2011 Bridal Hair Piece Trends

One trend I adore for 2011 is vintage-inspired hair pieces. Reminiscent of old Hollywood starlets, vintage hair pieces add an enchanting finishing touch to a bride’s ensemble and will work beautifully with most hair styles. Bridal hairpieces have added a sense of pomp and formality to weddings for ages and have echoed the pulse of fashion at the time. When my mother was married in 1982, feminine cowboy-style (I’m not sure how else to describe it?) bridal hats were in style, which she now understandably recalls with some embarrassment. Maybe this is one of the reasons the 1980’s are remembered as the fashion dark ages. So when I describe vintage bridal hair pieces, let’s just assume the bridal hats of the 1980’s are not on the guest list.

1980’s Bridal Hat

Birdcage veils are perhaps the hottest hairpiece trend for 2011 and the epitome of classic elegance. These dainty, ultra-feminine veils range from full face coverage to small pancake-styles, evoking nostalgia for the glamorous 1920’s.

Birdcage Veil
Photo Source: QC Weddings

Ornate hair combs, clips, pins and headbands are also popular. Featuring elaborate filigree detail and antique designs, these hair pieces are decorated with brilliant crystals and elegant jewels. If you’re up to making your own vintage-inspired hair piece, the components in the Kabela Design Section are perfect for creating this look.

Vintage-Inspired Hair Piece
Photo Source: Bridal Buds

Many 2011 brides are transforming a family brooch or heirloom into a fashionable hair piece. As an added bonus, this sentimental accessory can fill the role of the “something old” adage. Also, expect to see a lot of flowers and feathers accenting all types of hair pieces, adding a feminine softness to the overall look.


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