Grace Lampwork Beads

These lampwork beads make great focal pieces because of their hand-crafted appearance, gorgeous coloring, detailing and size. Grace lampwork beads are made with precision in the USA and annealed overnight, making them far more durable than other glass beads. carries a wide variety of Grace lampwork beads, and these are just a small sampling of what’s available. Grace chooses many different color palettes and styles, which makes it easy to find focal pieces for a variety of jewelry designs.

Free Style Pillow Bead

This bead features a black background accented with beige and green swirls. It’s style and coloring make it an excellent focal point for a sophisticated contemporary necklace. If you’d like to see it in a design, be sure to check out the Winter Dusk Necklace Learning Center idea.

Pink Swirl Floral Heart Bead
Pink and Blue Floral Heart Lampwork Bead
The heart shape of this extremely detailed bead matches perfectly with its floral theme and soft pastel colors to convey a feminine look. It can easily be converted into a pendant or used as the focal piece of a necklace.

Deep Ocean Blue Pillow Bead
Blue Water Lampwork Bead
The rippled patter on this colorful blue lampwork bead does an excellent job of conveying the flow of water. To see what this bead looks like in a vibrant bracelet, check out the Blue Forest Bracelet Learning Center idea.

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    These are glorious beads! I am a novice lampworker myself, and want an annealing kiln of my own so much! It is sucha magical thing to work with molten glass, I simply love it:) I am going to submit a picture of one of my beads, and thank you for that opportunity:)

  2. Reply

    My favorite lampwork bead is the Pink Swirl Floral Heart Bead. It reminds me of Spring and all the new life that begins in Spring. The hear shape reminds me of the love we feel for oehterts.

    • vicki
    • January 15, 2012

    I have just stated beading and I love the animal print beads the most

    • Vicky M
    • February 18, 2012

    All of Grace’s beads are amazing.

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