Wedding Dress Trends, The Bride Wore Color

In 1840, Queen Victoria’s lavish white lace wedding dress sparked a lasting trend for white bridal wear. Prior to the Queen’s lasting fashion statement, blue had been the color of choice since the Middle Ages and had symbolized purity, eventually lending to the phrase “something blue.” Although white continues to dominate the wedding dress scene, splashes of color are sprouting up with increasing frequency.

Of course all eyes are going to be on the bride regardless, but a colorful wedding dress will definitely achieve that wow factor result that is the aim of all of us brides. Many brides are moving to the opposite end of the color spectrum and choosing a black gown. This trend took Parisian fashion runways by storm in 2008 and has been gaining stride ever since. A black wedding dress oozes glamour and elegance, and is a flattering choice for all skin tones (and definitely requires less tanning!).

Black Wedding Dress
Photo Source: Bridella

For the fashion forward bride, red makes a dramatic statement and, if this is even possible, adds even more romance to the special day. Other popular wedding dress colors include navy, purple and pink but brides can get creative with their color choice.

Red Wedding Dress
Photo Source: Truly Wedding Blog

For those who don’t wish to abandon the white dress altogether, it’s also trendy to add an accent of color around the bodice or waist with a sash or embellishment. Brides can coordinate the color with their bridesmaid’s dresses or choose a unique hue that reflects their personality.

White Wedding Dress with Sash
Photo Source: Latter Day Bride

So to all you trendy brides out there feel free to push the fashion envelop and express your personal style through your (colorful) wedding dress!

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    Just as the time and choices change, wedding dress designs also change. Some bride-to-be want colors in their wedding gowns. Creativity makes it all sense. I personally would want to wear wedding dress with colors that would define my trait as a woman.

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