Copper Illusion Bracelet Design Idea

Copper Illusion Bracelet Design - Free instructions

The idea for this gorgeous yet simple Copper Illusion Bracelet came into being as our designers were working on a Handy Tip video for creating simple loops. They realized that the links they were creating would look lovely together, especially with just the right clasp.

If you’re new to creating jewelry and want to practice making simple loops, this design is a great way to use the links that you create. You can choose you favorite color of Swarovski 5811 12mm round large hole pearls or another bead in a similar size, such as the ones below, to practice with.

12mm Red Botswana Agate Round Bead Strand
12mm Botswana Agate Beads
12mm Black Round Venetian Glass Bead
12mm Venetian Glass Round
12mm Blue Cat's Eye Beads Strand
12mm Blue Cat’s Eye Beads
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