Starry Night Necklace

Starry Night Necklace Design Instructions

This rich-looking necklace is one of my personal favorites. It features freshwater pearls in a saturated blue shade that are complemented with hand-crafted Grace lampwork beads.

These particular lampwork beads are made from clear aqua glass combined with beige, white and purple in a swirling pattern that imitates a breathtaking celestial display. Each bead takes five to ten minutes to make. Once the bead is finished, it is placed in a kiln to slowly cool. This process is called annealing, and it gives the bead added strength. Since these lampwork beads are hand-crafted, they add a special artistic touch to the necklace.

You can create this necklace by following the instructions in our Learning Center. Or, if you’re interested in using images of the universe to inspire your own jewelry designs, check out the pictures available at the Hubble Picture Gallery. Then, you can browse our selection of glass beads to create your own design.

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    The blue colors on the beads are very beautiful 🙂 It’s a good picture too!

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