, created this eclectic angel, which can be used both as an ornament and as a garland. Hook and eye clasps enable the garland to easily detach from the angel so you can choose to hang the ornament and garland separately on your tree or display them as a unified decoration.

She explains what inspired her to make this piece:

I knew I wanted to make a steampunk ornament or garland with chain and the steampunk buttons that we have, but I didn’t have a clear vision of what that design might be. The beautiful peacock feathers were given to me by a coworker. I had been saving them for just the right occasion, but it was also unclear what that occasion might be. Then I found some wonderful vintage paper with an image of a woman and knew that the peacock feathers were meant to be angel wings. The rest of the design unfolded from there.

To see more pictures and to read some more about this lovely design, be sure to browse the instructions for creating it located in our Learning Center.

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