DIY Wedding Dress Idea, Cut Costs Not Class!

The average wedding in the United States includes about 150 guests and costs approximately $25,000. Granted I am new to the wedding scene but if I were to have guessed I would put the average wedding around $15,000! I’m an avid bargain shopper so I am optimistic, for my own wedding, that I can find ways to cut costs without sacrificing class. Today we launched two brand new ideas in our Learning Center idea that will significantly lighten the load on your bridal budget.

Inspired by this year’s vintage trends, our designers developed a wonderful DIY idea for a wedding gown called Timeless Bride. This fashionable gown proves you don’t need to blow your budget on a pricey designer dress to command the spotlight on your big day. Featuring a soft, flowing silhouette this dress receives a glamorous makeover with sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals and a handmade brooch. The estimated cost for this design is under $54.00, considerably less than the average cost of a wedding gown, $1,300!

Timeless Bride

To match the vintage style of the gown, we also launched a fantastic bridal footwear idea called Simply Nouveau. These shoes are embellished with antique brass and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal to produce an elegant look that will have people thinking you dropped some serious cash on them. No one needs to know the actual cost to create this look is less than $27.00!

Simply Nouveau


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