DIY Bridal Jewelry Designs, Make Peace with Your Budget!

As a bride-to-be in the midst of wedding planning, I’ve discovered early on that it is hard to adhere to the wedding budget (or maybe this is just a personal problem!). It’s so easy to justify over-spending by indulging in the seemingless harmless mindset; “well I do only get one wedding…” And then there are all the hidden costs; gratuities, taxes, fees, deposits and in no time a girl can be seriously over-budget! For me, it’s become a balancing act, if I’ve over-spent in one area I need to get creative and save some money in another. If you can relate to my dilemma, the two ideas we’ve just launched in The Learning Center can help you get back on speaking terms with your budget.

Inspired by this year’s penchant for all things vintage, our designers created a lovely bridal necklace called New Victoria which incorporates pastel freshwater pearls with an elegant rose cameo for a soft, feminine result. This necklace also fulfills the traditional “something blue” requirement and costs less than $25.00 to make!

New Victoria Necklace Design

Perfect for a thoughtful, handmade bridesmaid gift, our next money saving idea is a fashionable ring design called Spring Lotus. This design flaunts brilliant SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals and is created from wrapped wire, allowing you to customize the ring size for the ideal fit. Choose from our extensive selection of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS XILION Settings to find the perfect match for your wedding colors! Bold, colorful rings are trendy right now so you can be sure your bridesmaids will enjoy their gift on many occasions and they don’t need to know it cost you less than $7.00 to make each one!

Spring Lotus Ring Design

Not only will these DIY ideas will help bring harmony to your wedding budget, they will also add the perfect finishing touches to your bridal wardrobe!


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