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Help celebrate the joy of beading this holiday season by giving away $100,000 in free gift cards. Yes, that’s 10,000 FREE $10 gift cards. And the best part is, we want you to get all the credit! You can put on that Santa hat and share your love for beads with up to 10 friends or family members.

Can you think of ten people on your “Nice” list? If so, we’ve got $100 worth of free $10 gift cards just waiting for you to put a name on them. Imagine how delighted your friends will be that you thought of them.

There’s no time to waste! The $100,000 Free Gift Card Giveaway ends on December 22 or as soon as we give away $100,000 dollars in free gift cards. So, get your friends on our list before it’s too late! Rest assured that any information you provide to help deliver your gift cards will only be used for that purpose and will not be added to any marketing lists. So, grab your “Nice” list and start sharing the joy of beading!

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